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Best of Security Software 2021

TrustRadius Team
January 6, 2021
Awards, IT & Development

Best of Security Software 2021

These are the Best of Awards for Security software. Specifically, we are celebrating those products which have earned the Best Customer Support, Best Usability, and Best Feature Set in the categories of Application Security, Authentication Systems, Blockchain-as-a-Service, Data Center Backup, Data Loss Prevention, Email Encryption, Endpoint Backup, Firewall, Identity Management, IP Address Management, IT Alert Management, Mobile Device Management, Password Managers, SaaS Backup, Security Awareness Training, Security Information Event Management, VPN, and Web Content Filtering.

Application Security
Veracode, Customer Support, 1st Place

Veracode, Feature Set, 1st Place

Authentication Systems
WatchGuard Authpoint, Customer Support, Usability, Feature Set, 1st Place
Duo Security, Customer Support, 2nd Place

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
IBM Blockchain Platform, Feature Set, 1st Place

Data Center Backup
Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Customer Support, 1st Place
Cohesity, Customer Support, 2nd Place
Druva Phoenix, Customer Support, 3rd Place

Druva Phoenix, Usability, 1st Place

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Feature Set, 1st Place
Cohesity, Feature Set, 2nd Place

Data Loss Prevention
Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention, Feature Set, 1st Place

Email Encryption
DataMotion SecureMail, Customer Support, 1st Place

DataMotion SecureMail, Feature Set, 1st Place

Zix, Usability, 1st Place

Endpoint Backup
Druva inSync, Customer Support, 1st Place

Druva inSync, Usability, 1st Place

Druva inSync, Feature Set, 1st Place

Fortinet FortiGate, Customer Support, 1st Place

WatchGuard Network Security, Usability, 1st Place

Fortinet FortiGate, Feature Set, 1st Place

LastPass for Business, Feature Set, 1st Place

IP Address Management (IPAM)
SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM), Customer Support, 1st Place

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM), Feature Set, 1st Place

IT Alert Management
PagerDuty, Customer Support, Feature Set, 1st Place

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Jamf Pro, Customer Support, 1st Place

Jamf Pro, Usability, 1st Place

Jamf Pro, Feature Set, 1st Place

Password Managers
1Password, Customer Support, Feature Set, 1st Place

SaaS Backup
Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, Customer Support, 1st Place

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, Usability, 1st Place

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, Feature Set, 1st Place

Security Awareness Training
KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training, Customer Support, 1st Place
Infosec IQ, Customer Support, 2nd Place

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training, Usability, 1st Place

Infosec IQ, Feature Set, 1st Place
KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training, Feature Set, 2nd Place

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM), Feature Set, 1st Place

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Cisco AnyConnect, Customer Support, 1st Place
Cisco AnyConnect, Feature Set, 1st Place

Web Content Filtering
Cisco Umbrella, Customer Support, 1st Place

Cisco Umbrella, Feature Set, 1st Place

Best Application Security Customer Support

Application Security Tools are designed to protect software applications from external threats throughout the entire application lifecycle. Such critical infrastructure relies heavily on having zero down-time, and vendor support is crucial for this. Below are the awards for Best Customer Support among Application Security.

Veracode, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.0

Veracode received praise for their swift and succinct responses, as well as their in-depth knowledge of technological maladies.

“Veracode Support has been great. Any time I have had a question, they have responded in a prompt manner. I’d say nine out of ten times they are able to resolve any issues that have come up with a short email exchange. For issues requiring a bit more investigation, their consultants are tops.”

  • Teresa K., Senior Configuration Manager | McKessonHospital & Health Care, 10,001+ employees

Best Application Security Feature Set

The best security suites are able to protect everything from legacy to desktop, cloud, and mobile apps used by both internal employees and also partners and customers. Modern application security solutions must cover the gamut of application types and provide security testing that is easy to use and deploy. Below are the awards for Best Feature Set among Application Security.

Veracode, 1st Place

Customers praised Veracode for its amazing filtering capabilities as well as its powerful scanning technology.

“Veracode is useful because it is offered as SaaS, provides the option to mitigate issues, remembers the mitigated issues so you can filter them out in the next scanning, and is pretty easy to use. The SW composition tool is also very beneficial as it scans all 3rd parties and open sources and points to license and vulnerabilities issues.”

