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Best of Product Testing

TrustRadius Team
January 6, 2021
Awards, IT & Development

Best of Product Testing

The Product Testing category for the Best Of Awards encompasses A/B testing, cross browser testing, usability testing, prototyping and version control software.

These softwares assist users in optimizing their websites through converting visitors into leads, ensuring web pages and apps appear and function correctly across all browsers. They also evaluate how a web page is received or used by a group of customers, manage changes to software source code over time, as well as review concepts, share feedback and collaborate during the early stages of a design project. 

This year, TrustRadius is awarding the best in customer support, feature set, and usability among some of the most common categories of Product Testing in use today.

The Best of Product Testing winners are: 

Best Customer Support – AB Testing

  • Kameleoon, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – AB Testing

  • Kameleoon, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Cross-Browser Testing

  • BrowserStack, 1st Place 

Best Usability – Cross-Browser Testing

  • BrowserStack, 1st Place 

Best Feature Set – Cross-Browser Testing

  • BrowserStack, 1st Place 

Best Customer Support – Prototyping

  • Adobe XD, 1st Place 

Best Customer Support – Usability Testing

  • UserTesting, 1st Place 

Best Usability – Usability Testing

  • UserTesting, 1st Place 

Best Customer Support – Version Control

  • SourceForge, 1st Place 
  • Bitbucket, 2nd Place

Best Feature Set – Version Control

  • SourceForge, 1st Place 

Best AB Testing Customer Support

Good customer support is immensely essential when it comes to AB testing software, as it frees users from spending time on launching tests, and allows more time for analysis and optimizing their sites. Users rely heavily on customer support to set up A/B tests, personalizations and technical matters which helps them optimize their reports and decision making to run their projects and businesses. The Best Customer Support Award celebrates the products with the best customer support, according to their users, in AB testing. 

Kameleoon, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.4

Customers praised Kameleoon’s quick and attentive assistance, and appreciated their availability. They appreciate the team’s dedication to supporting clients from training, implementation to problem solving. 

“Kameleoon’s team is always available for any type of tasks : technical issues to solve, support on dashboard analysis, the account manager is giving big support on test brainstorm. They try to challenge me as much as possible on the reliability of my tests.”

  • Fabien C., UX/UI Project Manager | Belambra Hospitality, 1001-5000 employees

Best AB Testing Feature Set

The Best AB Testing Feature Set Award highlights the products in the category with the feature sets that best satisfies users’ needs and meets their expectations. Among A/B testing features that are rated in this category are the abilities to split traffic among the different variations being tested, conversion rate calculations and statistical measurements on the likelihood that one variation will consistently outperform the other.

Kameleoon, 1st Place

Many users were pleased with Kameleoon’s features to run A/B testing, Multivariate tests and their targeting criterias. Users were impressed with its ability to provide personalization and its intuitive interface. 

“The Kameleoon platform allows us to carry out both simple and highly complex tests incredibly rapidly. With Kameleoon I can launch many impactful tests without needing to ask for help from our IT team.”

  • Marie P., Chef de Projet Digital | Cegos Professional Training & Coaching, 201-500 employees

Best Cross-Browser Testing Customer Support

Among Cross-browser testing tools functions are to support live and automated testing as well. While customer support is important across all products, having a reliable support team for this category as it runs one of the business tools that ensures a good experience for all users. A swift and reliable customer support ensures that users do not lose customers due to an unusable interface. 

BrowserStack, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5

Users appreciated BrowserStack’s swift response to queries. Furthermore, users were also impressed over the fact that the product barely required support at all due to it’s solid design.

“They are a leader in that segment so they have good support. It’s also hard to need support because the software works well and is well designed. My experience with support is very limited but always really good.”

  • Mauro G., DevOps Specialist | BEE by MailUp GroupComputer Software, 51-200 employees

Best Cross-Browser Testing Usability

Cross-Browser Testing is all about ensuring usability and functionality across different browsers and web apps. Great usability and interface within Cross-Browser testing software is highly regarded among customers when selecting the best products to use, as usability among these resources is crucial to the project’s success. Below is the winner of the Best Usability award in Cross-Browser Testing software.

BrowserStack, 1st Place

Usability Score: 9.3

Customers enjoyed BrowserStack’s clean, user friendly interface and intuitiveness. Users also praised it’s compatibility with older versions of browsers.

“BrowserStack is very easy to use and understand. It’s interface is clean and switching between devices is seamless and quick. It has all the tools necessary to quickly run through tests, troubleshoot issues and also capture examples of problems that can be shared with development teams. No user manual necessary. It just works.”

