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14 Most Loved Articles From 2014

Bertrand Hazard
December 30, 2014

14 Most Loved Articles From 2014

It’s been a great year at TrustRadius!

Our members have contributed 10,000+ in-depth user reviews and ratings.  And 125,000+ software buyers now rely on these insights every month.

Together we’re changing how business software is bought and sold.  Thank you!

To wrap up 2014, we’re highlighting the 14 most-read articles on TrustRadius this year. Enjoy and stay tuned for more real-world user insights in 2015.

1. Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses, Mid-Size Companies and Enterprises

Unveiled in our first Buyer’s Guide for Marketing Automation Software, the Marketing Automation TrustMap™ quickly helps marketers locate the solutions most closely aligned to their needs and most highly rated by their direct peer group within each market segment – small businesses, mid-size companies and enterprises – read more >>

2. Top 10 Fastest Growing Marketing Automation Platforms

In Q3 2014, the most evaluated marketing automation products – based unique page views for marketing automation products, a measure for how many people are running product evaluations on TrustRadius – were Hubspot and Marketo, followed by Pardot (from Salesforce), Act-OnEloqua (from Oracle) and ExactTarget (from Salesforce) – read more >>

3. Why did HubSpot build a CRM? An interview with Mike Volpe, CMO

Earlier this fall, HubSpot, widely known for its comprehensive online marketing suite and as the torch bearer for inbound marketing, took many by surprise in announcing their own CRM solution at their user conference. Vinay Bhagat, TrustRadius CEO, caught up with Mike Volpe, CMO to ask about the move and learn more about their new offering – read more >>

4. The Wild West of Social Media Management

The social media management software industry is a bit like The Wild West.  There are 140+ products listed on TrustRadius that assist with some facet of social media management or marketing. In a recent poll of the TrustRadius audience, 75% of the respondents who use social media management software use more than one tool… and 14% of those who use more than one tool actually use six or more – read more >>

5. How Social Is Oracle?

In 2012 Oracle made a huge bet on Social Media Management Software making three acquisitions in rapid succession. In May they acquired Vitrue, a Social Marketing solution for $300 million; in June, social intelligence platform Collective Intellect; and in July social media development platform, Involver. Vinay Bhagat, TrustRadius CEO, recently interviewed Meg Bear, Group Vice President of Social Cloud at Oracle – read more >>

6. Top Rated Digital Analytics Products for Small Businesses, Mid-size Companies and Enterprises

In September 2014, we announced the release of our first TrustMaps™ for Digital Analytics software. Unveiled in our first Buyer’s Guide to Digital Analytics Software, the TrustMaps™ quickly help digital marketers locate the solutions most highly rated and adopted by their direct peer group within each market segment and therefore most closely aligned to their needs – read more >>

7. The Battle for Enterprise Social Media Management Software

On April 29th, Social Media Management software company Sprinklr announced $40m in financing from Iconiq Capital, a firm which manages assets for some high profile technology executives, bringing their total funds raised to $77.5 million. In the last 12 months, three social media software companies targeting the enterprise have raised close to $250 million. In this interview with Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing at Sprinklr we learned how the funds raised will be used – read more >>

8. Top 10 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Software Products

An estimated $14 billion is spent on business intelligence (BI) software each year. Last year, the market grew more than 8 percent, with certain segments like Cloud BI growing much faster. Business Intelligence software is also an extremely popular category on TrustRadius. Unique page views for BI software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 16 percent from Q2 to Q3 – read more >>

9. Survey Reveals In-Depth End-User Reviews Becoming Significant Factor in Software Evaluations

Earlier this year, we announced poll results of its online visitor and member base that underscore how significant independent peer reviews are becoming in B2B software purchasing process. The study reveals that 42 percent of visitors to TrustRadius have not yet contacted a vendor despite the fact that the vast majority (90 percent) is in an active evaluation cycle and 58 percent of them are planning to buy software within 90 days. – read more >>

10. How To Evaluate Free Online Survey Platforms

In this is a guest article by TrustRadius member, Ausrine Pasakarnyte, Ausrine shares some recent research on free online survey platforms that offer basic features at no cost for anyone who is lacking dedicated funds to run simple surveys, such as small businesses, nonprofits, and non-governmental agencies – read more >>

11. Top 10 Fastest Growing A/B Testing Software Products

A/B Testing is an emerging but rapidly growing software category. Page views for A/B Testing software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 30 percent on TrustRadius from Q2 to Q3. In this article, learn which are the fastest growing (most evaluated) products – read more >>

12. 3 Strategic Tips to Unleash the Power of Self-Service BI Tools

In this is a guest article by TrustRadius member, Robert Goodman, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Georgetown University, shares a few tips to help you on your path to more sophisticated use of BI. An active member, Robert has reviewed Microsoft BI, IBM Cognos,Workday and 8 other products on our site – read more >>

13. Top 10 Fastest Growing Social Media Management Software Platforms

Social Media Management remains a fast growing software category. Page views on TrustRadius for Social Media Management Software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 27 percent from Q2 to Q3. The most evaluated social media management software product on TrustRadius during Q3 was Hootsuite Enterprise, followed by Sprout Social and Sprinklr – read more >>

14. Survey Reveals Businesses Expect to Spend More on Conversion Rate Optimization Software Next Year

Earlier this summer, we announced the results of our 2014 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) survey. The survey asked respondents about their CRO practice maturity, software usage and spend. The results underscore the rapid adoption of Digital Analytics and A/B testing software among business of all sizes – read more >>

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Bertrand Hazard
Bertrand Hazard was previously the VP of Marketing at TrustRadius. He has over 15 years of experience in product marketing, demand generation, brand and community efforts. Before TrustRadius, Bertrand held leadership roles at Solarwinds, Troux Technologies, Universal Weather & Aviation and NetIQ. He has a Diplome d'Etudes Superieures Europeennes de Management from CESEM Mediterranee in Marseilles, France, and a bachelor of arts degree from Middlesex University in London.

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