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Announcing the Top Rated Social Media Customer Service Software for 2019

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
June 26, 2019
Awards, Customer Success, Marketing

Announcing the Top Rated Social Media Customer Service Software for 2019

Today, we awarded the 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated badges for Social Media Customer Service Software. The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are the most trusted in the industry because they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user feedback and satisfaction scores. Top Rated awards are the voice of the market and are not influenced by analyst opinion, the vendor’s company size, popularity, or status as a TrustRadius customer.

Here are the winners:


Bold360 is a customer service solution that enables users to provide personalized customer interactions at scale and helps managers assess agent performance . Bold360’s AI-powered chatbot can engage prospects and customers in conversations customized to their own experience and connect these conversations across channels. These channels include live chat, email, Facebook Messenger, website self-service, SMS, Twitter, and video chat. Features such as the current queue status, canned messages, open chats, and new message alert pop-ups help agents manage their workload, and filter and respond to messages with ease. 

One key feature of Bold360 is its real-time messaging, and quick responses. In turn, this also enables simple, cross-departmental communication. 

Bold 360 users on TrustRadius primarily hail from enterprises (74%). Reviewers on TrustRadius praise Bold360 for its great user interface, and efficiency which allows for multitasking when interacting with several customers and performing other functions simultaneously.

“We use Bold360 across my organization as a communication tool between internal departments and field technicians. This allows my agents to multitask with up to three chats and still perform other offline functions at the same time.”

Verified User | Senior VP in Operations | Telecommunications Company


Freshdesk is a customer service solution that can automate workflows and escalate service requests when necessary . Freshdesk helps streamline communication between customers and agents, as agents can aggregate support requests from clients and tag each other on tickets to adjust their workload or collaborate. 

Freshdesk allows for expedient resolution of client issues, its omnichannel capabilities allow agents to interact with customers and respond to issues across channels from within one platform. 

Freshdesk users on TrustRadius are primarily employed by small businesses (51%), with another large chunk (35%) working at midsize companies. Reviewers on TrustRadius are impressed with how well Freshdesk streamlines workflow, and by its multi-channel support for phone, email, and live chat.

“Freshdesk is a market leader in the space of helpdesk solutions. It allows management of tickets, knowledge base for staff and community functionality for users. It helps in managing multi-channel support over phone, email, and live chat. It has features to convert email to tickets. It allows customers to vote on ideas which can then be incorporated into the product. It integrates well with other business apps.”

Verified User | Founder & CEO | Computer Software Company

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a social media management platform that enables marketing teams to publish social media content, track user engagement, and conduct social listening and monitoring. It also includes a set of social customer service capabilities including response management via a unified inbox, team collaboration tools to manage workflow, a built-in CRM to help provide context for resolving customer support issues, and team performance analytics. 

Sprout Social  covers popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Sprout Social aims to streamline communication and collaboration across teams by allowing users to monitor, track, and analyze comments and replies on social media posts. 

The majority of Sprout Social users on TrustRadius come from mid-size companies (34%) and small businesses (32%). Reviewers on TrustRadius are impressed with Sprout Social’s simple UI and ability to schedule posts on social media.

“I work on creating and posting social content for clients, and a few of them have opted to use Sprout Social to manage their social accounts. They wanted a platform that would include multi-functionality and serve as their overarching content hub. We gave them the options for a few different platforms, and quite a few tapped Sprout Social to be the center of all things social.”

Verified User | Marketing Dept. | Marketing & Advertising Company


Hootsuite is a social media service platform that centralizes channel management and has both paid and free versions; it enables businesses to schedule, manage, monitor, and analyze the performance of social posts easily and efficiently. Hootsuite users can track customer engagement, and monitor keywords and trends in social conversations to measure growth. 

Hootsuite integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Integration with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, is possible as well. 

Most Hootsuite users on TrustRadius either work in small (38%) or midsize (26%) companies. Reviewers of the platform value its analytics features, integrations, and capacity for making collaboration across teams easy and efficient.

“We use Hootsuite to automate our social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our entire organization. We also use it as a convenient platform to monitor engagement with our target audience of interior designers. Having our social platforms accessible in one place is a real time saver for us since our marketing team is lean and responsible for many functions.”

Verified User | Chief Marketing Officer | Retail Company

Congratulations to the winners of the Top Rated Social Media Customer Service Software Award!

What is Social Media Customer Service Software?

Because customers take to social media to share experiences, social media customer service software is designed to allow service agents to resolve customer issues and collaborate with them there. Via real-time interactions, social customer service software allows agents to solve issues and deal with customer complaints that may otherwise develop into brand-harming comments in very public forums . 

Many vendors that offer social customer service software package it with their  social media management or help desk software solutions. These types of tools enable marketing and support teams to  conduct social media monitoring and listening, route customer complaints to the correct person, and keep tabs on brand mentions and conversations across various social media channels. 

One key benefit of using a social media customer service platform is the ability to view and track customer issues and brand mentions across all social media channels, and respond to them within one platform – often from within a unified inbox. By providing a means to display brand responsiveness and effective issue resolution, social support software can help turn customer complaints into reputational wins. 

Social media customer service software also generally includes a set of analytics capabilities which may track issue type and volume over time, customer interaction histories, and marketer or support team performance metrics.

Top Rated Criteria

Products included in the 2019 Top Rated Social Media Customer Service Software list must have been in the top tier of their category TrustMap as of June 3rd, 2019. To qualify for the Social Media Customer Service Software Top Rated Award, products must have at least 10 reviews written within the past year, a TRScore of at least 7.5 out of 10, and must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic in their category.  Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication. Products are plotted on the TrustMap based on end-user data, including users’ likelihood to recommend scores as well as buyer research patterns. To learn more about TrustMaps and Top Rated methodology, check out this page.

About the Author

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
Elizabeth is a Research Analyst at TrustRadius where she focuses on tracing the evolution of business software and finding new ways to synthesize and visualize reviewer data. Elizabeth has a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MSc in International Development from the London School of Economics. When she’s not in the office, Elizabeth enjoys exploring new cities, hiking, trying out new recipes, and diving into sci-fi novels.

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