Announcing the 2021 Best of Awards in 142 Categories

John Ferguson
January 6, 2021

Announcing the 2021 Best of Awards in 142 Categories

B2B software buying journeys have grown more complex. Buyers are identifying software attributes that are most important to themselves, their use cases, and their businesses. Some buyers are most interested in software that is easy to use, others emphasize the need for excellent customer support, and other buyers prioritize top-of-the-line feature sets. TrustRadius is highlighting products on our site that standout in each of attributes that matter most to buyers with the 2020 Best Of Awards.

Announcing the 2021 Best of Awards in 142 categories

TrustRadius is recognizing the products which have earned a 2020 Best Of Award. Specifically, we are celebrating those products which have earned the Best Customer Support, Best Usability, and Best Feature Set Award for this year.  These awards are earned by the top 3 products in each category with the highest Support rating, Usability rating, and the highest rate of reviewer satisfaction with the product’s Feature Set. 

“Certain attributes, such as support and usability, have a particularly strong impact on users’ experiences with business technology,” said Megan Headley, Vice President of Research. “The Best Of Awards highlight these attributes to help buyers identify those products with standout support experiences, ease of use, and feature sets in a given category.” 

B2B software products must meet high standards to qualify to compete for each Best Of Award. They must have 10 recent ratings from within the last year to ensure that the product’s score is accurate. Each product must also have an aggregate attribute rating of 8.0 or higher to compete for that attribute’s Best Of Award. If necessary, the Research team at TrustRadius will break ties using a textual analysis of reviewers’ feedback on the attribute in question. 

The Best Customer Support Award celebrates the products with the best customer support, according to their users, in their category. As business software grows in technical complexity, a vendor’s ability to assist users with any number of problems or processes can make an immense difference in users’ experience with the software. 

The Best Usability Award recognizes products with the best usability scores in their category. “Usability” can mean dramatically different things depending on the type of software, user base, and use case. However, the need for products to fit those requirements and meet users’ expectations is universal and can make the difference between a business adopting or abandoning a purchased software.

The Best Feature Set Award highlights the products in each category with the feature sets that best satisfies users’ needs and meets their expectations. This can include both the breadth and depth of capabilities, depending on what matters most to users of a particular software.

For a list of winners by category, please refer to the links below where we feature winners by unique category and attribute as well as a look at why users rate these products so highly:

Application Management
Business Intelligence
Customer Support
Data Management
Digital Marketing Tools
Document Management
Industry Software
Marketing Software
Media & Design Tools
Process Automation
Product Testing
Sales Tech

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