Best of Data Management 2021

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January 6, 2021
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Best of Data Management 2021

If you’re beginning your new year with search for new Data Management tools, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best Data Management products on the market according to real users. The Best Customer Support award recognizes vendors with support teams that provide users with quality assistance and troubleshooting. Best Usability awards products that are easy-to-use and truly intuitive. Best Feature Set shines a light on stand-out software that has everything a buyer could possibly want (or not want!)

Here are the Best Data Management tools of 2021:

Data Cleansing, Usability, 1st Place, Feature Set, 1st Place

Data Integration
Astera Centerprise, Customer Support, 1st Place
Matillion, Feature Set, 1st Place

Data Management Platform
Adobe Audience Manager, Customer Support, 1st Place
Adobe Audience Manager, Usability, 1st Place
Adobe Audience Manager, Feature Set, 1st Place

Managed File Transfer
FileZilla, Customer Support, 1st Place
FileZilla, Feature Set, 1st Place

Relational Databases
Microsoft SQL Server, Customer Support,1st Place
SAP HANA, Customer Support, 2nd Place

Microsoft SQL Server, Feature Set, 1st Place
SAP Hana, Feature Set, 2nd Place

Data Cleansing

Maintaining a business in the age of information means that businesses need powerful tools to keep data organized and accessible. Sorting through redundant data wastes time and can become intensely tedious. is the leading software in this category and will help business maintain it’s productivity and save employee’s time for more important tasks. 

Best Usability – Data Cleansing

If the point of a software is to help workers save time, it ought to be easy to learn and accessible for anyone using it. It is especially important for companies dealing in sales to be able to scrub data, acquire customer lists, and for their processes to integrate seamlessly. is the top pick for usability because it gets the job done without fuss., 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.4

Making sure that employees have  efficient tools is an important way to make sure that things are running how they should be. helps employees manage data, making sure that they get the most out of their time at the office. Rich B., a consultant at Coastal Cloud, commended the software,  “It is an intuitive application to use. Within a few clicks, you can be signed in to your org and ready to perform tasks. Data imports/exports/updates are streamlined so you can quickly start and configure your jobs. These can run in the background while you set up new tasks. Job history and tasks currently running on are on your home screen”

Best Feature Set – Data Cleansing, 1st Place

With well designed and useful tools, is the tool to help any company manage a large quantity of information and data, making sure that data is ready to be analyzed and submitted for reports.  Jordan C., a Salesforce Specialist at Spendesk shared his thoughts with TrustRadius, saying “We use as a data import wizard in Salesforce. It’s better than the standard data import wizard & dataloader supplied by Salesforce because you can auto-map some fields and save a lot of time. It’s also possible to plan some batches. I spend less time on Excel and that’s really impacting my job.” 

Data Integration

Data integration tools help businesses maintain enterprise wide understanding of their data. From mainframes to imported data and spreadsheets,  these programs make it easier to maintain a grip on high volume data. 

Best Customer Support – Data Integration

Given that data integration tools deal with a large amount of data, they can quickly become confusing and overwhelming to use. However, an excellent customer support team can help make working with Data Integration tools a breeze, even for newcomers to the genre.

Astera Centerprise, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.4

When it comes to facilitating data integration, Astera Centerprise is a well-reviewed and solid product choice. Ensuring that data transfers easily and that users are comfortable maintaining the software is a key role their customer support team plays. Reviewers love Centerprise’s support team so much, they remember members by name. Jeff N., Engineer at Conduent, wrote “The customer support at Astera is amazing. The support team is always friendly, quick to respond, and very knowledgeable of the product and features. Mike O’Quinn went above and beyond and provided great technical assistance when we migrated to a new version of Centerprise. Munira Lalani was also very helpful in answering any licensing and product questions our team encountered.”

Best Feature Set – Data Integration

Any tool for data integration needs to have a range of features that make it easier to get the job done. This category of software will help automate reports, provide wide spread analysis of large data warehouses, and synthesize data from a variety of sources. Matillion is an exciting program that offers an array of functions to help make data integration effective and easy. 

