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Best of Digital Marketing Tools 2021

TrustRadius Team
January 6, 2021
Awards, Marketing

Best of Digital Marketing Tools 2021

The Digital Marketing Tools category for this year’s Best Of Awards covers software products that help marketing, sales, and other business professionals manage and improve their marketing strategies. Digital marketing tools offer users ways to reach their customers online, on mobile, and in person to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Products in this category cover website and mobile analytics, gamification, direct client outreach automation, and branded URLs.

The Best Feature Set Winners provide extensive, customizable features. The Best Customer Support Winners highlight vendors who can provide expertise to all user levels and are available to help users navigate complex processes or problems. Finally, winners of the Best Usability Award offer intuitive interfaces and high ease of use for marketing, sales, engineers, and analysts alike.

This year, the Best Of Digital Marketing Tools winners are:

Best Customer Support – Direct Mail Automation

  • Sendoso, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Direct Mail Automation

  • Sendoso, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Gamification

  • Kahoot!, 1st Place

Best Usability – Gamification

  • Kahoot!, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Gamification

  • Kahoot!, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Mobile Marketing

  • EZ Texting, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Video Marketing

  • Dubb, 1st Place
  • Vidyard, 2nd Place

Best Usability – Video Marketing

  • Dubb, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Video Marketing

  • Dubb, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – URL Shorteners

  • Rebrandly, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – URL Shorteners

  • Rebrandly, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Web Analytics

  • AT Internet, 1st Place

Best Usability – Web Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics, 1st Place
  • Chartbeat, 2nd Place

Best Feature Set – Web Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics, 1st Place
  • Google Analytics, 2nd Place
  •, 3rd Place

Best Direct Mail Automation Customer Support

Direct Mail Automation products help marketers and sales teams to plan and deliver campaigns similar to email marketing software. Whether it’s print materials or physical gifts, products in this category help cultivate brand images that result in higher rates of engagement and sales. Marketing and sales professionals need prompt and responsive support to ensure that their accounts and clients receive on-brand, effective materials. Best of Customer Support in this category helps companies ensure their image is strengthened, not hindered, by the variety of direct mail outreach offered. 

Sendoso, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.2

Reviewers like Sendoso’s responsiveness if and when issues arise. Clients both large and small receive relevant assistance through chat, phone, and other online channels to help them leverage Sendoso successfully. Their thorough, easy-to-understand answers to user questions make Sendoso stand out in this category.

“Unlike a lot of companies, Sendoso did not treat us differently due to our size or overall experience in the space. We are a new, small company and have to make decisions on a lean scale. Everything has to have a pretty quick ROI, and the Sendoso staff was always readily available to help us achieve our goals.”

Scotty H. Founder | Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 Employees

Best Direct Mail Automation Feature Set

Direct Mail Automation software can address a slew of marketing & sales needs. From account-based marketing and sending shared materials with channel partners to sales and event promotion, products need to help streamline direct mail touches. Products in this category may focus on gifts, greeting cards, promotional materials, or combinations of physical items. Best of Feature Set winners provide integrated and automated solutions to allow marketing and sales professionals to trigger and track direct mail sends seamlessly.  

Sendoso, 1st Place

Sendoso’s unique feature set gives sales professionals a powerful tool to re-engage, thank, and celebrate their contacts. Reviewers rave about the Salesforce, Chrome, Amazon and Outreach integrations.These features make reviewer workflows seamless. Reviewers also love that Sendoso allows for personal, customized touches like handwritten notes to help increase show rates for meetings, close deals, and keep clients engaged.

“We outsourced things like letter writing, apparel giveaways, and influencer marketing using Sendoso’s third-party fulfillment offerings. This way, a single seller or rep could send multiple letters, gifts, etc to different clients in a matter of minutes instead of hours or even days.”

Scotty H. Founder | Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 Employees

Best Gamification Customer Support

Gamification software injects game thinking and mechanics into training or learning settings to help engage users. These products are used by a wide variety of industries, and need support teams that understand diverse use case objectives. Similar to other categories, gamification software needs to have support resources available so users can troubleshoot problems in the moment and conduct ongoing optimization to their particular instance. Best of Customer Support in this category helps users provide prompt solutions relevant to the wide variety of users. Gamification software winners also have extensive knowledge bases or online support documentation that users can pull from on their own. 

Kahoot!, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.7

Reviewers love that Kahoot! has a large user base to provide unique expertise across a variety of education, sales, and HR uses. They have extensive documentation and are responsive to user requests and feedback. Reviewers appreciate that the Kahoot! team is receptive to improvement and feature suggestions. 