  • Yaniv T., R&D Director | QognifyPublic Safety, 201-500 employees

Best Authentication Systems Customer Support

Authentication systems are security measures put in place to secure data and systems by requiring additional input beyond username and password for users to access a system. If anything were to go awry with such a system, it would be crucial for vendors to offer the support necessary to keep customers safe and running. Below are the awards for Best in Customer Support among Authentication Systems.

WatchGuard Authpoint, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.

Customers had lots to say about WatchGuard, particularly their prompt turnaround time and cordial representatives. They also praised the ability to communicate through a variety of platforms when necessary, each pushing the envelope for quality.

“WatchGuard phone and online support has always been excellent. Every issue I’ve ever had reaches resolution within a reasonable time. Their representatives I have worked with have almost all been very knowledgeable and helpful.”

  • Shameer S., Infrastructure Engineer | CommPutercations, Inc.Information Technology & Services, 11-50 employees

Duo Security, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 9.0

Duo Security offers great online support resources which customers found satisfactory.

“I have only needed support one time when I was first learning to use the application. The service rep was friendly and patient when helping me. That is something that is a rarity these days.”

  • Michelle L., Practice Manager, RP® | Lincoln Financial AdvisorsFinancial Services, 501-1000 employees

Best Authentication Systems Usability

Authentication systems are ideal for businesses with sensitive data or systems that require secure user accounts. That being said, it is crucial for these systems to be easy to use in the intended fashion in order to properly lock down such sensitive matters. Below are the awards for Best in Usability among Authentication Systems.

WatchGuard Authpoint, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.3

Customers were pleased with AuthPoint’s user-friendly and straightforward functions, as well as its personalization options.

“WatchGuard AuthPoint provides several authentication methods according to you [sic] needs, users can authenticate through hardware tokens via OTP, or they can also use their own smartphones to do so, via push, OTP or QR code. Both options are quite friendly and simple to use, and if you choose the smartphone app, you can even add your personal touch to your tokens.”

  • Daniel L., Senior Engineering Manager | Tik-SecurityInformation Technology & Services, 11-50 employees

Best Authentication Systems Feature Set

Authentication Systems have different ways of authenticating users, but they all share a few key features. This could be anything from multi-factor authentication to secure single sign-on, even user management and offline authentication. Below are the awards for the Best in Feature Set among Authentication systems.

WatchGuard Authpoint, 1st Place

WatchGuard was noted by customers as having a litany of useful features, including consolidation and multiple authentication options such as QR or hardware tokens. 

“In hand with WatchGuard Access Portal it protects and consolidates every access point you ever need to protect. Personally I love having several options to authenticate such as my smartphone via push and qr, or also using hardware tokens via OTP!”

  • Daniel L., Senior Engineering Manager | Tik-SecurityInformation Technology & Services, 11-50 employees

Best Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Feature Set

Blockchain-as-a-Service, or BaaS, is a managed blockchain platform allowing buyers to build blockchain applications and digital services on a distributed network while the vendor supplies infrastructure and blockchain building tools. Many common features include middleware, platform architecture management, and much more. Below are the awards for the Best Feature Set among BaaS platforms.

IBM Blockchain Platform, 1st Place

IBM’s platform included many of the company’s advanced features which set it apart from the pack.

“We need to create organizations, channels, and nodes dynamically through code. IBM Blockchain Platform makes this easier for us. By using IBM Blockchain Platform, we gain the advantage of IBM’s advanced tools that facilitate necessary activities such as governance.”

  • Karen K., CEO | Kilroy Blockchain, LLCComputer Software, 11-50 employees

Best Data Center Backup Customer Support

Data center backup and recovery software is designed to provide business continuity and prevent critical data loss, even while data centers grow more complex. While backup solutions provide a disaster recovery solution, they may also be used for workload migration. If such a system were to fail, it could be catastrophic–unless, of course, the vendor were to offer exceptional customer support to mitigate. With that in mind, below are the awards for Best Customer Support among Data Center Backups.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.5

Comvault’s support program has been praised for its comprehensive mitigation package involving highly trained technicians.

