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Best of Storage 2021

TrustRadius Team
January 6, 2021
Awards, IT & Development

Best of Storage 2021

This year, TrustRadius is recognizing products which have earned a 2021 Best Of Award. The awards being celebrated include Best Customer Support, Best Usability, and Best Feature Set. The Best of Storage category includes 5 sub-categories that provide users with a variety of storage based tools. The winning software products in this category have been rated and reviewed by users over the last year, and must meet high rating standards in order to qualify for each Best Of Award.

This year, the Best of Storage winners for Storage are: 

Best Customer Support – Cloud Storage 

  • Google Drive, 1st Place
  • Dropbox Business, 2nd Place
  • Box, 3rd Place

Best Feature Set – Cloud Storage

  • Google Drive, 1st Place
  • Box, 2nd Place
  • OneDrive, 3rd Place

Best Customer Support – Enterprise Flash Array Storage

  • Pure Storage FlashArray, 1st Place

Best Usability – Enterprise Flash Array Storage

  • Pure Storage FlashArray, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Object Storage 

  • Google Cloud Storage, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Object Storage 

  • Google Cloud Storage, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

  • StarWind Virtual SAN, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Rack Servers

  • HPE ProLiant DL, 1st Place
  • Dell PowerEdge R, 2nd Place

Best Usability – Rack Servers

  • HPE ProLiant DL, 1st Place
  • Dell PowerEdge R, 2nd Place

Best Feature Set – Rack Servers

  • Dell PowerEdge R, 1st Place
  • HPE ProLiant DL, 2nd Place

Best Cloud Storage – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Cloud Storage category highlights products that provide consistent and high quality support to users. Customer support is vital when it comes to cloud storage because individuals and organizations need a reliable platform to store important information and files. The support team needs to be accessible so that users can quickly receive troubleshooting when needed. 

Google Drive, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.7

Reviewers of Google Drive say that their customer support team is very thorough and works hard to fix any issues that do arise. Google Drive also has a great chat function for users when they need a quick response. Overall, users are satisfied with the speed and quality of assistance that their customer support team provides. 

“Google’s customer service is great. Both customer care and the Google app environment support work well. They work flawlessly. I see that the apps which support Google Drive are growing every year. There is a tone of apps that connect Google Drive. If you would encounter any problem using Google Drive then be sure that there is a skilled help desk.”

Oral T.

Business Owner

MiniFabrikam (Consumer Services)

October 8th, 2019

DropBox Business, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.6

Reviewers of DropBox Business enjoy that their customer support team is both efficient and effective. Users also say that their response rate is quick, and that their team is always very friendly and willing to assist in any way that they can. 

“The general support of Dropbox Business was outstanding, it managed to answer all our questions and was always present during the implementation process. It is essential to highlight the fact that support was one of the most influential factors since, without your consistent help, we could not have implemented the software correctly.”

Angel R.

Sales Consultant 

Bank of America (Banking)

February 11th, 2020

Box, 3rd Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1

Reviewers of Box highlight that their customer support team is always transparent about any bugs or issues that arise with their product. They do a good job in notifying users about various updates, and are always quick to respond to issues. Overall, they do an excellent job in resolving issues of any kind.

“Any time I’ve had a question about Box, I’ve gotten a clear and concise response within 12 hours from Box support. They do an excellent job of resolving potential problems I’ve come across, and I have zero complaints.”

Rob G.


Rob Gokee Music (Entertainment)

February 28th, 2020

Best Cloud Storage – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Cloud Storage category highlights products that have efficient tools for file management, collaboration, security, file sharing, and much more. Cloud storage products should fit the needs of individual users as well as large organizations. Storage is extremely important in the business world, so there must be products with a variety of features that will assist users in storing and syncing their data efficiently. 

Google Drive, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product really enjoy how secure the platform is, in addition to the variety of collaboration tools. File sharing is also believed to be a strength of the Google Drive feature set. Reviewers also really like the amount of storage capacity available and it’s ability to be used on multiple devices and systems. 