“The information that Kahoot shares on its blog and support center is updated frequently and provides many ideas for ways to use the platform.”

Gina R. Teacher | Primary/Secondary Education, 11-50 employees

Best Gamification Usability

Gamification software needs to be user-friendly in order for the end-user to achieve their learning objectives. Products in this category should have simple to understand user interface that users of all skill levels (and ages) can navigate easily. Best of Usability winners in this category create products that allow teams to motivate a desired behavior or outcome in a fun, easy-to-use and customize way.

Kahoot!, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.9

Kahoot! reviewers appreciate both mobile and desktop accessibility, and find it easy for old, young, tech-savvy, and inexperienced users to pick up. While it offers many options when creating content, Kahoot! maintains a relatively simple interface that doesn’t overwhelm admin users. 

“Simple to use, easy to pick up. End users have no issues (heck, it’s used in Kindergarten classrooms) either and are easily able to pick up and participate in quizzes from their phones or computers.”

Matthew G. Director of Customer Success | Computer Software, 11-50 employees

Best Gamification Feature Set

Some users turn to gamification products for sales and customer engagement, while others use this type of software for employee and user education or training. Gamification products therefore need features that allow customized content and engagement activities with additional analytic or reporting features to understand how well users grasped the objective. Best of Feature Set winners in this category will provide an assortment of engagement activities, reporting tools, and reward options that users can adjust to their unique needs.

Kahoot!, 1st Place

Kahoot! gives reviewers extensive game options to customize game settings, making it useful for both education and corporate settings. Companies can provide branded game and quiz experiences, advertise prizes, and analyze the quiz or activity results through Kahoot!. Reviewers appreciate the different types of engagement activities, like quick polls, educational slides, and open-ended question & answers.

“Kahoot! continues to update & improve! From new game options, such as double points or turning off points, extended timer (up to four minutes) to the intriguing image reveals, Kahoot! knows how to listen and respond to product users.

Laura S. Teacher/District Tech Integration Specialist | Education Management, 51-200 Employees

Best Mobile Marketing Customer Support

Integrations are key to Mobile Marketing software products, and that can mean complex workflows to ensure seamless and relevant mobile engagement with an organization’s audience. Some mobile marketing vendors wrap mobile marketing services into their multi-channel platform product and others serve the mobile channel exclusively. Customer support is important in both settings to guarantee companies can successfully implement and maintain mobile marketing campaigns and maximize customer engagement. If breakdowns or problems occur, users need customer support teams that can address issues quickly.

EZ Texting, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.0

Reviewers love that EZ Texting has multiple ways to contact their support team. EZ Texting’s timely responses are highly rated, and many reviewers commented on the assistance they received when rolling out the initial set up of EZ Texting.

“The support is always thorough, friendly, and we are able to resolve any issues we have. As opposed to some companies where you will sit on hold for a long period of time or get passed off to another department or not be able to find an answer to your issue, with EZ Texting we usually have short wait times, if any, and we are helped until we find a solution to the problem.”

Verified User Director | Transportation/Trucking/Railroad Company, 201-500 employees

Best Customer Support – Video Marketing

The Best Customer Support for Video Marketing software recognizes products whose support team helps marketers get the most out of their video content. Not every marketer has strong video editing or video marketing expertise, and this software category allows people to get started in this realm of marketing easily. Dedicated customer support allows marketers to do this alongside ample online resources.

Dubb, 1st Place

Dubb trScore

Customer Support Score: 9

Dubb has a Video Communication Platform designed to help marketers send personalized, trackable videos. Dubb customers on TrustRadius rave about their customer support services with many stating that Dubb’s customer support team is some of the best amongst its competitors. Words like “rock star”, “exceptional”, and “responsive” were used by its advocates. Dubb customers are so familiar with the Dubb team that they refer to their members by name, giving credence to its reputation of providing personalized assistance.

“Rockstar support! I get personal reach-outs from the team on email or Messenger… in minutes or hours. Stunning!”

Steve M. Director of Business Development | Professional Training & Coaching, 1-10 employees

Vidyard, 2nd Place

Mailchimp trScore

Customer Support Score: 8

Vidyard is a leading video marketing, video editing, and screen/video capture tool. As an extremely popular tool in its market, Vidyard’s customer support team rises to the occasion of cementing it as a great choice for B2B video content. Users consistently describe the Vidyard support team as proactive, supportive, and responsive. Many users also take advantage of Vidyard’s many how-to videos which can come in clutch when deadlines are approaching.