“We utilize the Enterprise Support Program. It’s a top-notch support option. It offers strategic world-class technical management. The support partners with us to provide the best possible solution/resolution to any issue we encounter.”

  • Christopher O., Senior Network Engineer | UbiStor IncComputer & Network Security, 11-50 employees

Cohesity, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 9.1

Cohesity has been praised for their cordial and well-versed support technicians, who offer straightforward solutions and fast turnaround times.

“They are always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The support is easy to reach and the reaction times are on point. Several times I had called with my system being down and the person who answered the call would require a support rep call me back. Some of these call backs would be 1-2 hours later. When needed, the support will scale up to deliver the right support for the right cases. When asking for detailed information about a problem they always help you to understand the problem and the underlying causes better.”

  • Scott N., Systems Engineer | SheetzRetail, 10,001+ employees

Druva Phoenix, 3rd Place

Customer Support Score: 9.0

Druva Phoenix was noted for having exceptionally straightforward support who are eager and ready to handle all manner of customer inquiry.

“Customer Support has always been very helpful when we have had a question about the product. Have not run into an issue where we are bounced around from tech to tech to answer a simple question like some other vendors I have worked with. Support is always happy to help you get the most out of the product and this is a big part of why we are happy to be Druva customers.”

  • Keith R., Director of Operations | GreaterGood.comRetail, 51-200 employees

Best Data Center Backup Usability

It’s no secret that some data center backup solutions are designed to meet data archiving and storage needs in compliance-governed industries. When dealing with such critical infrastructure, it is absolutely essential for your solution to be straightforward and intuitive. Below are the awards for Best in Usability among Data Center Backup solutions.

Druva Phoenix, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.7

Druva’s simplistic and time-saving nature was cited as an area of peak excellence.

“The web-based utility allows me to replace a file that is lost without remote access to the server. This saves me time. The interface makes sense, and is presented in an easy to use layout.”

  • Joe M., System Administrator | A&I Transport | Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 51-200 employees

Best Data Center Backup Feature Set

The modern data center needs data backup solutions that cover physical and virtual servers, databases, and enterprise applications to name just a few. Below are the awards for the Best in Feature Set among Data Center Backup solutions.

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, 1st Place

Customers felt Commvault’s ability to integrate with countless applications made it a must-have for their business solutions.

“Supports integration with a wide range of applications, storage arrays, hypervisors and cloud targets. Also supports a wide range of media targets, disk, tape and cloud and allows global deduplication of all data to minimise footprint.”

  • Verified User, Engineer in Information Technology | Information Technology & Services Company, 1001-5000 employees

Cohesity, 2nd Place

Cohesity’s upgrade process, which provides a zero down-time environment, was particularly appealing among customers.

“Non-disruptive upgrades – No Service downtime as Cohesity upgrades one node at a time and the entire cluster is available during the upgrade. Test/Dev is also a great feature.”

  • Surender V., Senior Technology Consultant | ØrstedInformation Technology & Services, 5001-10,000 employees

Best Data Loss Prevention Feature Set

Data loss prevention software can differ in the specific feature sets and core capabilities, depending on the scope of the software. Some common DLP capabilities include archiving, multiple inspection modes, and remote device tracing and wiping, among many others. Below are the awards for Best in Feature Set among Data Loss Prevention tools.

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention, 1st Place

Forcepoint’s area of expertise lies in its extensive reporting features, as well as its database management. 

“I like the database fingerprinting for DLP. I can point it to a DB Table of my sensitive customer info and use that to look for data loss. The reporting feature has also been useful as we can set up different levels of alert for different users and different amounts of sensitive data. The alerts can be sent to the offending user, their manager, and the security officer or any combination.”

  • Mark H., Director Information Services | Centers for Dialysis CareHospital & Health Care, 501-1000 employees

Best Email Encryption Customer Support

Email encryption software is increasingly deployed to maintain regulatory compliance. Email encryption has become a necessary tool for ensuring that companies don’t violate a growing list of regulations around sensitive information and data protection rules. With such a sensitive purpose in mind, it is critical for vendors to offer excellent support to their customers. Below are the awards for Best in Customer Support among Email Encryption services. 

DataMotion SecureMail, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.4

DataMotion has been praised by customers for their reliable and communicative support technicians.