Matillion, 1st Place

Matillion’s users appreciate this product for it’s effective programs and it’s ability to quickly automate data pipelines into one central source. This product successfully helps clients maintain their data through a powerful set of features, including an easy graphical interface, source control integration, and it’s wide variety of  connectors. Chanda M, an Intelligence Analyst at RWWA., wrote about Matillion’s benefits, saying “Matillion has been used to clean, integrate and transform data from multiple sources are prepare data for data visualisation to answer key business questions at our organisation. Our business problem was finding an ETL solution as we moved towards Cloud data warehouse. We right away knew Matillion is the best fit for us.”

Data Management Platform

Data collection, classification, analysis, and ad integration, are all foundational elements to any Data Management platform. It’s important that any advertising company have a reliable data management platform that can maintain and organize ad content for purchasing and seeing. These softwares are a head of the came in Customer Service, user friendliness, and exciting features. 

Best Customer Support – Data Management Platform

Choosing a software to manage data can be an intimidating choice, especially because if something goes wrong in this category, it can have serious consequences. The softwares listed here are aware of what is at stake and take the protection of data seriously, being sure that there will be a capable customer rep along the way for any bumps in the road. 

Adobe Audience Manager, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8

With customer service reps on standby and thoroughly developed FAQ’s, Adobe Audience Manager is a software that is ready to go to work. It can be difficult to manages digital data warehouses and with every software, there has to be a capable customer service team standing by. Because Audience Manager is under the Adobe umbrella, it comes with a more robust service team. One of TrustRadius’s verified users that works in market, wrote “I think customer support is pretty solid. We have dedicated Adobe account managers and their reps are getting back to us pretty fast. Also, their technical support documentation is well written.”

Best Usability – Data Management Platform

When choosing a data management platform, it is important to consider how much time it will take to learn the software and if it will be easy to use as a day to day product. It makes no sense to invest in a product that will simply require constant interactions with IT workers to understand. With that in mind, Adobe Audience Manager is a user friendly product that any user can rely on. 

Adobe Audience Manager, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.5

Audience Manager comes with the benefit of the Adobe system behind it. The program has a recognizable interface that is geared toward helping consumers learn it’s system quickly and apply it to their work in an efficient fashion. Ashley W., a System Administrator for the City of Kissimmee, reviewed the software, and commended it’s usability, saying “Overall usability is great, as are most of Adobe’s software. Maybe a UI refresh could make it a bit easier to do advanced functions or reporting but, overall, it works very well. This is something you take for granted with Adobe solutions because when you try another vendor you realize how bad it can be.”

Best Feature Set – Data Management Platform

When selecting a Data Management Platform, it can be overwhelming to see just how many types of software out there. It is important to have a powerful feature set that make it easy to navigate and manage the data. With that in mind, Adobe Audience Manager is an exciting product that leads the pack in feature availability 

Adobe Audience Manager, 1st Place

Adobe Audience Manager offers a wide array of tools for managing and analyzing data held in the platform. With wide based data reports that put companies ahead of the curve, Adobe Audience Manager has a reputation for excellence. Sandro R., an Auxiliar Administrator at ACOPAMCE, wrote about their experience, saying “we started using Adobe Audience Manager with much more dedication to get a sense of the quantity and which audiences we serve with our publications. In addition, it is through the statistics obtained by Adobe Audience Manager that we know the best time to publish reports, messages, and activity developments. This makes us more precise in the use of our communication tools, reaching the desired audience at the right time.”

Managed File Transfer

In the digital age, technology has advanced rapidly, and as such, relying on traditional File Transfer Protocol isn’t guaranteed to keep file transfers secure any longer. Managed File Transfer software builds on the traditional FTP to offer a wide variety of features that make data transfers more secure and easier. 

Best Customer Support – Managed File Transfer

A lot can be at stake in a regular file transfer. Application materials, contracts, and sensitive information are just a handful of the items that can be at risk as they are transferred virtually. It’s critical that any MFT software come equipped with a capable and ready customer support team that can jump in and help recover any lost or connection issues. 

