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Best of Education 2021

TrustRadius Team
January 6, 2021
Awards, Vertical-Specific

Best of Education 2021

Investing in software specially created for the Education industry can take your school’s administration to the next level. With the reason of e-Learning, there are more tools than ever from which to choose. Additionally, given the uptick in use, buyers can now benefit from added competition in the market as Education software vendors work diligently to improve the quality of their product offerings for educators.

If you’re curious about what the easiest-to-use products are, or which products have the most variety of features to help teachers and administrators alike, check out our list below which also celebrates Education software vendors with excellent customer support.

Here are the Best Education Software winners for 2021:

Renaissance Accelerated Reader, Customer Support, 1st Place
Renaissance Accelerated Reader, Feature Set, 1st place

Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Prezi, Feature Set, 1st Place
Google Classroom, Feature Set, 2nd Place
Moodle, Feature Set, 3rd Place

Student Management Systems
Blackbaud Education Management Solutions, Customer Support, 1st Place


Assessment software is mostly used in education fields but can have applications in a variety of industries. With that in mind,  these softwares are designed to help develop test materials to let educators and companies know where their participants are at and evaluate a variety of characteristics in their population. 

Best Customer Support – Assessment

When administering a remote exam, which has become more important than ever, it can be excruciating to deal with technical difficulties. The software listed here is commended for it’s commitment to consumer experience and excellent service reps that are on standby for any crisis that might arise. 

Renaissance Accelerated Reader, 1st Place

 From thoroughly documented online support articles to responsive reps available for live chat, Renaissance Accelerated Reader leads the pack in assessment software. Renaissance also offers a library of videos and community forums to allow users to self-solve any questions they might have.  Steve B., an Innovative Teaching Life Coach for  CCSD180 reviewed the product, writing, “Renaissance Reader has a great support team, and generally, they are quick to respond when needed. The live chat tool is a life-saver when trying to get your problems solved in real-time. They also have a lot of online support articles that ensure that you can get your questions answered without necessarily having to use the live chat during the school day.”

Best Feature Set – Assessment

Renaissance Accelerated Reader, 1st Place

Every school and every student has individual needs, and software of this kind have to be prepared to help users customize tools to fulfill those needs. Renaissance Accelerated Reader helps kids, parents, and teachers stay on track with a variety of progress tracking and assessment features.  Kelsie H., a Teacher, at Borson School said, “Our whole school, though small, uses Accelerated Reader 360. We love the program and being able to see how well our students are paying attention to the books and stories being read. It is also a user-friendly service that helps teachers and parents watch the progress of their child/student. Our students are on the program every day and it is very user-friendly for them as well.”

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

During a global pandemic, it has never been more important to have a reliable and successful learning management system. Students from Pre-K up to the graduate level are depending on learning platforms to help them pursue their curriculums. It’s important to have a platform where students and educators can connect effectively and reliably, which is why the softwares listed here is  being celebrated for their excellence during a turbulent period. 

Best Feature Set – LMS

Finding the right tool to help educators connect with learners can be overwhelming, but these tools help narrow the search. The software in this category have a wide variety of teachers that helps users customize their learning experience to their education level and to generate a higher level of interest from the recipients. 

Prezi, 1st Place

Prezi has a reputation for expanding the idea of what could be achieved through a traditional slide presentation. With a variety of colors, animations, media options,  and interactive options, Prezi’s are quickly becoming a new staple in any discipline that requires regular presentations. Maximo P., a substitute teacher for Liceo Antupillan, said this about the product “I was used to (as was almost everyone until a few years ago) Powerpoint presentations, but when I saw Prezi I was pleasantly surprised. From that moment on, I started using Prezi in all my courses and even did a “training” on it to my colleagues. It has helped me a lot (along with other tools) to achieve a greater interest in students and to be able to keep their attention on activities for longer times.”

Google Classroom, 2nd Place

Google Classroom offers a competitive system that is bolstered by excellent programming. Google Classroom is easy to use and has a wide variety of features that help students and teachers stay connected. The benefit of working with a larger company like Google is reliability and well-developed features.  Shelise H., a teacher, at Anchorage School District shared their experience with the software, writing, “I use Google Classroom on a daily basis with my students. They are able to log in and check their work. In addition, I assign them various tasks to complete. My team teacher and I work together to keep track of the students’ work. The students are able to check their progress and even work from home as needed. I love using this platform in my teaching.”

Moodle, 3rd Place

Moodle is an innovative service that is a foundational program for a variety of learning institutions. Moodle is one hub that allows users to administer tests, publish study materials, post grades, and communicate with peers. Mariana R., an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Rockingham Community College, wrote this about the program “I work at a community college. Moodle is used by all instructors here. Administrators also use Moodle for gathering information from faculty. Moodle is the platform that we use to teach our online courses. We also use it for face-to-face classes to post and grade assignments, exams, and quizzes. Additionally, Moodle has an easy to use grade book that is linked to assignments and exams so it takes out the extra step. I also use Moodle to take attendance and to monitor a student’s progress in my courses.”

Student Management Systems

Student Management systems are central hubs for learning institutions, helping students and teachers stay in touch and on the same page about where they are in the education process. From grade publication to exam administration, an SMS can make a huge difference in how smoothly a school day can go. 

Best Customer Support – Student Management Systems

The last thing parents and administrators need is a technical crisis that derails the routine they have developed for distance learning. Academic companies can put their trust in Blackbaud Education Management Solutions to make sure that their day runs smoothly. Dedicated customer service reps and online forums are just some of the best strategies for this 

Blackbaud Education Management Solutions, 1st Place

Blackbaud Education Management Solutions offers an innovative and reliable client support system that has helped them build a base of loyal users. With online forums, thoroughly developed FAQ’s, and a responsive live chat option, this program is sure to offer sufficient support. Jazmon D., an Administrative Assistant, Akiba Yavneh Academy of Dallas, said “Blackbaud Education Management Solutions was easy to learn and master, the implementation process was very comprehensive and the support since has been incredible. Our whole community has benefitted from this switch in multiple different ways and our data health has drastically improved!

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