“Their customer services are top-notch and ensure all their client’s problems have been solved. They ensure they maintain a good relationship with clients and are highly responsive.”

  • Edwin N., System Administrator | SmartRecruitInformation Technology & Services, 51-200 employees

Best Email Encryption Feature Set

There is a range of related security features that frequently accompany email encryption software. For instance, many vendors pair encryption with Data Loss Protection or package it within a broader secure email gateway. Other providers offer an all-in-one email hosting and managed security service, allowing companies to outsource the entire email management process. Below are the awards for Best in Feature Set among Email Encryption systems.

DataMotion SecureMail, 1st Place

DataMotion once again shines, this time with its robust set of features such as its ability to easily and securely handle large transfers.

“DataMotion SecureMail is used across different departments in our organization to send highly sensitive information via emails and also transfer larger files. It supports a larger file size than most email servers can support. It also offers a convenient way of securely transferring large files without having to use alternative secure file transfer methods, which may not be as secure.”

  • Austin O., Web Administrator | Web professionals Computer Software, 51-200 employees

Best Email Encryption Usability

Email encryption software is increasingly deployed to maintain regulatory compliance. Email encryption has become a necessary tool for ensuring that companies don’t violate a growing list of regulations around sensitive information and data protection rules. Avoiding such violations is so important that organizations will be best served by software that is easy to use and intuitive. With that in mind, below are the awards for Best Usability among Email Encryption software.

Zix, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.1

Zix was popular among customers for being extremely low-maintenance and intelligent.

“It was as easy of an implementation as I’ve ever had and I’m not uber tech savvy and best of all requires no maintenance. Also, it’s smarter than me and catches things in case I ever forget.”

  • Parrish P., Agency Owner | Easy Benies LLCInsurance, 1-10 employees

Best Endpoint Backup Customer Support

Endpoint backup solutions transmit information to data centers for safekeeping, while it also remains accessible to end users. Instead of backing up data to an external hard drive or tape storage, cloud backup sends data to a secure offsite facility. This ensures that the data is protected from an accident or disaster. In order to prevent downtime in such mission-critical functionality, vendors who offer excellent support are crucial to the success of any backup solution. Below are the awards for Best Customer Support among Endpoint Backup solutions.

Druva inSync, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5

Druva’s support was praised for being top-notch in regards to their prompt, actioned responses and straightforward solutions.

“I have dealt with MANY support teams in my role as system administrator for: Office 365, Concur, Replicon, Webex, Adobe, Dataprise, and MozyPro. The support team at Druva, is far and above the best! They respond quickly, they take action when needed, and they are easy to understand (meaning they don’t talk too Techy, to my users). I am very pleased with all the support we receive from this team!”

  • Marty G., IT Director | Trascent Management ConsultingManagement Consulting, 51-200 employees

Best Endpoint Backup Usability

These inexpensive systems have become very popular among small businesses and enterprises alike. It is no secret that ease of use when it comes to backing up data of any importance is absolutely essential. With that in mind, below are the awards for Best Usability among Endpoint Backup Utilities.

Druva inSync, 1st Place

Usability Score: 9.1

Druva once again receives high marks, this time for its ease of deployment and straightforward interface.

“Druva is an incredibly easy product to manage and deploy both for administrators and users. The user client is simple and straightforward, the administration console is well laid out, easy to comprehend and understand. Policies are also very nice to give users as much or as little control as you want.”

  • Paul S., Systems Analyst III | Johnson Engineering, Inc.Civil Engineering, 51-200 employees

Best Endpoint Backup Feature Set

Endpoint backup solutions typically include a number of features, including policy-controlled backup, centralized policy control & endpoint configuration, backup portal with admin console, and the ability to monitor and compare the state of backups among many other things. Below are the winners for Best Feature Set among Endpoint Backup systems.

Druva inSync, 1st Place

Druva is at it yet again, sporting many things customers found desirable. This included the ability to integrate with OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as e-mail.

“Druva allows us to backup OneDrive, Email and SharePoint. our most common restores are for email. The in place restore being the most useful, but for the restores to a new folder have been great for discovery\compliance issues.”

