Best of Marketing Software 2021

Sam Huisache
January 6, 2021
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Best of Marketing Software 2021

This year, TrustRadius is celebrating products which have earned a 2021 Best Of Award. The awards being celebrated include Best Customer Support, Best Usability, and Best Feature Set. The Best of Marketing Software category includes 6 sub-categories that provide users with a variety of capabilities that assist their marketing strategies and campaigns. The winning software products in this category have been rated and reviewed by users over the last year, and must meet high rating standards in order to qualify for each Best Of Award.

This year, the Best of Marketing Software winners for Marketing Software are: 

Best Usability – All-in-One Marketing

  • Mailchimp, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – All-in-One Marketing

  • OutboundEngine, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Event Management

  • Cvent Event Management, 1st Place
  • CrowdCompass, 2nd Place
  • Whova, 3rd Place

Best Feature Set – Event Management

  • Cvent Social Tables, 1st Place
  • CrowdCompass, 2nd Place
  • Cvent Event Management, 3rd Place

Bet Customer Support – Marketing Automation

  • SharpSpring, 1st Place

Best Usability – Marketing Automation

  • SharpSpring, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Marketing Automation

  • SharpSpring, 1st Place
  • Adobe Campaign, 2nd Place
  • ActiveCampaign, 3rd Place

Best Customer Support – Public Relations (PR)

  • Cision Communications Cloud, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Public Relations (PR)

  • Cision Communications Cloud, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – SEO

  • Conductor Searchlight, 1st Place
  • Ahrefs, 2nd Place
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider, 3rd Place

Best Usability – SEO

  • Conductor Searchlight, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – SEO

  • Ahrefs, 1st Place
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider, 2nd Place
  • SpyFu, 3rd Place

Best Customer Support – Social Media Management

  • Zoho Social, 1st Place
  • Hootsuite, 2nd Place

Best Usability – Social Media Management 

  • Zoho Social, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Social Media Management 

  • Hootsuite, 1st Place
  • Zoho Social, 2nd Place

Best Customer Support – Social Media Publishing 

  • Echobox, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Social Media Publishing 

  • Echobox, 1st Place

Best Usability – All-in-One Marketing

When it comes to solutions that are designed to bundle together previously separate pieces of software like All-in-One Marketing, usability is extremely important. These tools are not only designed to be used by marketing operations managers with a development background, but for those who do not have experience with coding, or simply do not wish to deal with coding while running marketing and outreach campaigns. The Best Usability award for All-in-One Marketing recognizes products in this space that are easy-to-use and setup for users of all skill levels.

MailChimp, 1st Place

Mailchimp trScore

Usability Score: 8.5

Mailchimp reigns supreme in the All-in-One Marketing category. Not only does it have an impressive 8.5 rating for Usability, but it also boasts a majority of its users absolutely raving about its ease-of-use. Users share that not only is Mailchimp easy-to-use, but easy to implement across their teams. They note that Mailchimp is particularly suited for setting up targeted email campaigns and managing large contact lists.

“We are using Mailchimp as our preferred tool for sales and marketing efforts. We currently love the automation process that you can achieve with its easy-to-use interface. We have made several emails to target our franchise leads so they can receive several emails throughout their life-cycle as leads.”

Edgar M.

Franchise Director

Robocrea (Education Management)

Best Feature Set – All-in-One Marketing

All-in-One Marketing by nature need to have a strong feature set with reliable capabilities. While all-in-one marketing tools tend to bundle a plethora of marketing tasks into one platform, they typically must provide email marketing, dashboards and analytics, and some form of marketing automation to be competitive in their market. Our Best Feature Set winner excels at providing marketers with a one-stop-shop platform for all their marketing needs according to our users.

OutboundEngine, 1st Place

OutboundEngine promises to provide its users with content management, campaign management, data analytics, outreach, and assistance from industry experts to maximize the ROI of marketing efforts. Its users on TrustRadius call out its great utility for social media campaigns, managing online presence, and marketing project management.

“It’s great for small businesses that don’t have the time and resources to do outreach to clients individually. The customer service from OE is great and they are very accommodating. OE is very well suited to our company because it helps us tailor our content and marketing strategies without taking valuable time away from our executives and management team.”

Morgan Y.

