Announcing the Top Rated Nonprofit CRM Software for 2019

Megan Headley
Megan Headley
April 3, 2019
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Announcing the Top Rated Nonprofit CRM Software for 2019

TrustRadius Top Rated

Today, we awarded the 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated badges for Nonprofit CRM Software. The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are the most trusted in the industry because they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user feedback and satisfaction scores. Top Rated awards are the voice of the market and are not influenced by analyst opinion, the vendor’s company size, popularity, or status as a TrustRadius customer.

Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software organizes and centralizes constituent data for nonprofit organizations. Constituents can include donors, staff, volunteers, event attendees, board members, and sponsors. Nonprofits use these products to help raise funds, manage pledges, send marketing emails, and review metrics. Nonprofit CRM software may also include collaboration features, analytics and reporting tools, workflow and task assignment, and finance management capability.

When evaluating nonprofit CRM software, buyers should consider their budget, including how their constituent size will impact the price of each solution. Some products have a user limit per tier, while others charge on a per-constituent basis. It’s also important to evaluate the organization’s expected growth rate. If the organization plans to expand heavily in the future, make sure to choose a CRM that can scale along with it.

Here are the winners:

Apricot by Social Solutions

Apricot by social solutions tr score

From Social Solutions, Apricot is a cloud-based nonprofit management solution with CRM features. It offers client and volunteer management, outcome measurement, and form design tools. Apricot’s data integrity capability ensures that information entered into constituent data fields is complete and unduplicated. Its predictive analytics tools help organizations identify potential constituents, giving them a better idea of how to act in the present and plan for the future. A majority (52%) of Apricot users on TrustRadius are from small organizations. Reviewers value Apricot’s flexible form creation tools, intuitive user interface, and easily digestible reports.

“Apricot can be molded to fit any organization’s particular needs and wants. It is a great tool for gathering information about your clients and pulling data about their growth, participation, and the effectiveness of the programs.”

Verified User | Program Manager | Non-Profit Organization Management Company

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Bloomerang tr score

Bloomerang is a cloud-based nonprofit CRM platform. It features an interactive dashboard which reports on incoming donations, campaign progress, and donor retention rates. A constituent timeline displays all the interactions between constituents and the organization. Bloomerang also includes reporting, engagement tracking, email distribution, print communications, and social media features. Users from small organizations make up a significant majority (73%) of Bloomerang reviewers on TrustRadius. Bloomerang’s reviewers often highlight its focus on donor retention and detailed, easily customizable reports.

[Using] Bloomerang’s reporting tools, I could not believe I’d ever worked a different way. Some of our funders request very complicated reports and getting the relevant data out of Bloomerang is SO much easier than it was with our previous CRM tools.”

Michelle Green Arnson | Marketing and Communications Manager | Non-Profit Organization Management

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Raiser’s Edge NXT

raiser's edge tr score

Raiser’s Edge NXT is a cloud-based fundraising and constituent management solution from Blackbaud. In addition to managing constituent information, Raiser’s Edge NXT analyzes constituent data to recommend ask amounts, identify donors at risk of lapsing, and suggest promising constituent prospects. It can also process online donations, pledges, and other payments. Raiser’s Edge NXT includes email marketing tools, performance tracking, data dashboards, and report generation features. A majority (52%) of Raiser’s Edge NXT users on TrustRadius are from midsize organizations. Reviewers enjoy Raiser’s Edge NXT’s ease of use, frequent feature updates from the vendor, and constituent mapping capability.

“There is simply no better or easier to use product on the market for fundraising and constituent management. Blackbaud is continually making updates based on user input, so big problems get fixed within a decent turnaround time…It is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience working with similar programs, so a brief tutorial is all you need to be up and running.”

Daniel Bayer | Database Manager | Fund-Raising Organization

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donor perfect tr score

DonorPerfect is a nonprofit CRM and fundraising solution. It offers a customizable constituent database with duplicate data checking and support for seasonal address and multi-address constituents. DonorPerfect’s targeting and filtering capability helps nonprofits identify and communicate with high-quality prospects. It also includes event management tools, pledge collection, payment processing, report generation, and a mobile donation collection app. A majority (58%) of DonorPerfect users on TrustRadius are from small organizations. Reviewers frequently highlight DonorPerfect’s detailed reporting features, customizability to meet different organizational needs, and strong customer support.

“You can make so many adjustments in your DonorPerfect system to meet the needs of your organization…The support team is also probably the best I’ve ever seen. Each person is so knowledgeable, personable, and helpful.”

Verified User | Employee in Other | Higher Education Company

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Congratulations to the winners of the Top Rated Nonprofit CRM Software Award!

Top Rated Criteria

Products included in the 2019 Top Rated Nonprofit CRM Software list must have been in the top tier of their category TrustMap as of March 15th, 2019. To qualify for the Nonprofit CRM Software Top Rated Award, products must have at least 10 reviews written within the past year, a TRScore of at least 7.5 out of 10, and must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic in their category.  Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication. Products are plotted on the TrustMap based on end-user data, including users’ likelihood to recommend scores as well as buyer research patterns. To learn more about TrustMaps and Top Rated methodology, check out this page.

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