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Announcing the Top Rated Landing Page Software for 2019

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
June 26, 2019
Awards, Marketing

Announcing the Top Rated Landing Page Software for 2019

Today, we awarded the 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated badges for Landing Page Software. The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are the most trusted in the industry because they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user feedback and satisfaction scores. Top Rated awards are the voice of the market and are not influenced by analyst opinion, the vendor’s company size, popularity, or status as a TrustRadius customer.

Here are the winners:


Unbounce is an application used to build pop-ups, “sticky bars,” banners, and landing pages. It connects marketing campaigns to tested and optimized landing pages that are separate from the company website and are designed to maximize conversion. For building landing pages Unbounce provides a drag-and-drop editor, video embedding, and Unbounce’s own “lightbox” functionality – a user-triggered element which allows forms or media to be placed in the landing page, without making it seem cluttered. 

Across TrustRadius, Unbounce is reviewed primarily by users working in a marketing role (61%). Roughly half of Unbounce reviewers come from small companies (52%). Reviewers praise Unbounce’s landing page templates, easy-to-use code-free editing tools, and its advanced A/B testing and conversion tracking capabilities.

“Unbounce is used by our marketing department to quickly build beautiful landing pages for clients. As far as landing page apps go, Unbounce is best in class… Unbounce is ideal if you want to create landing pages fast for ad campaigns and would like to be able to test different elements to see what converts better (A/B testing). Unbounce is also perfect for companies that have websites without a content management system or clunky ones, which can make it difficult to build nice looking landing pages without a designer and programmer on your team. With Unbounce, you can easily add it to your website via a sub-domain so it will work with any website.”

Gary Shouldis | CEO | Marketing and Advertising Company 


Instapage is a landing page software used by marketers that emphasizes testing and optimization, but also features creation tools that make deploying landing pages fast and easy. Instapage’s templates may be used to provide product or industry specific landing pages, and pages dedicated to particular ad campaigns. Instapage also provides page personalization via 1:1 matched pages and targeted ads. 

On TrustRadius, reviewers of Instapage primarily work in small business (62%). Instapage users like its testing and personalization capabilities, and comment that the Instapage template library,  drag-and-drop editor, and mobile auto-resizing tool present the best code-less and creative experience they’ve encountered for building landing pages.

“Instapage makes building landing pages one of the easiest processes ever. I can hardly believe how easy they have made it for agencies. Normally the CMS’s we use are already pretty easy to use, but with how easy Instapages has made it for us to make pages on the fly for different advertising campaigns, we can’t help but use it!”

Chris Lesner | CEO | Internet Company 


Leadpages is a landing page and website building software that includes services like page hosting, mobile friendly banners or alert bars, and a pop-up builder for gathering emails, opt-ins, and lead data. Leadpages features an extensive template library and makes it easy to publish lead capture tools to a website or connect landing pages to any digital advertising campaign or email applications. 

Most Leadpages users on TrustRadius come from small businesses (69%). TrustRadius users trust Leadpages to capture leads, boost registration for seminars and other events, grow email lists, and appreciate its many integrations to facilitate these purposes (e.g. Zapier, Mailchimp, etc.). Reviewers highlight Leadpages’ both wide-ranging and highly situation specific templates, and its versatility in terms of  marketing landing pages, registration forms, and leadboxes.

“We use Leadpages in virtually all aspects of our business – it’s our go-to marketing tool. It’s a part of our efforts in launching new publications and training programs, in promoting webinars and sales interactions, and in gathering prospects and confirming interest for our long-range development plans and projects as well… It’s great if you want an easy-to-use but extremely robust tool for producing effective online marketing pages since it makes production work enjoyable and inspires fresh creativity. It also offers wonderful split-testing capabilities which can enhance marketing results.”

Tim Bost | Owner | Publishing Company 

Congratulations to the winners of the Top Rated Landing Page Software Award!

What is Landing Page Software?

Landing page software is used by marketers to create, edit, test, and personalize landing pages and lead capture forms. Some vendors offer stand-alone landing page software, however, landing page builders / editors are also often included in marketing automation platforms and content management systems (CMS). Visitors to landing pages arrive through interacting with an email, digital ad, or some other marketing asset. The landing pages themselves are separate from a company’s website, and can be designed in the landing page software by using templates, and customized even further using a WYSIWYG editor. 

Many of these tools may also have a code-editor that allows users to deeply customize the landing page by adding, removing, or changing the code on the page. Types of pages that can be created include opt-in pages, checkout or sales pages, thank you pages, and other forms to provide smooth onboarding or lead capture. Landing page software also supports A/B or multivariate testing of pages and forms, collaboration and approval workflow, personalized messaging post registration or 1:1 page matching, and includes a pop-up builder. 

A few things that buyers should consider when choosing a landing page software are making sure its creation capabilities meet brand standards and that it integrates with other software in their company’s marketing and sales tech stack, including CRM, marketing analytics tools or page analytics tools, email marketing or marketing automation software. One other thing buyers should consider is whether or not a landing page software point solution or larger software suite, such as a marketing automation platform or CMS, meets their needs best. 

Top Rated Criteria

Products included in the 2019 Top Rated Landing Page Software list must have been in the top tier of their category TrustMap as of June 3rd, 2019. To qualify for the Landing Page Software Top Rated Award, products must have at least 10 reviews written within the past year, a TRScore of at least 7.5 out of 10, and must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic in their category.  Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication. Products are plotted on the TrustMap based on end-user data, including users’ likelihood to recommend scores as well as buyer research patterns. To learn more about TrustMaps and Top Rated methodology, check out this page.

About the Author

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
Elizabeth is a Research Analyst at TrustRadius where she focuses on tracing the evolution of business software and finding new ways to synthesize and visualize reviewer data. Elizabeth has a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MSc in International Development from the London School of Economics. When she’s not in the office, Elizabeth enjoys exploring new cities, hiking, trying out new recipes, and diving into sci-fi novels.

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