Director of Social Media Marketing

Climate Academy Colorado (Consumer Services)

Best Event Management – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Event Management category highlights products that provide consistent and high quality support to users. In event management, customer support is crucial because it can have a large impact on the outreach, planning and coordination of an event. Users need to be able to contact a support team before, during an after and event to ensure success. 

Cvent Event Management, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.7

Reviewers of Cvent Event Management enjoy that their customer support team is both knowledgeable and professional. Their ability to provide timely solutions to any issues that arise with their platform is also appreciated. They have a reputation for having solid customer service representatives that always provide quality assistance. 

“Their support desk is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 30 years in this industry. They are always available, knowledgeable, and professional. No matter how complex the problems were that I have ever presented to them, they had the solution.”

Nikki B. 

Travel Technology Support and Administration

Maxim Healthcare Group (Health, Wellness, and Fitness)

CrowdCompass, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.2

Reviewers of CrowdCompass highlight the customer support teams quick response rate. Users also stated that they enjoy how their support team offers advice and tips on how to efficiently use their software, depending on what projects are being worked on. Some users said that having a dedicated customer service representative was extremely helpful as well.

“Great support team. We had our own rep that would check in with me periodically and make sure that I was on track to launch the app on time. He also answered all of my questions no matter what time of the day I would ask. I was very pleased with the support.”

Ruslana M.

Conference & Event Manager

The Stevie Awards (Events Services)

Whova, 3rd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1

Reviewers of Whova appreciate their support teams ability to problem solve efficiently when issues arise. Users also stated that they have quick response time when needing to troubleshoot. Many reviewers stated that the app was so easy to use in the first place, that they didn’t ever need to contact the support team. 

“It’s a great app and the team that had us download the app seemed to get any help they needed when needed. The support is fantastic just like the app. You need to tell ReedPop to apply this application to their shows as well as Altered Reality! They would benefit immensely.”

Alexander P.


Comic Crusaders (Entertainment)

Best Event Management – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Event Management category recognizes products that make it easy to plan, market, and manage attendees of events. Products with a wide range feature sets are extremely important in event management, because it can have a huge impact on how efficiently and event runs from start to finish. Winners of this category have top tier event and social media promotion, booking and itinerary management, attendance tracking, mobile apps for registration, presentation management, and much more.

Cvent Social Tables, 1st Place

Reviewers of Cvent Social Tables are very happy with the products customizability when it comes to capturing attendee information as well as creating room layouts and diagrams. The dimension and sizing features are extremely beneficial especially when it comes to designing floor plans. Reviewers also talked about how they like the different seating arrangement options that are provided.

“We use Social Tables to create floor plans and share them amongst our team. It’s a great collaboration tool with our AV partner, the hotel, and the event team. We also like being able to have an inventory of floor plans from past events to be able to reference them when creating and editing new event diagrams.”

Ruslana M.

Conference & Event Manager 

The Stevie Awards (Events Services)

CrowdCompass, 2nd Place

Reviewers of CrowdCompass like this product because their in-person and virtual event attendees can ask questions and answer polls in real time. Users also enjoy the ability to advertise sponsorships within the application. The discussion and networking features are appreciated because it allows users to communicate with each other before and during an event. 

“We use CrowdCompass for our internal events. Most of these events are US based. The mobile technology helps us communicate with attendees in real-time when on-site for an event. It also helps us deliver content on the go.”

Michelle C.

Travel and Events Specialist

PerkinElmer, Inc. (Biotechnology)

November 16th, 2020

Cvent Event Management, 3rd Place

Reviewers of CrowdCompass like this product because it can track budget, travel, registration, and other event metrics all in one place. The product also has great design features as well as quality reporting when it comes to attendee experience. Reviewers enjoy that the registration design and options that are included with the product are customizable and detail oriented. 

“Our operations team, which is comprised of meeting managers, uses Cvent Event Management. We specialize in Pharmaceutical Meetings which have many elements to juggle. Cvent Event Management allows for everything to be in one place and easily accessible to attendees as well as planners. We can send invitations, track hotel room nights, track flights, manage attendees, and more!”

Madison S.