“Google Drive is free-to-use cloud storage for files. At the free tier, users gain access to 16 GB of free online cloud storage that can be accessed via a Google account. Users can then share these files with other users through links, email, or the Google platform. This is invaluable as it provides a free way to store and share files across the organization. We utilize Google Drive if we need a place to store and share word documents, sheets, and presentations as it is a convenient place of access. Google Drive also comes in handy during research and development as a lot of resources on the internet provide documentation through links which can be saved and viewed via Google Drive.”

Kaleb-John L.

Senior Firmware Engineer

Spirent Communications (Telecommunications)

October 2nd, 2020

Box, 2nd Place

Reviewers of this product highlight it’s file sharing capabilities, the amount of accessible storage space, and that it can be accessed via the web or cloud. The Box Sync feature allows for saving files locally, while still being able to access them through box because of automated syncing. Overall, users are happy with the product because it’s easy to upload files and stay organized.

“Our company uses Box across the entire organization as our primary file storage and file sharing service. Box makes it easy to access, share, and backup files because everything is securely stored in the cloud. Previously we all used external hard drives which was not as reliable and from an organizational standpoint not secure and not effective.”

Billy B.

Creative Director

GPS Insight (Computer Software)

February 26th, 2020

OneDrive, 3rd Place

Reviewers of this product are enthusiastic about it’s quick download and upload capabilities, it’s ability to assimilate with Office 365, and the file sharing feature. The platform is also completely customizable to reflect departments, projects or digital filing systems. Reviewers also really like that you can access documents via a web browser. 

“At Adecco, our teams utilize OneDrive as a cloud service that stores all of our files in an organized manner. OneDrive allows us to store and protect our files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all of our devices. By using this solution, Adecco team members have all of the documents that are needed within our fingertips. In today’s remote workforce, OneDrive allows us to maintain productivity wherever we are.”

Jeff M.

Regional Sale Director

Adecco (Staffing & Recruiting)

February 15th, 2020

Best Enterprise Flash Array Storage – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Enterprise Flash Array Storage category recognizes products that provide reliable and accessible support teams. Customer support is extremely important in the realm of enterprise flash array storage because products hold data important to its users. Support teams need to be able to troubleshoot effectively whenever an issue arises. 

Pure Storage FlashArray, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.7

Reviewers of Pure Storage FlashArray’s state that their customer support team provides timely communication, and is extremely thorough when it comes to processing requests and managing upgrades. Their technology and product design allows the support team to stay up to date on how each user is utilizing their product, so they have all data required to fix any issues on the spot. Overall, they are fast, reliable, and friendly when assisting their customers.

“The very first time I contacted support the experience was amazing. I had asked for an upgrade to the Purity OS. To my surprise, Support accommodated my schedule request and managed the entire upgrade. It went so smoothly I found myself wondering if it had actually been completed. There were zero service interruptions and timely communication throughout. I have since found this to be the case every single time. I might have gotten a little spoiled by the experience, to be perfectly honest.”

Verified User

Engineer in Information Technology

Gambling & Casinos Company

December 2nd, 2020

Best Enterprise Flash Array Storage – Usability

The Best Usability Award in the Enterprise Flash Array Storage category celebrates products that cater to efficiency and ease of use. When it comes to the usability of Enterprise Flash Array Storage software, products must have simple and easy to navigate interfaces, so that information can be saved and stored correctly. 

Pure Storage FlashArray, 1st Place

Usability Score: 9.0

Reviewers of this product say that installation is easy to set up, and that the product is an easy, simple, and complete storage solution. There is little to no maintenance needed for the system to operate, which is greatly appreciated by its users. The platform is also very reliable, so the need to seek customer support is little to none. 

“The install went smoothly, and the engineer explained every step along the way. The next couple of days he checked in to make sure that migration was running as planned. The user interface is designed with usability in mind. You don’t need a dedicated “Storage Silo” to manage this product. For smaller IT departments that need to support many different workloads, this could not be a better feature.”

