Announcing the Top Rated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software for 2019

Megan Headley
Megan Headley
March 5, 2019
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Announcing the Top Rated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software for 2019

TrustRadius Top Rated

Today, we awarded the 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated badges for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software. The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are the most trusted in the industry because they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user feedback and satisfaction scores. Top Rated awards are the voice of the market and are not influenced by analyst opinion, the vendor’s company size, popularity, or status as a TrustRadius customer.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software

Choosing the right Corporate Performance Management software, one that meets all your business needs, can be a difficult task. CPM professionals on TrustRadius use reviews written by software end-users and product comparisons to help them make better informed purchasing decisions.

In the past quarter more than 20,900 professionals used TrustRadius to evaluate CPM products—at least 2,800 of them were from enterprise companies with more than 1,000 employees. Visitors evaluating CPM software were most curious about reading product reviews and comparing different products —40% read reviews and 37% compared at least two products.

CPM Traffic trustradiusHere are the winners:


prophix tr score

Prophix is corporate performance management platform aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses. It has an extensive list of capabilities including budgeting, planning, modeling, profitability analysis, dashboards and reporting. The platform also features consolidation and close capabilities. The company offers both cloud and on-premise versions of the product, with the cloud version showing considerable growth in recent years. Reviewers praise the core capabilities of the platform including financial reporting and forecasting. They also love the personnel planning capability.

“Consolidating financials and forecasting and Budgeting. The input templates are relatively easy to create and maintain. With good design (template and process), it can be a seamless tool to gather forecast and budgeting data from end-users and summarize for top-level reporting…Good functionality and excellent value for mid-market solution.”

Verified User, Finance and Accounting Manager, Marketing and Advertising Company

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Adaptive Insights

adaptive insights tr score

Adaptive Insights is a Workday company and the platform is designed to help primarily small and medium-sized organizations with budgeting, planning, and forecasting. In addition to budgeting and forecasting, the platform provides self-service financial reporting and integration with business applications like, NetSuite, Intaact, and Microsoft Dynamics. It also provides tools for collaboration between departments. Reviewers love the automated reporting, the easy-to-understand budgeting and forecasting capabilities the ability to create multiple forecasts and budgets with version control for scenario planning.

Adaptive has allowed our organization to simplify our forecasting and budgeting for non-finance professionals handling their team/site’s projections, while providing a more robust toolset to these end users. From a financial control standpoint, we’ve been able to develop stronger version control and the overall quality of our org’s projections has improved dramatically.”

Verified User, Manager Finance and Accounting, Non-Profit Company

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board tr score

BOARD provides Corporate Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics in a single platform. As such it enables customers to have a complete view of performance across the organization from performance analysis to planning execution. The CPM capabilities include financial planning, financial budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling and reporting. Reviewers mention scenario modeling, dashboards, ease of deployment and use, and the combination of BI and planning capabilities as strengths.

I[BOARD] is our main BI system and source for tracking company performance, KPI’s for individuals as well as teams. It is also used for planning, budgeting, forecasting, inventory management and various other information sources…Finance is spending time analyzing the information rather than crunching numbers. The sales team is self-sufficient rather than relying on analysts or the finance team for information.”

Verified User, Manager Finance and Accounting, Wholesale Company

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SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)

sap bpc tr score

SAP BPC is a very robust CPM platform with the full range of CPM capabilities such as financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling. The platform also has a strong set of capabilities around consolidation and close, financial reporting and compliance. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. SAP BPC can be run on SAP S/4HANA, NetWeaver, or on Microsoft platforms. Reviewers mention easy integration with other SAP products, detailed reporting, real-time data analysis, and improved data quality as particular strengths.

“My company uses SAP BPC for forecasting and analysis and is now currently undergoing implementation for consolidation. It’s currently used by finance departments, and once it’s implemented for consolidation will be used by Corporate Reporting and Corporate Accounting…On the Financial Planning & Analysis side, SAP BPC has been instrumental in collaborative work between all business segments and Corporate. It has increased performance and allowed for faster quarter closes.”

Jeffrey Suk, Senior Analyst, Entertainment Company

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SAP Analytics Cloud

sap analytics cloud tr score

SAP Cloud Analytics has a broad range of functionality including business intelligence, planning and forecasting, and predicative analytics. This product sits on top of the SAP Cloud Platform. In addition to planning and forecasting capabilities, the platform also has a variety of connectors to other business systems like SAP SuccessFactors,, SAP BusinessObjects and others. Business Intelligence capabilities include self-service data discovery and data visualization capabilities. SAP Analytics Cloud reviewers praise its combined business intelligence, planning and predictive capabilities and particularly recommend to organizations using other SAP products.

“SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful data visualization tool that helps us do more with data. We can combine all analytics capabilities including business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics in a single cloud-based solution…We are using Predictive Analytics capabilities to make better business decisions in terms of where and how much investment should be made.”

Waheed Malik, Senior Architect, Telecommunications Company

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Congratulations to the winners of the Top Rated Corporate Performance Management Software Award!

Top Rated Criteria

Products included in the 2019 Top Rated Corporate Performance Management Software list must have been in the top tier of their category TrustMap as of February 13th, 2019. To qualify for the Corporate Performance Management Software Top Rated Award, products must have at least 10 reviews written within the past year, a TRScore of at least 7.5 out of 10, and must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic in their category.  Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication. Products are plotted on the TrustMap based on end-user data, including users’ likelihood to recommend scores as well as buyer research patterns. To learn more about TrustMaps and Top Rated methodology, check out this page.

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