Meeting Planner

Infinix Global Meetings & Events

Rx Worldwide Meetings, Inc. (Events Services)

Best Marketing Automation – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Marketing Automation category emphasizes products that have quick and efficient customer support teams. When it comes to marketing automation, customer support is important because it has an impact on the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Users need to be able to rely on support teams to assist them with issues when it comes to marketing leads, in order to ensure relevant, personalized content. The ability of a support team to onboard new customers is also extremely important when it comes to successful marketing automation.

SharpSpring, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.8

Reviewers of SharpSpring love their customer support team because they provide great onboarding, have a quick response rate, and they consistently keep their users on track with their goals. The product provides extensive online materials if a user needs to access something quickly, while also providing a general technical support line in addition to a personalized account manager. 

“SharpSpring support has been amazing. They are knowledgeable, quick, and friendly. There are online materials when I want to look something up quickly, and then there’s the support team – either the general technical support line, or our onboarding and account manager – when the question is more complex and nuanced. They always ensure a question is resolved, or if it’s being looked into, that you know where they are in the process and nothing is forgotten. Both our internal team and our clients have been delighted to discover the multiple layers of functionality that SharpSpring offers.”

Jennifer W.

Customer Experience and Special Products

Infinite Analytics, Inc. (Computer Software)

Best Marketing Automation – Usability

The Best Usability Award in the Marketing Automation category promotes products that have a user friendly interface and that are easy to learn. In marketing automation, it’s very important that products are easy to use, because it can affect the quickness and efficiency of marketing campaigns and customer leads. Winners of this category also have simple reporting and workflow dashboards.

SharpSpring, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.3

Reviewers of this product say that it is easy to maneuver, and that the interface is both intuitive and user friendly. Users emphasize that little to no training is required to start using the product efficiently, even with no prior experience with a program such as this. Overall, reviewers say that the platform is easy to navigate. 

“SharpSpring is very easy to use. The product is easy to navigate even for the most tech-adverse user. It is easy to explain to a user base, and they are quick to understand how to get immediate benefits from the product.”

Mike S.


Flow Business Systems (Information Technology & Services)

Best Marketing Automation – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Marketing Automation category celebrates products that allow users to seamlessly analyze the success of their marketing campaigns, in addition to customizing relevant, personalized content for marketing leads. Winners of this category must be able to provide features that improve a users ability to send personalized marketing emails, provide lead management and scoring, and offer landing page creation and customization.

SharpSpring, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product highlight the platform’s ability to automate marketing actions, in addition to being able to ID and track campaign leads. The workflow automation is superior to rivals due to the visuals aspect, and they also have a good system for content tracking. The product also showcases a social media content calendar, which makes planning and execution a lot easier and less time consuming. 

“We use SharpSpring internally as our marketing automation platform. It is used to track campaigns, generate landing pages, automate workflow, chatbot services, and scheduling, for example. It is used in the entire company. The first problem it solved was with the scheduling of client meetings. Their built-in scheduling feature allowed us to add “book a meeting with…” links in our emails and on our website making it much easier for clients to book meetings.”

Dan S.


PersonifiSolutions (Information Technology & Services)

Adobe Campaign, 2nd Place

Reviewers of this product are excited about its ability to customize the content of their marketing channels. The platform also provides SMS, automated, and email marketing which is useful for a variety of marketing campaigns. Users also like the variety of notifications the platform has, such as email and push notifications. The operational reporting tools are insightful, allowing for efficient tracking of campaign impact and finding solutions to enhance marketing efforts.

“Powerful software, we currently use Adobe software for various working methods, such as edits, and ad tracking scans across multiple channels. We can enjoy many software benefits like sending private messages, setting preferences for users, and controlling all our marketing campaigns and advertising. It’s very excellent to identify customers and enable and improve our reports. Adobe Campaign is an excellent development software. Efficient optimized software interface solutions always provide great flexibility, many benefits, and advantages.”

Polivanio S.

Empresário// Profissional de MMN /Empreendedor Digital

Negócios online (Internet)

ActiveCampaign, 3rd Place

Reviewers of this product really like the visual automation creator because it assists in automating marketing to new leads. They also highlight that the platform has a variety of templates to formulate email automation marketing projects. Other features that reviewers are excited about include custom tagging, customer relationship management capabilities, and list segmentation. 

“I use Active Campaign to send emails out regularly to my list. I’ve also set up email automations for funnels, as well as segregating lists depending on marketing efforts. It’s been great for selling products, keeping customers informed, and targeting the right customer with segregation. The email automations are brilliant and very easy to use.”

