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6 UX Strategies That Help You Generate More Leads From Your Website

Rahul Varshneya
January 17, 2019
IT & Development, Marketing, Sales

6 UX Strategies That Help You Generate More Leads From Your Website

Your website can be a revenue-generating machine when you optimize it with your users in mind. But if you want to generate more leads, and more revenue, then implementing effective user experience (UX) best practices is a must.

There are many tools that can help you on your UX journey, including A/B testing tools, Digital Experience platforms, ecommerce software, and other tools aimed to optimize your website and enhance your strategy. Consider these six effective UX strategies you can use to leverage revenue-producing results from your website.

1. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are the face of your online presence and will help generate revenue by leading prospects down the sales funnel and increase your conversion rate. For instance, you can create landing pages that help prospects make a purchase and use clearly identifiable buttons for carrying out the transaction.

Making sure the content on your site is consistent on your landing pages is also another way to streamline and optimize your website. For example, if you’re offering a free trial on your site, your landing page should mirror that message.

2. Make Site Navigation Natural

A site that is hard to navigate can drive down your revenue potential. So, it’s crucial to make your site navigation simple and natural for site visitors. For instance, you can organize your page links at the top of the page or on the right-hand side with a static bar that travels with visitors as they scroll down the page. Another navigation choice is whether to categorize links based on popularity or by alphabetical order.

This helps the visitors quickly identify where they want to go to next and keeps them on your site longer. This tactic also helps increase your conversion rates, and, ultimately, your revenue potential. The underlying intuition is to base your site navigation on your customer’s behavior and habits in order to deliver better digital experiences and boost revenue.

3. Push Profit-Making With Progressive Web App Features

Take your site to the next level and enhance user experience by leveraging progressive web apps. This hybrid of the best app features and web experience can help you generate leads by making it more attractive for new users and enticing and convenient for existing customers to use.

For example, you can offer mobile or desktop enabled push notifications that notify customers and site visitors of new deals or services your business offers. This strategy helps drive revenue by sending customers and prospects who opt in convenient reminders, thereby encouraging buying even when visitors are off your site.

4. Automate Ordering

When you automate your ordering process, you can enhance the UX by providing customers with a convenient way to make repeat purchases. But to make any user experience worthwhile, it has to work hand-in-hand with user interface (UI) design.

This means you’ll have to adjust the layout of the page to support your users’ typical buying behaviors. One option is to cache data in your form fields and save pertinent order information, such as their credit card and address, with users’ permission for repeat customers. This helps ensure users don’t have to keep re-entering information and streamlines transactions. It is important to note here that with the GDPR regulations instituted in 2018, extra precaution needs to be taken when serving international audiences. Saving user data and adhering to user’s privacy rights are of the utmost importance.

5. Increase Site Speed

One of the biggest ways to drive leads is a core component of web development to ensure your site speed can accommodate your traffic and content. That means you’ll need to ensure you’re optimizing your site speed for fast load times. Reducing the size of images, eliminate pop-up ads and removing unnecessary videos that are slowing down site speed is a great place to start.

Also, test your site speed and resolve site speed issues with your hosting service right away. Truth be told, site speed has proven to have a direct effect on your sales and conversion rates. The faster the speed, the more likely a potential customer will stick around or make a purchase.

6. Leverage UGC

User Generated Content helps drive engagement and increase conversion rates by helping customers find answers to questions they may have or solve common issues, such as how to try on clothing for an online store.

For example, you can use a photo gallery that helps customers shop online based on photos voluntarily submitted by customers as part of a customer review. These photos range from customers highlighting physical features and durability to, perhaps, damages caused by shipping.  This helps encourage customers to better visualize the product and increase the chances of them buying the product.

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