Kevin H. 

IT Director

Town of Belchertown (Government Administration)

October 26th, 2020

Best Object Storage – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Object Storage category emphasizes products that have quick and efficient customer support teams. When it comes to Object Storage, customer support plays a large role because the ability of a user to troubleshoot can have an impact on how data is associated with rich metadata. 

Google Cloud, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.2

Reviewers of this product highlight that Google Cloud provides solid and consistent support across the board. There is plenty of online documentation that makes troubleshooting on your own quite easy, but when support does need to be contacted they are consistently quick to respond. The support team is always available via phone and will even send someone out to assist with issues that need to be handled in person.

“Overall, Google Cloud offers solid support for their products. Because Cloud Storage is one of their flagship products, it is well supported and it is easy to get help. There is quite a bit of documentation for both the console and the APIs. The APIs are very built out for multiple languages.”

Cameron G. 

Software Engineer

Serimmune Inc. (Biotechnology)

March 2nd, 2020

Best Object Storage – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Object Storage category recognizes products that have superior scalability options, data protection, searching indexing, and metadata. Other features such as deployment models and high end security are crucial when it comes to storing data safely and effectively. Platforms with a diverse grouping of tools will allow users to be most successful in their storage of object data. 

Google Cloud, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product like that it provides unlimited storage, while also allowing for multiple cloud programs to save on one drive. The platform is easily accessible using API’s, which is another feature that users enjoy about the product. The security of the platform is also superior, which is important to users that handle sensitive information. 

“Google Cloud Storage is a great cloud infrastructure as a solution product, and deserves to be held up to the tops of the industry. The cost is rather reasonable for the amount of licenses it allows, and is used across all functions of my organization. Highly recommend this product.”

Matthew B.

Account Executive 

Intersection Co. (Marketing and Advertising)

March 11th, 2020

Best Software-Defined Storage (SDS) – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Software-Defined Storage (SDS) category emphasizes products that deliver fast, high quality support. Products in this category rely on customer support teams to provide quality service from system set up all the way to system deployment. Customer support teams need to be knowledgeable about various storage products in order to provide quality assistance.

StarWind Virtual SAN, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.0

Reviewers of this of StarWind Virtual SAN’s customer support team say that they are extremely helpful in the set up process, in addition to providing ongoing maintenance of their platform. They are quick to respond, and are very knowledgeable about their product and how to assist each user. Overall, their support team is solid and professional. 

“I have been consistently impressed with the quality of service I have gotten from the presales calls all the way through deployment. They have been very quick to respond to questions and have provided great advice during deployment on the best way to tune the system for our priorities, which were speed and high availability.”

Josh B.

IT Manager 

North Valley Health Center (Hospital & Healthcare)

October 29th, 2020

Best Rack Server – Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award in the Rack Server category recognizes products with customer support teams that are knowledgeable when it comes to installation, request processing, and software updates. Customer support that is quick in response time is crucial when it comes to rack servers because they are the vessels for large amounts of information and resources for an organization. 

HPE ProLiant DL, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.3

Reviewers of HPE ProLiant DL’s customer support team value that they offer 24/7 phone support and are always able to find quick solutions. Regardless of priority level, they provide support quickly and efficiently. Overall, their team is made up of friendly, professional, and knowledgeable individuals. 

“HPE ProLiant DL’s support is exceptional. They are very quick to respond to issues when you put in a ticket or make a call. Their technicians have a very quick turn-around time and this has made our organization very satisfied. Whether it is an issue with the network, hard drive, faulty card, etc., their support is knowledgeable and can assist in all scenarios.”

Verified User

Administrator in Information Technology

Aviation & Aerospace Company

September 22nd, 2020

Dell PowerEdge R, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 9.1

Reviewers of Dell PowerEdge R’s customer support team like that their support team will handle any issues regarding hardware malfunctions. Users also appreciate that their support team has great technical expertise, and are able to efficiently solve problems that arise with their products. They also provide users with the option to have a dedicated support technician, which many users highly value. 