  • Patrick C., Director of IT | OneShare HealthNon-profit Organization Management, 201-500 employees

Best Firewall Customer Support

Firewall software are filters that stand between a computer or computer network and the Internet. Each firewall can be programmed to keep specific traffic in or out. Having consistent uptime for such a system is necessary, and vendor support is imperative for this goal. Below are the awards for Best in Customer Support among Firewall software.

Fortinet FortiGate, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.6

Customers sang high praises for Fortinet’s support, citing fantastic guidance and prompt turnaround times.

“The few times I needed assistance, they were excellent. Very professional and well trained. I have been very happy with support assistance as well as the initial assistance switching from a Cisco firewall and the FortiGate. We transferred policies and objects and they provided guidance on cleaning up our existing configuration.”

  • Verified User, Engineer in Information Technology | Education Management Company, 1001-5000 employees

Best Firewall Usability

Because firewalls offer such key functionality, it makes sense that they should be straightforward and easy to use. Below are the awards for Best Usability among Firewalls.

WatchGuard Network Security, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.8

WatchGuard has been lauded for being simple and straightforward, in spite of some minor inconveniences.

“Accessing devices is easy, one has two different options, desktop app or web app. Creating and modifying rules with desktop apps is very easy, with web apps it is a little cumbersome. Getting results with Dimension reports is easy but lacks report diversity; also, some report data doesn’t match with real data. Have to improve report filtering options.”

  • Miguel L., Infrastructure admin | VSR de GuatemalaSecurity & Investigations, 501-1000 employees

Best Firewall Feature Set

Fortinet FortiGate, 1st Place

Customers praised this software for its robust feature set, including everything from SSL inspection to traffic metrics.

“The current offerings of FortiGates range from small branch office sized firewalls to large multirack datacenter beasts. The VPN capacity, SSL inspection, and other traffic metrics are insane for the purposes we use them for. The high availability and SD Wan features that customers want are so easy to use and configure. I highly recommend FortiGate as an alternative to more expensive solutions that are still 5 years behind.”

  • Michael S., Network Engineer 3, Enterprise Managed Services | Comcast BusinessTelecommunications, 10,001+ employees

Best Identity-Management Feature Set

The overall goal of identity and access management software is to improve security and employee productivity. This typically consists of common features such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and password management. Below are the awards for Best Feature Set among Identity Management solutions.

LastPass for Business, 1st Place

LastPass has been praised by customers for its feature-rich offerings, enabling best practices among organizations.

“LastPass solves several business problems including security of passwords, sound password practices, allows us to keep passwords privately held by administrators while giving access to staff who need it, and the ability to easily update passwords regularly for protection. We also save our purchasing and bank information for ready access to those who need it, thus preventing these from being written down and kept in unsafe places. Having control over requiring staff to change their master password is a plus as staff are forced to follow good practices for safeguarding company information.”

  • Diane E., HR & Executive Administrator | Signworks of MichiganConstruction, 11-50 employees

Best IP Address Management (IPAM) Customer Support

IP Address Management (IPAM) tools automate the tracking and provide oversight into a network’s Internet Protocol address space, for security and sufficiency. Below are the awards for Best in Customer Support among IPAM tools.

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM), 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1

Prompt and painless was the name of the game with SolarWinds’ support offerings. Their digital support interface also received praise.

“Usually support has been very responsive and easy to deal with. They are very knowledgeable and when an issue needs to be escalated, it is done so in a very quick and easy fashion. Also, the support interface (Customer Success Manager) is very good, better than many other products I have worked with in IT.”

  • Ken O., Information Technology Specialist | Federal Aviation AdministrationGovernment Administration, 10,001+ employees

Best IP Address Management (IPAM) Feature Set

When it came to features among IPAM tools, the products below really shone above all else. Without further ado, here are the awards for the Best Feature Set among IPAM tools. 

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM), 1st Place

SolarWinds is at it again, this time receiving high marks for their extensive feature package. Everything from visibility to the ability to painlessly setup and configure DHCP servers made this a top choice.

“For us, this tool gives us instant visibility into every subnet we use. Setup is point and click; 50+ DHCP/DNS servers and can be added in a few minutes. Summaries, Top charts, issues, and more are all instantly accessible. It also points out DNS record mismatches, IP conflicts, and other pertinent events from those servers allowing us to spot and resolve problems we did not know existed.”