“Customer support at Vidyard has always been good. When I first looked into the product, the salesperson took a consultative approach that allowed me to see how Vidyard would benefit our specific use case. Since coming on board, the customer service team has been quick to respond if I have any questions.”

Suzanna D. Market Specialist | E-Learning, 11-50 employees

Best Usability – Video Marketing

Anything related to video editing can be intimidating to new users. Add a marketing aspect, and many can quickly become overwhelmed. However, Video Marketing software takes many stressors of manual processes off users’ hands so they can focus on creating quality content. Ease-of-use is a huge factor in buyers’ adoption of a video marketing platform, vendors in this space are competing to not only be easy-to-use at the beginning but to ensure that future updates and innovations are easy to adopt by existing customers.

Dubb, 1st Place

Dubb trScore

Usability Score: 8.7

With this being the second of three 1st place Best of Awards for Dubb, they are clearly differentiating themselves as a leading Video Marketing platform. Many Dubb users exclaim about its ease-of-use, even when new features are rolled out. Some users even report that due to its ease-of-use, it’s allowed them to share more creative content with their own customer bases in lieu of traditional text and emails.

“Dubb is really easy to use, I find the many different ways you can use it and systems you can integrate with it very effective, such as the integration with Calendly and Salesforce. The analytics feature is very insightful and helps me to make decisions.”

Will W. Marketing Director | Marketing & Advertising, 1-10 employees

Best Feature Set – Video Marketing

Some of the key features for video marketing platforms are video editing, performance analytics, and content tracking. Some tools in this space allow users to create videos within the platforms themselves. Differentiators are automation, features and AI-powered content suggestions. Integration with a variety of related software also play a major part in products’ whose features stand out.

Dubb, 1st Place

Dubb trScore

The features that Dubb users consistently call out are its video replies capability, analytics, and landing page creation. Users also call out that Dubb is very responsive to user feedback, with many reporting that features they suggested have been added to the platform.

“Dubb is my go-to tool and I use it daily. If I had one tool to use on a regular basis it would be dubb. Dubb is an incredibly versatile tool that creates results. Quickly! I’ve been able to book over 300 guests on my Linkedin Livestream and continue to engage with individuals and build relationships as a result of using Dubb.”

Russ J. Founder | Broadcast Media, 1-10 employees

Best URL Shorteners Customer Support

URL Shorteners reduce confusion and create sleek, branded URLs to include in social media, affiliate, and mobile marketing business scenarios. Customer support is important for these products to ensure users’ shortened URLs link to the correct webpage and users have accurate link tracking and analysis. Best of Customer Support winners in this category give reviewers both real-time support across multiple channels and offer online knowledge bases to maximize the efficacy of their shortened, branded, or deeply linked URLs.

Rebrandly, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5

Reviewers give Rebrandly top marks for it’s communication with users. Whether it’s about new features and products or a support ticket issue, reviewers appreciate Rebrandly’s timely communication. Reviewers also refer to their online knowledge base as a strong element of Rebrandly customer service.

“No matter what timezone you’re in, the support is fantastic and always fast – for me, it’s always been within the hour. And even when I don’t get the answers I’m looking for, the support team always attempts to provide me with an alternate solution to the same problem – which is very helpful and kind.”

Liam A. Lead Developer | Information Technology & Services, 11-50 employees 

Best URL Shorteners Feature Set

URL Shortener products should turn long, complicated, convoluted URLs into shorter, branded, easy-to-read links. In addition, this software can provide analytic, tracking, and campaign creation features to help users manage and optimize link performance. Winners of Best of URL Shorteners Feature Sets provide a wide variety of tools, like QR code creation and deep link management. The breadth of features offered should help users manage their social media and affiliate marketing strategies, presenting an easy-to-read or branded link to the public that still contains all the tracking, testing, and “back-end” parameters a company requires. 

Rebrandly, 1st Place

Reviewers love how easy it is to manage social links and track click rates. Many reviewers noted how helpful the ability to update the destination link is, without changing the original QR code or branded link. Rebrandly allows reviewers to thoroughly track and analyze link traffic through a variety of integrations and features. 

“Other tools produce shortened links but do not allow for changes after they are produced. There is also the ability to add custom link shortening, based on domains that we own. This is very helpful, as it makes things appear more professional.”