Roma W.


Heartsong Creative Academy (Entertainment)

Best Public Relations (PR) – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Public Relations (PR) category values products that have insightful and intelligent customer support teams. In the realm of public relations, customer support is vital because organizations are sending out important information to current and potential stakeholders, as well as the general public. If issues arise, support teams need to be quick in responding because it could have an affect on customer relations and marketing strategies. 

Cision Communications Cloud, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.3

Reviewers of Cision Communications Cloud say that their support team is well trained and responsive. Users also enjoy the chatbot function that their platform provides. The customer support team provides a great onboarding service that assists new users in utilizing their platform. 

“Support is an area where Cision really stands out. Its staff is responsive, well-trained; understands the products and its use cases; can provide help on things from setting up dashboards to strategies for getting more out of the product. They are always quick to respond to requests and are very professional.”

Andrew H.

Digital Director

United Auto Workers (Non-Profit Organization Management)

Best Public Relations (PR) – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Public Relations (PR) category recognizes products that have efficient tools for finding contact details, distributing and monitoring press releases, media coverage reporting and monitoring, measurement and analytics dashboards, and so much more. These features are especially important when it comes to public relations because the information that users push to the public needs to be strategic and informational. 

Cision Communications Cloud, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product enjoy the media list filters because it can sort by subject, job role, location, and DMA. Reviewers also think that the platform has great press release distribution, in addition to a superior news search function. The media contact database is very extensive and up to date as well.

“Cision Communications Cloud allows my organization to communicate with not only the correct editors in my field but the peripheral editors, bloggers, and media companies that I would have never known about, nor communicated with. The system provides great visibility and one place to go for all media associated with the release. It’s very attractive and provides a great pdf for documenting and proofing.”

Ed R.

VP Marketing and Business Development 

Conveyco Technologies (Logistics & Supply Chain)

Best SEO – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the SEO category celebrates products with customer support teams that are able to assist with issues relating to website structure and assisting with improving and tracking SEO software. Customer support is vital in SEO because users need to be able to receive answers and troubleshooting quickly in order to grow website traffic.

Conductor Searchlight, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.8

Reviewers of Conductor Searchlights customer support team rave about how knowledgeable they are, and how great their onboarding training is. There are also assigned customer success managers to each client, which is a huge help if any issues arise with their product. Overall, users say that their support team is helpful, timely, and enthusiastic about assisting their clients. 

“The support team is great and has been over the last 3 years. They provide monthly training, join brainstorm sessions to increase our webpages, support us with keyword research and site audits. They raised the bar so high that it’s difficult for other suppliers we work with to meet the same level.”

Miranda G.

Global SEO Manager

Randstad (Human Resources)

Ahrefs, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.8

Reviewers of Ahrefs customer support team like that they are extremely responsive when it comes to technical support issues on their website. Users also enjoy that they do a great job with walking new users through how to use their platform. There is also a good site explorer tool that provides solid information for self-troubleshooting.

“Ahrefs has always been responsive when there’s been a technical issue with the site. There are usually very little problems, but if there are, they announce it on their social media accounts which keeps its customers informed. Email support is prompt and the customer service people are very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.”

Kenny K.

Web Production Manager

Ascension Marketing (Marketing & Advertising)

Screaming Frog SEO Spider, 3rd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.2

Reviewers of Screaming Frog SEO Spiders customer support team say that they are both fast and reliable. The user guide and quick facts that they provide about their product are extremely helpful, and limit users’ needs to reach out to their support team. Whenever the support team needs to troubleshoot for a user, they provide quality service.

“I’ve only called support once, and it was helpful! The FAQs, blog posts, and how-to guides on the website are extremely helpful and detailed. I’ve frequently spent time reading through these and I’ve been able to troubleshoot my way through most things from accessing this helpful storehouse of valuable content. If I don’t have to pepper your business with calls, then that usually means that your user support efforts on the site are on-point!”

Verified User

Strategist in Marketing 

Marketing and Advertising Company

Best SEO – Usability

SEO tools promise to make optimizing users’ websites and landing pages a relative breeze. As the importance of SEO skyrocketed, SEO tools rose to the occasion by designing tools that are easy-to-use no matter the users background. No marketing experience needed, typically.