  • Mike M., Executive Vice President | Stevens AdvertisingMarketing and Advertising, 11-50 employees

Best Cross-Browser Testing Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award for Cross-Browser Testing highlights the products in each category with the feature sets that best satisfies users’ needs and meets their expectations. Among these feature sets are the software’s ability to create cross-browser as well as cross-device analysis. Users also express importance in testing, particularly functionality and design testing and assistive tool compatibility. Below is the winner of the Best Feature Set award in Cross-Browser Testing software.

BrowserStack, 1st Place

Reviewers expressed satisfaction with BrowserStack’s feature that allows them to emulate any browser and OS combinations. Among other features that impress reviewers are it’s testing, automation and instant cloud access. 

“Being a technology and SaaS company, we need to do lots of testing on devices. Yes, you could purchase one of every device and have each running a different browser, but that is obviously inefficient and definitely not cost effective. This is where BrowserStack shines. Having the ability to test on any modern browser is so beneficial to our small business.”

  • Verified User, Manager in Customer Service | Publishing Company, 11-50 employees

Best Prototyping Customer Support

Prototyping is the design process that allows team members to review concepts, share feedback and collaborate during early stages of a design project. While in many cases, users did not have to reach out to customer support, finding answers through FAQ, communities and tutorials to be adequate, a good support team has been credited to improve workflow through swift and helpful assistance. Below is the winner for Best Customer Support for Prototyping software.

Adobe XD, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1 

Most reviewers have not had to reach out to customer support, crediting finding their answers through the software’s tutorials, FAQ community and the intuitive product. Those who have contacted customer support reported helpful assistance and swift problem solving. 

“I haven’t had many questions, but the few times I’ve contacted Adobe support they’re been helpful and solved my problem very quickly.”

  • Andrew F., Digital Strategist | Sherpa Design Co.Design, 1-10 employees

Best Usability Testing Customer Support

For a software whose main functionality is to help gauge customer satisfaction with their product, customer support is an important factor for the software users themselves. Having a responsive and attentive support team takes stress and pressure off users when trying to resolve issues. Below is the winner for Best Usability Testing Customer Support award.

UserTesting, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5 

Customers were impressed with their responsive support team. Reviewers get the impression that the customer support team is caring and genuinely wants to help. Many reviewers also approve of their online chat feature.

“Any time I’ve had trouble, UserTesting responds within minutes. Also, the online chat feature is very helpful.”

  • Sandra D., Product Development Analyst | NewsBank, inc.Publishing, 201-500 employees

Best Usability Testing Ease-of-Use

Usability Testing tools are used to evaluate how customer’s products themselves are received and used by a group of customers. Therefore, having Usability Testing software that is intuitive and has good interface is highly regarded by many users. Below are the winners for Best Usability for Usability Testing Software awards.

UserTesting, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.9 

Simplicity and ease of use are common reviews amongst users. Despite that, many users complain of it’s unfriendly user interface and user experience. 

“The system is very clear and easy-to-use. I like the simplicity of the recruitment and test design pages. I’d also like to mention that the team works regularly on the overall user experience design of the tool and there are regular updates and improvements. One feature that I like to use is creating clips from videos. Overall it’s very easy to create those clips and to share them.”

  • Berk S., Regional Digital Lead | Arçelik GlobalConsumer Goods, 10,001+ employees

Best Version Control Customer Support

While Version Control software focuses on managing changes to software source code over time, vendors must then be prepared to assist customers with any technical concerns involved in these critical processes. Below are the winners of Best Version Control Customer Support.

SourceForge, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.2

SouceForce’s customer support team receives praises for being helpful and dedicated. Users appreciate the ticket system and that they get active responses from customer support through email and social media. 

“The customer support is very active and has a multi-platform support service. I’ve contacted them using email, Facebook and Twitter every time I get a reply within 24hr.”

  • Verified User, Analyst in Other | Program Development Company, 11-50 employees

Bitbucket, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1

Bitbucket’s documentation is popular amongst its users. Reviewers sing praises about the knowledgeable customer support and their prompt response.

“Atlassian has great support, both free and paid. You can also get a lot of assistance and helpful tips from its community.”

  • Verified User, C-Level Executive in Engineering | Information Technology & Services Company, 1-10 employees

Best Version Control Feature Set

Many Version Control tools offer multiple capabilities in their feature set. For example, among some of the most important features are the softwares ability to pull request, code review, collaboration tools and to centralized reviewable, retrievable version history which is deemed among the more important features to many users. Having a robust feature set within your Version Control suite is key. Below are the winners for Best Feature Set in Version Control.

SourceForge, 1st Place

Some of the features that receive praise are its categorized business software section and it’s large selection of products and categories. Customers also appreciate the ability to search software by industry.  

“I really like their “Alternatives” feature which let me go to a product one of them may have already used and just click on the “alternatives” button and there I would find the top competitors, making my search a lot quicker.”

  • Verified User, Consultant in Sales | Apparel & Fashion Company, 11-50 employees

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