  • James K., Sr. Systems Engineer | Ryan LLC, Financial Services, 1001-5000 employees

Best IT Alert Management Customer Support

IT alert management software centralizes alerts from monitoring software and ensures they’re seen by the right people. Below are the awards for best in Customer Support among IT Alert Management solutions.

PagerDuty, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.9

Customers were very satisfied with PagerDuty’s support, citing prompt and cordial responses combined with a willingness to get to the heart of customer issues.

“I have had really great success in working with PagerDuty support. Quick responses, friendly staff, and if they don’t know the answer they don’t try to snowball you, they tell you that they are seeking the people who can help resolve the issue or answer your questions. I like the fact they don’t try to read off a script or go through some standard set of questions. They just help you get to the point of the problem and help you to the person that can fix it if it isn’t themselves.”

  • Brian J., Agile Process Engineer , ScrumMaster, Product Owner | Virginia TechInformation Technology & Services, 51-200 employees

Best IT Alert Management Feature Set

IT alert management software provides many common features, including multi-user alerting, on-call scheduling, and escalation policy management. Below are the awards for Best Feature Set among IT Alert Management tools.

PagerDuty, 1st Place

PagerDuty was praised for their extensive alert management features, compromising an overall extensive package.

“Alert Management. This is where it shines. We are just starting to get into parsing types of alerts and more advanced API drive events. Integrations with hundreds of applications.”

  • Sam K., Enterprise Architect | SH Data TechnologiesComputer & Network Security, 11-50 employees

Best Mobile Device Management (MDM) Customer Support

Mobile Device Management tools are cloud security tools built to secure employee personal mobile devices, by providing a broad range of security capabilities so that they are safe to use for business. Like other applications within this category, critical functionality requires zero downtime for organizations to achieve success. Below are the awards for Best in Customer Support among MDM tools.

Jamf Pro, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.9

Jamf Pro was praised for having cordial, knowledgeable support across its platform.

“Customer and Tech support both for Jamf is excellent. They respond promptly, are very knowledgeable and polite. We have only ever had one major issue and it ended up being a hardware failure on an old on-site server before we went to the cloud deployment. Jamf takes pride in excellence in service!”

  • John H., Help Desk & Server Support | Riverdale Baptist SchoolEducation Management, 51-200 employees

Best Mobile Device Management (MDM) Usability

Businesses use Mobile Device Management software to secure employee devices so that can be used to store business data and applications. The most straightforward of these have been presented the Best Mobile Device Management Usability award below.

Jamf Pro, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.6

Jamf once again shines brightly in this space, sporting an interface that is both intuitive and customizable.

“Jamf is very intuitive and user-friendly for both admins and end-users who use Self Service. Everything is highly customizable, and you can make it your own and put a lot of personal touch to things. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with Jamf Pro in your environment. I highly recommend it.”

  • Adam M., Desktop Engineer | HBO Entertainment, 1001-5000 employees

Best Mobile Device Management (MDM) Feature Set

Application and Data protection are just some of the features MDM tools tend to have–and that’s not even counting things like anti-malware and anti-fraud protection, which are also features one would expect across such a toolset. Below are the awards for Best Feature Set in MDM technology.

Jamf Pro, 1st Place

Customers praised Jamf Pro for their consistent update support and early adoption policy in regards to OS feature integration, allowing customers to stay ahead of the curve.

“Jamf supports new features from Apple on Day Zero. We are able to test our devices with Apples betas with Jamf betas in order to be ready for that next OS. Jamf understands Healthcare. Their ADT/HL7 Listener allows for us to create and customize automations that are triggered by existing workflows. This gives us more capability with a faster implementation time.”

  • Eric B., Enterprise Mobility (Apple Products) | UC San Diego HealthHospital & Health Care, 10,001+ employees

Best Password Managers Customer Support

Password managers tend to sport a variety of features, such as Single Sign-on, autofill, and even password generation technologies. Below are the awards for the best of the best among feature sets in the Password Manager space.

1Password, 1st Place

1Password hits it out of the park with their extensive package, offering numerous security features and levels of authentication.