Conductor Searchlight, 1st Place

Conductor Searchlight users rave about its ease-of-use. Coupled with its excellent support team, users report seeing immediate results from working with Conductor Searchlight. Key features which users report as being particularly easy-to-use include its integration with other SEO-related tools and its Chrome extension.

“Conductor is very well suited for keyword research as it has a connection to SEM Rush. They also display content opportunites in a very easy to read way. For example, our content writers, who are not SEO experts, are able to go into Conductor, type in websites or terms that they think they would like to write an article about.”

Stephanie C.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Hiscox USA (Insurance)

Best SEO – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the SEO category celebrates products that have superior keyword and backlink analysis, crawl diagnostics and site audits, in addition to general reporting and analytics tools. The ability of a product to have a variety of features in public relations is vital to growing traffic from organic search results. 

Ahrefs, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product say that they like the backlink analysis feature which helps keep up with competitors. Reviewers also enjoy the keyword search function which they say is vital in any SEO campaign. In addition to those features, Ahrefs has rank trackers and site auditing tools that are helpful. 

“Ahrefs Site Explorer is used by the SEM department in my company as a means to find organic keywords people used to land on our websites. This allows us to target those keywords in our content, giving us one up on our competition. Ahrefs is also very beneficial when doing link building. We can use their link intersect to see what backlinks our competitors have that we don’t and go after them.”

Lauren E.

SEM Analyst

Visergy (Marketing & Advertising)

Screaming Frog SEO Spider, 2nd Place

Reviewers of this product highlight the site crawling which provides a starting point to analyze data, see how discoverable the web pages are, and for building a site map. Other users appreciate the technical SEO and the onsite SEO which assist in improving various tags. The platform can be integrated with Google Lighthouse and Google Search Console which is a plus as well. 

“Screaming Frog is our go-to audit tool when first looking at a potential new project. Even the free version of Screaming Frog is quite useful. It is used company-wide and it the fastest way we have found to get a good “look” at the on-page health of a site. And with the paid version it allows integration with Google Analytics and Search Console (WMT). With SF and Google Sheets you can build a fairly comprehensive overview of metas, alt tags, image size, titles, H tags, etc. in a very short amount of time.”

Jeff S.

Owner Principal

Montana SEO Services, LLC (Marketing & Advertising)

SpyFu, 3rd Place

Reviewers of this product really like the platform’s ability to track competitors websites by utilizing key word functions. User’s also enjoy the keyword research and keyword groupings function. The data analysis and reporting is appreciated because it provides details about a website’s organic traffic, which reviewers find to be helpful. 

“Personally, I love using SpyFu in both the paid and free versions. It is one of the best free versions that you can get online for a search analytics tool. It helps to group keywords in various ways and find analytics around specific keywords and research similar ones to help improve your search engine strategies. It also offers great analytics and overviews on the activity on your web domain.”

Verified User

Consultant in Marketing

Marketing and Advertising Company

Best Social Media Management – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Social Media Management category emphasizes products with support teams that provide intuitive assistance that assists in enhancing a company’s overall brand presence. Customer support is vital in the field of social media management because users need to be able to troubleshoot quickly in order to reach and engage a large client base in order to grow their branding. 

Zoho Social, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.8

Reviewers of Zoho Social’s customer support team emphasize that they are very timely in their responses and have a vast amount of knowledge on their product. They also provide emails with tips and tricks on how to efficiently use their software. 

“The support from Zoho Social has been incredible without fail. Their support and whole platform gives me the feel of a really down to earth software and platform for the people – where everyone is welcome and everyone gets help. It’s been a really good experience so far and I’ll definitely be staying on.”

Nestene B.

Registered Auditor, Chartered Accountant & Proud #ProTechMentor

Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven (Marketing & Advertising)

Hootsuite, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 7.4

Reviewers of Hootsuite’s customer support team state that they have great customer account representatives that are quick to respond. They also provide onboarding training for their product that is in depth and on demand. Users also appreciated that their team is online 24/7 so that they could seek meaningful assistance even during off hours. 

“Whenever I have had issues with Hootsuite, I have been able to contact them and they have been very responsive. Until recently, I would contact them over the phone and if they were not able to answer my question, they would escalate it to someone who could. During this pandemic, they continue to be very responsive thru email with any questions I have had.”