FileZilla, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.9

FileZilla is a user-friendly product, that rarely requires the assistance of customer service representatives. Additionally, this program is thoroughly documented online, making it easy for users to get instant answers to any challenges that might arise.  Keisha C., a CS Tech,  at CTIS said “I’ve always found the setup of FileZilla to be easy to use and setting up new sites has been quick. In working with FileZilla, I haven’t had any issues. I rate it high because it’s easy, quick, and free. I think anyone that is familiar with File Explorer can use FileZilla.

Best Feature Set – Managed File Transfer

Modern file transfer software comes equipped with more features than the original File Transfer Protocol softwares were. Alerts, monitors, and reports now come in typical MFT software, helping consumers keep an eye on their file transfers and make sure they go as smoothly as possible. 

FileZilla, 1st Place

FileZilla has a wide array of features that meet the needs of a whole variety of business types. From secure file transfer to code integration, FileZilla places an emphasis on effective functions that make it an industry-leading product. Jonah D., a Web & Mobile Developer at Bluefire Productions reviewed the product, and enumerated its many features, saying “We use FileZilla for FTP and SFTP transactions, primarily for accessing web hosts like DreamHost. We find that FileZilla is the perfect app for quickly uploading or downloading files, or browsing through the filesystem of a remote host. FileZilla is perfect for when you need to make a quick edit of a webpage, thanks to its edit-in-place functionality, or when you need to sync, back-up, or otherwise work with the filesystem of a remote server.”

Relational Databases

Relational databases help businesses keep information sorted and accessible. By forming data into rows and columns, and making data searchable, it helps keep central hubs of information formatted for a variety of users. This particular software 

Best Customer Support – Relational Databases

Leading software packages come with leading customer support teams. With a relational database, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by commands and it can be difficult to get key word searches to map correctly. These softwares will not only help companies to avoid those challenges, it will also help to resolve any unexpected ones. 

Microsoft SQL Server, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.2

The benefit of a big name brand program like the Microsoft SQL Server is that programmers are able to draw on the vast resources of the company to create a product that brings Customer Support requests to a minimum. Luka H., a Software Engineer at King-ICT wrote “We managed to handle most of our problems by looking into Microsoft’s official documentation that has everything explained and almost every function has an example that illustrates in detail how a particular functionality works. Just like PowerShell has the ability to show you an example of how some cmdlet works, that is the case also here, and in my opinion, it is a very good practice and I like it.

SAP HANA, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1

SAP Hana has accrued a reputation of customer support excellence, offering dedicated support representatives and sufficient training materials, they offer a competitive follow up to Microsoft’s SQL server. Deric J., Senior Sales and Tax Analyst at Stryker wrote “We have an excellent IT staff that has been trained by the support reps at SAP. They were very important in setting up the product and assisting in the training classes set up for every employee in the company. We still go through our IT department to put in tickets for any problems we have with SAP but the problems are usually corrected within the hour.”

Best Feature Set – Relational Databases

Relational Databases offer a key function for data managers, keep data organized and accessible, therefore they require a specific set of features that meet consumer needs and keep them coming back. Microsoft and SAP Hana both offer competitive software packages. 

Microsoft SQL Server, 1st Place

With a wide and powerful feature set, Microsoft SQL Server has a variety of use cases and deployment scope. Lisandro F,. Senior Database Administrator at Kapsch Trafficom reviewed the product, and stated “I’ve found Microsoft SQL Server a robust and affordable solution for most OLTP scenarios, starting with department solutions up to enterprise-level systems. There are many advanced features (like compression and partitioning) that correctly implemented provide huge benefits on performance, reducing hardware requirements and costs.”

SAP HANA, 2nd Place

This program has an international reputation, helping companies manage a large amount of data with effective functions. Though SAP HANA is a program that requires some amount of training to use effectively, it has a base of very loyal users. 

Harshavardhan M., a  Senior Associate Consultant at Infosys, said this about the program. “SAP HANA is the heart of my department in my organisation. We have well qualified and trained professionals with hands on experience in SAP HANA. My organisation does conduct training sessions in each quarter with some latest updates which includes support package, advanced features, performance & operational point of views. Most of our customers are already using SAP HANA and we are supporting & enhancing their needs.”

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