“Dell has a wonderful Pro-Support team for servers. I stress that everyone who owns in the PowerEdge line should have a Pro-Support warranty. You get technicians only in the USA, and they are now assigned to you. They follow your case from start to finish, until the issue is resolved.”

Yvonne G.


Computer Community Hospital (Information Technology & Services)

September 18th, 2020

Best Rack Server – Usability

The Best Usability Award in the Rack Server category highlights products that are intuitive and easy to utilize. The ability to integrate with other systems is crucial in rack servers, so that infrastructure remains stable. Installation processes must be simple, and there should be little to no maintenance required in order to maintain superior usability. 

HPE ProLiant DL, 1st Place

Usability Score: 9.2

Reviewers of this product emphasize that their system has easy access to management tools and reporting. The interface is also both intuitive and easy to utilize, even if you are new to the system. Configuring and troubleshooting the system is also quite easy, according to several users of the product. 

“HPE makes it very easy to use almost all its products and ProLiant DL line is not different in any way. To the point, almost anyone with some minimal knowledge can deploy a Proliant, and again because reliability is great, there are not many issues to deal with, which in exchange, makes usability top notch.”

Jorge V.

Network Administrator/Office 365 Administrator/Video Production/Photography

Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. (Education Management)

September 18th, 2020

Dell PowerEdge R, 2nd Place

Usability Score: 9.0

Reviewers of this product highlight that their servers work well with other operating systems such as MS or Linux, which makes integrating a breeze. The ability to remotely connect to the server assists users in troubleshooting issues as they arrive. Overall, the system is very easy to use and the installation takes little time. 

“Usability of Dell servers on a high level. They work fine with different operation systems like MS or Linux. DRAC management GUI is handy and provide good access to every day maintenance. Monitoring, logs and notification are well suited for the current model of support. You can easily monitor all server components, storage, performance, power supply, and temperature, etc.”

Dmitry M.

Senior Systems Engineer

Drake Australia (Consumer Services)

September 24th, 2020

Best Rack Server – Feature Set

The Best Feature Set Award in the Rack Server category celebrates products with efficient backup capability, networking performance, and self-monitoring. These features are important when it comes to rack servers because they need to be able to run with little to no maintenance required and they need to be reliable. Other features that are good to have include high security, powerful cooling fans or water cooling systems, and various connectivity capabilities. 

Dell PowerEdge R, 1st Place

Reviewers of this product highlight how great the dedicated backup servers work. Users also say that there are a lot of customizable features that make it easy to tailor the server to your needs. Various raid configurations in addition to hot swapping of drives is also appreciated by users.

“We use Dell PowerEdge R rack mount servers in our Data Center for our business-critical workloads across our entire Enterprise. Dell PowerEdge R servers give us a very reliable compute and storage platform that servers as the foundation of our infrastructure. All of our tier-1 member-facing applications are homed on Dell PowerEdge R servers. We have been very satisfied with the performance and reliability of this server platform over the years.”

Mark M.

Senior Network Administrator

University HealthSystem Consortium (Hospital & Healthcare)

September 20th, 2020

HPE ProLiant DL, 2nd Place

Reviewers of this product enjoy the ILO remote management interface in addition to it’s configuration management software. The interface is extremely intuitive which users say makes managing their servers easy. Other users said that they like how the servers are modular and use hot swappable parts. 

“We use HPE ProLiant to virtualize the VM of call manager and contact center solutions. We use it in the IT department. Currently, we have seen the benefits of the HPE vary and we have begun to use it in equipment for the sale of call manager and contact center solutions, being equipment that provides great versatility, functionalities, capabilities and a good price compared to other brands. That’s why we recommend HPE.”

Miguel M.


CiberC (Information Technology & Services)

October 7th, 2020

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