Best of Media & Design Tools 2021

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January 6, 2021
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Best of Media & Design Tools 2021

Media and design tools encompass a wide range of categories, including everything from graphic design and layouts to audio and multimedia. Some, such CAD design, are an integral part of several industries, while other brands and content creators are flocking towards podcasts and video presentations as a form of engagement during these unprecedented times. It is important, then, to have easy-to-use software which not only comes with the support to get you up and running, but also the right set of features to help you bring your designs from concept to reality.

This year, TrustRadius is awarding the best in customer support, feature set, and usability among some of the most common categories of Media and Design tools in use today.

The Best of Media and Design Tools winners are: 

Best Feature Set – Audio Editing

  • Audacity, 1st Place
  • Adobe Audition, 2nd Place

Best Customer Support – Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  • SketchUp, 1st Place
  • Autodesk Inventor, 2nd Place

Best Feature Set – Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  • Autodesk Inventor, Feature Set, 1st Place
  • SOLIDWORKS, Feature Set, 2nd Place
  • AutoCAD, Feature Set, 3rd Place

Best Customer Support – Desktop Publishing

  • Adobe InDesign, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Desktop Publishing

  • Adobe InDesign, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Digital Asset Management

  • Canto, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Digital Asset Management

  • Canto, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Graphics Software

  • Adobe PhotoShop, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Video Editing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Video Editing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, 1st Place

Best Audio Editing Feature Set

Audio editing software allows the user to create audio recordings, and edit them. Also called DAWs (digital audio workstations), audio editing software can be used for creating podcasts, music, or to create and mix complex audio productions. Due to this wide range of use, it is important for your software to have a variety of different features to help cover many possible use-cases. Here are the winners for the best feature set among Audio Editing software.

Audacity, 1st Place

Customers appreciate the wide range of features which cover most basic use-cases one would need or expect from a free product offering.  Furthermore, its expandability via plugins to cover more advanced tasks was lauded in particular.

“I appreciate the simplicity of the product, ease of use, and ability to trim, edit, and extract the audio in a usable format (it allows you to choose between AIFF, WAV, mp3, AC3, M4A, MP2, FLAC, AMR, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, etc. and options for various bit rate modes, quality, variable speeds, and channel modes (stereo/joint-stereo). I also appreciate the ability to change the speed of the music without changing pitch and the ease with which I can transpose.”

  • Jennifer S., Executive Assistant to Lindsey Stirling | Lindseystomp Music / Lindsey Stirling TouringMusic, 11-50 employees

Adobe Audition, 2nd Place

Audition offers a veritable Swiss army knife of features, which customers praise for its ability to approach tasks from a variety of methods, no matter your end goal.

“Audition has an excellent noise reduction plugin. If you work in VO or corporate video, you’ll do lots of noise reduction. The versatility of how you can remove noise is wide, and the plugin itself is powerful.”

  • Chris H., Business Owner | Lucky Whisker LLCOnline Media, 1-10 employees

Best Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Customer Support

CAD software allows engineers, architects, designers, and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations in 2D or 3D. This category of software can increase productivity, improve quality, and maximize organization by creating a documentation database for manufacturing. Because of the complexity of such tasks, it is paramount for vendors of CAD software to have excellent support in place. Below are the winners for Best Customer support in the category of Computer-Aided Design.

SketchUp, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.4

Customers have found SketchUp’s support team, as well as their extensive forums, exceptionally helpful for solving all issues. Their prompt response time was also praised.

“Customer support is excellent, they are prompt and give you a proper solution for your problem. But as the software is so easy to use you do not require the support. Go on YouTube and search for your problem and it is solved in minutes. Great forums also help me in case I get stuck somewhere.”

  • Mohit P., Automation Engineer | Eureka Electrosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, 11-50 employees

Autodesk Inventor, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.0

Like with SketchUp, Autodesk has an extensive set of forums which customers found incredibly useful for all their support needs. They also favored the extensive local training sessions which are intended to increase customer knowledge and training on newer versions.

“Support for Inventor is great. This is supported by online tutorials and help forums that are actively supported by customer service or support teams. This accelerates the adoption of the service and allows for easy access to new users which can train themselves without the need for a great time or financial investment from the company.”

  • Verified User, Team Lead in Information Technology | Mining & Metals Company, 1-10 employees

Best Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Feature Set

CAD software has a host of applications, including the design of manufacturing parts, electronic circuit boards, prototypes for 3D printers, and buildings. It is no surprise, then, that customers will require software which can offer an extensive set of features to accompany this broad range of use-cases. Below are the awards for the Best Feature Set among Computer-Aided Design software.

Autodesk Inventor, 1st Place

Many customers appreciate Autodesk’s numerous modules which help facilitate different types of design. Features such as Revision Control and Life Cycle Management were particularly favored. 

“Its integration with AutoCAD and multi-user database management are big plusses for Autodesk Inventor. Allowing users from various departments to have different permissions for viewing and accessing files makes Autodesk Inventor a very powerful product.”

  • Prajwal P., Engineering Manager | WestCraft Manufacturing Inc.Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering, 51-200 employees


The ability to assemble and easily organize part files combined with excellent cross-compatibility with its save formats makes SOLIDWORKS a solid choice among customers.

“SOLIDWORKS effortlessly manages complex designs, multi-part assemblies and large simulations all at the same time. Its built-in simulation tools offer the best all in one solution. Design iterations, drawings, and testing can be completed all within the same program.”