“The Master Security Key setup, along with other security features such as two-factor authentication, auto time-outs, password generator, and integration with face ID (likely among other things) do provide a level of security far greater than what most people have by personally managing their passwords.”

  • Charles F., Chief Operating Officer | 19 IDEASMarketing & Advertising, 11-50 employees

Best SaaS Backup Customer Support

SaaS backup software is technology designed to store and protect data created by SaaS products. As straightforward as this sounds, it is in fact technically complex–so much so that vendors are often met with a litany of customer inquiries, many technical in nature. Below are the awards for the Best in Customer Service among SaaS Backups.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.2

Veeam was praised for their candid and unscripted responses to common inquiries.

“They have been helpful when I needed them. It can take a few days for low-priority cases to get resolved. I appreciated the on-shore support by people who actually solve problems instead of following scripts.”

Joe S., Director of IT | NAXIONMarket Research, 51-200 employees

Best SaaS Backup Usability

SaaS backup software has to integrate with the SaaS products to store the data they produce. One would venture that such products would have to have a high degree of usability in order to achieve this, but this is not always the case–as evidenced below, however, there are some product offerings that truly shine, and as such have received the award for Best Feature Set among SaaS backup utilities.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, 1st Place

Usability Score: 9.6

Veeam is praised for its straightforward and logically intuitive interface, which allows for more efficient use of an employee’s precious time.

“Easy to Use especially when you are used to the Veeam Backup and Recovery. The User Interface is very easy to use and has a wonderful layout. Everything is set up logically and is very straight forward in the overall layout. The User Interface is easy to navigate and return to your previous page you were working on.”

  • Anthony P., System Administrator | Easterseals – Goodwill NRMNon-profit Organization Management, 1001-5000 employees

Best SaaS Backup Feature Set

Many SaaS backup solutions have features relevant to the software they are backing up. For example, SaaS backup software that integrates with email systems may have data archiving features specifically for email. Below are the awards for the Best Feature Set among SaaS Backup utilities.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, 1st Place

Veeam offers a veritable smorgasbord of incredible features, which customers praised–in particular, their restoration functionality was held in the highest of regards.

“Restoring files or emails is granular, so there’s no need for large bulk restores when you just need a single file/email recovered.”

  • Kenny M., IT Infrastructure Manager | Pace SupplyWholesale, 1001-5000 employees

Best Security Awareness Training Customer Support

Security awareness training protects enterprises against cyber threats that exploit human nature, or simple inattention. Support can be provided in the form of product set up, integration, and training in the system. Below are the awards for Best in Customer Support for Security Awareness Training.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.9

Many were pleased to bits with the level of continuous engagement provided by KnowBe4’s customer support team.

“Support comes at different levels. It’s not simply the service working, but how they help our company. Engagement has been perfect from the start through usage. We were not sold a product and abandoned; they have stayed engaged to support us with the product and training. The product itself has met our SLA’s and we have no complaints.”

  • Ian Maffett, VP, Enterprise Architecture and Software Development | Customers BankBanking, 1001-5000 employees

Infosec IQ, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.7

Infosec was praised for their role in one organization’s setup process after the departure of a key staff member.

“We’ve gotten great help when we needed it. When our IT guy left who managed security, we had limited knowledge internally with all of the configuration and implementation. Support helped get us running quickly. They spent an hour or so with the new IT person and they hit the ground running. That was super easy.

  • John W., IT Director | Minn-Dak Farmers CoopFood Production, 201-500 employees

Best Security Awareness Training Usability

There is a range of security awareness training methods. One popular security awareness training approach is prescheduled classroom training. However, the consensus among cyber experts is that prescheduled classroom training is ineffective on its own. The awards for Best Usability below highlight the Security Awareness Training with the most effectiveness.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.5

KnowBe4 was once again praised for its stellar performance, and it appears that customers found it to be the whole package in terms of usability–especially when it came to integrations.

“Usability is more then just UX; but how good is the tool at delivering the total experience. The outlook button integration is great and more effective than other tools. The portal/training/campaigns work great and help us target the people who need repeat training the most. From start to end, usability is a breeze for us and end users.”

  • Ian M., VP, Enterprise Architecture and Software Development | Customers BankBanking, 1001-5000 employees

Best Security Awareness Training Feature Set

Organizations will always have unique needs, but regardless of individual components, the most in-depth training is still desirable by all. Below are the awards for Best Feature Set among Security Awareness Training.