Ron R.

Assistant Director, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

USC Marshall School of Business (Higher Education)

Best Social Media Management – Usability

The Best Usability Award in the Social Media Management category promotes products that have an intuitive and user friendly interface. In social media management, usability is incredibly important because users need to be able to navigate dashboards easily in order to schedule social media campaigns. Users also need to have accurate and easy to read reporting and analytics so that they can evaluate how their campaigns are running.

Zoho Social, 1st Place

Usability Score: 10.0

Reviewers of this product emphasize how easy it is to schedule social media promotion, and that the interface is very simple to navigate. The dashboard has everything located in one place, and is visually appealing to the user. The set up is also quick and easy so that new users can get up and running with their promotions quickly.

“Unlike other social media management tools I tried before using Zoho Social, with Zoho Social I was able to create my account, profile, link all of my social media accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), and start scheduling content in about an hour. I had no issues and the UI is very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

Jennifer R.

Founder & Lead Developer

Mercury Jane Media LLC (Marketing & Advertising)

Best Social Media Management – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Social Media Management category values products that have effective social listening, scheduling, customer inquiry response, tools for running social marketing campaigns, and reporting and analytics options. The ability of a product to have a diverse feature set in social media management is crucial because it can help companies effectively manage their brand presence. 

Hootsuite, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product state that it has superior scheduling, publishing, and an unlimited amount of analytics features which makes creating and exporting reports extremely easy. Hootsuite provides a consolidated platform for multiple social media properties that assists users in creating social media campaigns. Reviewers also like that they are able to monitor multiple streams in one place. 

“We use Hootsuite to automate our social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our entire organization. We also use it as a convenient platform to monitor engagement with our target audience of interior designers. Having our social platforms accessible in one place is a real time saver for us since our marketing team is lean and responsible for many functions.”

Ed H.

Chief Marketing Officer

South Cypress (Retail)

Zoho Social, 2nd Place

Reviewers of this product explain how it does well in providing multiple social channel posting and has great interaction across channels. Users also say that the reporting and automation features are superior when compared to other products. Planning social media content in advance is also made easy by this platform because of the efficient scheduling feature. 

“We use Zoho to help plan and schedule social media posts on Twitter and Linked in for content marketing purposes, and to promote awareness of issues we are passionate about. So far we have enjoyed using the product; it is easy to use, navigation is straightforward, editing and rescheduling are simple tasks, and we get fairly accurate analytics on the Home page.”

Reese M.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Reese Minshew (Mental Health Care)

Best Social Media Publishing – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Social Media Publishing category highlights products that provide optimal support in things like creating, managing, and publishing social media content. Customer support teams need to be both quick in response time and knowledgeable about their product in order to help its users best navigate their platform. Social media publishing is extremely important when it comes to promoting a company’s branding, so their support needs to be intuitive and efficient. 

Echobox, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.6

Reviewers of this product explain that their support team is incredible, and that they also provide a great artificial intelligence tool. Users also enjoy that their team is available 24/7. Overall, their team is quick to respond and is also available for video calls when necessary to walk users through troubleshooting issues. 

“When we have questions or problems, we always get fast support. Echobox people are all so friendly and reliable. They are always eager and willing to help. They are patient and will walk you through your problems, may it be small or big. They are always ready to assist clients.”

Fatima C.


The Manila Times (Media Production)

Best Social Media Publishing – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Social Media Publishing category recognizes products that have scheduling tools for social media posts, role-based team management, workflow, collaboration, and communication tools, as well as asset libraries and suggestions for optimal posting times. These features assist users in promoting their content across a variety of social media channels. 

Echobox, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product emphasize that they enjoy the content scheduling feature, in addition to the autofeed feature that allows content to be shared across different platforms such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users also like that it provides analytics such as click through rate so that they can evaluate how successful their content is at reaching and engaging their target market. 

“Echobox is being used primarily by our social media department. It helps us schedule posts for the best times and give everybody an overview of what is going out to best align the different team members and our content plan. Furthermore, the tool facilitates optimization through its A/B testing functionality and streamlines our process in re-distributing evergreen content at minimal effort.”

Daniel N. 

Director Audience Development 

Highsnobiety (Publishing)

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