  • Jacob S., Mechanical Engineer | Santa Barbara Imaging Systems, Inc.Medical Device, 11-50 employees

AutoCAD, 3rd Place

AutoCAD’s ability to handle both 2D and 3D images, as well as support for many different kinds of drawings including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and security, customers were very satisfied with the breadth of features offered.

“AutoCAD has so many add-ins which take care of most of your design needs and what you need to show. It has different variances for different ranges of users and is very customizable.”

  • Verified User, Team Lead in Manufacturing | Semiconductors Company, 10,001+ employees

Best Desktop Publishing Customer Support

Desktop publishing software allows the user to manage visual content, including page layout and design, in preparation for publication. Due to the increasing technological complexity of these projects, it is key for vendors to offer great customer support. Here are the awards for Customer Support in the Desktop Publishing category.

Adobe InDesign, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.2

As with other Adobe products, customers praised the breadth of resources available via the website and support community, as well as the excellent availability of phone and chat support.

“Adobe usually returns support calls within the hour. Also, the web-based help is well laid out and informative.”

  • Paul H., Graphic Artist/Pre Press | Stanpac Inc.Packaging & Containers, 501-1000 employees

Best Desktop Publishing Feature Set

Desktop publishing tools may be used to prepare and organize print magazines, newspapers and periodicals, and possibly also e-catalogues and online publications.This versatility requires extensive features to back them up. Below are the awards for Best in Feature Set for Desktop Publishing.

Adobe InDesign, 1st Place

Customers praised InDesign for having a full suite of features to cover everything from design to layout and anything in between.

“InDesign has lots and lots of tools for laying out, resizing, creating pagination, templates for pages, etc. InDesign syncs pretty well with other Adobe programs, so it’s not usually a challenge to bring in .psd or .ai files, then update them, while maintaining their size/detail within InDesign.”

  • Chris H., Business Owner | Lucky Whisker LLCOnline Media, 1-10 employees

Best Digital Asset Management (DAM) Customer Support

With DAM systems, the emphasis is not only upon storing assets but on aggregating, arranging, updating, editing, and deploying them. With so many moving parts, vendor support is mission critical to the success of any project. Here are the awards for best of Customer Support in Digital Asset Management.

Canto, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.0

Customers praised the prompt and in-depth support provided by Canto across a variety of issues. Representatives were also noted as being cordial and incredibly knowledgeable.

“The team is very responsive for any queries we have had. Having a dedicated account manager really helps.”

  • Brian G., VP Marketing, Brand & Digital | The Set HotelsHospitality, 501-1000 employees

Best Digital Asset Management Feature Set

Most DAM platforms have features around key areas of functionality, including a Single Source of Truth, Search and Filter, and tagging of Metadata, just to name a few. The following are the winners for the Best Feature Set across DAM software.

Canto, 1st Place

Sporting everything from Facial Recognition to In-Document searching of words and phrases, customers had lots to say about the feature-rich Canto.

“I love how I can control what users can see in their portals, and that I can use a Workspace to organize assets before making them visible on the general Canto library. This allows me the time to organize assets on Canto, without risking them falling into other’s hands before they’re ready.”

  • Matthew L., Creator Development Manager | VidMobMarketing & Advertising, 51-200 employees

Best Graphics Software Feature Set

Graphics software provides tools that allow users to create, edit, and store high-quality images. Businesses use graphics software to create professional marketing materials like logos, clip art, and web graphics. With such a variety of possibilities, a robust set of features is crucial to execute your design goals. Below are the awards for the best feature set among Graphics software.

Adobe PhotoShop, 1st Place

Customers have lauded Photoshop for its numerous brushes, filters, and adjustment options which allow for a high level of control over their design elements.

“High-end graphics – We are able to engage in advanced editing, in-detail, and at high Res so that the images that we make (and that represents our clients) are print or screen-ready. Versatility – You can use it for design, layering images, creating new effects, batching your work – there are lots of possibilities with this program.”

  • Page V., CEO (Chief Executive Officer) | Simply Heaven DesignMarketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees

Best Video Editing Customer Support

Video editing software provides a platform for producing, uploading and editing high-quality video. As with any technically complex software, vendors must be able to provide excellent support, documentation, or training to customers who need it. The following are the awards for the best Customer Service for Video Editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.4

As with other products mentioned within the Adobe ecosystem, customers were pleased with the many different avenues of support provided, including an active online support community, live chat, and phone support.

“We have used the support for Adobe Premiere Pro several times and found it second-to-none. They are on top of every issue right away and know their own products inside-out. The support for all the Adobe products is the best we’ve experienced, and we have no hesitation in recommending this product with confidence to others.”

  • Kevin O., Founder | Twin Flame Productions, LLCPublishing, 1-10 employees

Best Video Editing Feature Set

Many video editing features include tools for clipping or applying effects to video and associated audio as well as exporting the finished product into the desired file type. Below are the awards for the best Feature Set for Video Editing software.  

Adobe Premiere Pro, 1st Place

Customers were extremely thrilled with the numerous effects, filters, and formats supported by Adobe Premiere Pro. In particular, they praised the many effect presets as a selling point.

“Of all the tools available out there, Premiere Pro is a great and cheap alternative that works across all platforms. Even when you are working across different people and different teams, collaborating on a video creation process is very easy with Premiere Pro. Besides this, there are a ton of pre-set filters, intros, and frames available for you to download and get started with your video creation.”

  • Manan V., CEO and Founder | AdvensureComputer Software, 1-10 employees

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