Infosec IQ, 1st Place

Infosec’s extensive library of training modules were given the highest of regards by consumers.

“There is a vast amount of training modules available that cover a wide variety of cybersecurity topics. They will also customize modules.”

  • Mike N., Quality Manager | BC SystemsMilitary, 51-200 employees

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training, 2nd Place

KnowBe4 has done it again, this time in the form of templates that really spoke to customers.

“They provide relevant templates that are very enticing to employees and has very customizable campaigns.”

  • Frank S., Director of Technology | Evesham Twp SchoolsEducation Management, 501-1000 employees

Best Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Feature Set

SIEM tools allow security analysts to gather and analyze logs and events from operating systems, applications, servers, network and security devices, intrusion management systems, etc. Below are the awards for the Best Feature Set among Security Information Event Managers.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM), 1st Place

SolarWinds has provided a fully decked out set of features, sporting everything from repository storage to access verification.

“It enables us to verify the access security to high value workstations and register systems. It provides a repository storage for log files so that they do not solely exist on workstations. It helps us ensure PCI standards are being maintained and track security risk issues as well as system health.”

  • Joseph C., Technology Specialist II | Portland Community CollegeHigher Education, 1001-5000 employees

Best Virtual Private Network Customer Support

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that securely connects an end user directly to a remote private network and its assets. This cornerstone of internet security may not come first nature to all, however, and for that reason we would like to thank the hard-working support technicians who keep things afloat by presenting the Best Customer Service awards for Virtual Private Networks.

Cisco AnyConnect, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5

There has been much praise said about Cisco in regards to the communicative and knowledgeable support team.

“Our experience of support from Cisco AnyConnect (and other solutions we use) has always been above average. We find the agents that are handling the technical issues are knowledgeable and good at communicating which in turn gives us the confidence we’re in a safe pair of hands. As a manager, I’m yet to receive any escalation for my team in support requests logged, which is always one of my measures on how good customer support is.”

  • Justin H., Head of Platforms & Infrastructure | Homes EnglandGovernment Administration, 1001-5000 employees

Best Virtual Private Network Feature Set

Whether it is securing remote connections or providing anonymity, VPNs with a strong set of features are always in demand. Below are the awards for the Best Feature Set among VPNs.

Cisco AnyConnect, 1st Place

Cisco AnyConnect was praised for its high degree of configurability and broad compatibility.

“Highly configurable, which allows the organization [to] choose how to deploy and what settings are made available to the users. Cisco AnyConnect works for Windows and Mac computers, which covers most organizations.”

  • Verified User, Engineer in Information Technology | Hospital & Health Care Company, 1001-5000 employees

Best Web Content Filtering Customer Support

Web Content Filtering Solutions comprise appliances and software for censoring or preventing access to restricted web content deemed offensive or inappropriate. When setting such systems up, it may be advisable to contact a customer representative in order to ensure smooth setup for the less technically literate. Below are the awards for the Best Web Content Filtering Customer Support.

Cisco Umbrella, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5

Cisco Umbrella was praised for their prompt and detailed service, allowing customers to better understand and grow.

“Cisco Umbrella support is always responsive and provides the complete details we need in times of interruption, feature requests, and even minor inquiries or clarifications. It educates us during the process so we can troubleshoot and support it easier next time. It also follows up on the status of our inquiries and concerns.”

  • John D., Security Analyst II | AsurionInsurance, 1001-5000 employees

Best Web Content Filtering Feature Set

Features for Web Content Filtering can range from anything from DNS protection to actual content blocking and routing. Below are the awards for Best Feature Set among Content Filtering applications.

Cisco Umbrella, 1st Place

Cisco Umbrella stood out among customers for its stellar DNS protection and malware blocking capabilities.

“Well, Cisco Umbrella provides us great DNS protection. It uses DNS to block threats over all ports and protocols, and also direct IP connections. That protects us from any malware and infected machines that could potentially connect to our network. What is more, it helps us to save users even when they are our customers using our Wi-Fi.”

  • Mike S., Network System Administrator | QuadIndustrial Automation, 10,001+ employees

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