Verified User Director in Information Technology | Primary/Secondary Education Company, 51-200 employees

Best Web Analytics Customer Support

Because of their complexity, customer support is crucial to companies using web analytics software. Without strong technical and client success support, either from online documentation or from vendor representatives, it may be difficult for users to pull meaningful insights from their software dashboards. Best of Customer Support in this category is readily available to help users troubleshoot and optimize. From quick questions to more complication processes, winners of Best Customer Support are there with technical expertise.

AT Internet, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.2

AT Internet support leaves reviewers satisfied with prompt replies. Beginners appreciate how reactive the support team is and seasoned reviewers benefit from the relevant technical expertise AT Internet provides. Many reviewers also value that AT Internet support listens to reviewer feedback.

“I am a power user, with operational and high-level questions. Both types of demands get a quick, written answer I can understand, not only a copy-paste from a FAQ. The consultants in charge of the support can take a business point of view, beyond the simple functionalities of the solution.”

Didier F. Project Manager, Web Analytics | Financial Services, 1001-5000 employees

Best Web Analytics Usability

Users across professions turn to Web Analytics tools to optimize their content for different business objectives. Usability is key to this category. Tools should be advanced enough to draw actionable insights that can restructure marketing budgets, adjust website design, and refine content while remaining accessible to a breadth of users. Winners of Best of Usability in this category offer extensive functionality that is intuitive and easy to learn.

Adobe Analytics, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.4

Reviewers rave about Adobe Analytics intuitive user interface and visualization features. This tool allows reviewers to create advanced reports in their web application. Reviewers regularly comment on the convenient, flexible dashboard and user interface.

“It is customizable by development to fit the needs and KPIs of various Analytics teams. It works well with other Adobe products, like Launch and AEM. This helps with tracking a world full of single-page applications and personalized content, which can be difficult to track using other data platforms.”

Ellen E. Software Developer III – Tag Management Developer | Marketing and Advertising, 1001-5000 employees

Chartbeat, 2nd Place

Usability Score: 8.2

Chartbeat received high marks for it’s usability on both mobile and desktop. Reviewers shared that Chartbeat feels truly accessible to all levels of user (not just engineers or data analysts), so companies can start pulling real-time data out of the box. Reviewers love that data points are clearly explained without having to dig too deeply. 

“Generally very easy to use and navigate and the limit of options, compared to say a full Google Analytics suite, actually aids functionality and access, making it more useful as a tool which can be used across the staff.”

Verified User Professional | Online Media Company, 5001-10,000 employees

Best Web Analytics Feature Set

Web analytics tools help business users track user activity, and there are many behaviors, scenarios, and tests that require analysis for optimization. Free and paid web analytics tools should provide a wide array of features that allow deep customization and strong reporting functions  so users can pull the insights they need. Real-time tracking, A/B Testing, privacy compliance, mobile analytics, and goal conversion tracking are just a few of the plethora of features and capabilities web analytics tools may offer. Winners in this category offer depth and breadth of features to inform and improve a company’s online presence.

Adobe Analytics, 1st Place

Reviewers love Adobe Analytics offers multiple options for data analysis and a large variety of different metrics and dimensions. Many reviewers highlight Adobe Analytics deep integrations with the wider Adobe Suite for even more detailed insights. Adobe Analytics also flags abnormal web traffic or activity and puts no limitations on filtering data, both of which get top marks from reviewers.

“The tool is great for really digging into data and identifying areas of opportunity. It is a very powerful tool if/when used correctly to improve KPIs. There is a lot of automation and efficiencies with the tool so you spend less time pulling data together and more time analyzing.”

Brianna W. Senior Web Analytics Analyst | Apparel & Fashion, 501-1000 employees

Google Analytics, 2nd Place

Reviewers love that they can drill down into website traffic stats, like user session duration, bounce rate, and source of traffic. The integration between Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tag manager is valued by reviewers. For affordable (i.e. free!) and thorough website analytics, reviewers recommend Google Analytics.

“Google Analytics is seamless to install and integrates into our CRM. We’re able to view our goal funnels, segment audiences, understand behavior flow, analytics site traffic, track events, and ultimately report on conversions.”

Sarah H. Media Director | Marketing & Advertising, 11-50 employees, 3rd Place is highly praised for it’s real-time traffic tracking feature and the specificity of it’s traffic source data. Reviewers value these detailed referral sources, especially when tracking social media content and impact. 

“Parsely has the best UI, best reports, best real-time data, and the best historical data that I’ve used. I’d never go back to any of the tools I’ve used before.”

Phoebe G. Editorial Director of Growth | Publishing, 201-500 employees

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