Box Pricing Breakdown

Brian Mackenzie
October 23, 2020

Box Pricing Breakdown

Box is an enterprise-capable cloud storage system built to integrate with popular collaboration tools from both Google and Microsoft.  Box was originally designed for sharing photos and videos, but has since added business features like software integrations, collaboration tools, and unlimited storage that make it a strong choice for any business. 

Box pricing is straightforward, with a variety of pricing options that can support small businesses and large enterprises alike. We’ve collected all the pricing information for Box and synthesized it below for businesses considering Box for their cloud storage needs. 

Below you will find a table and breakdown of Box’s pricing, and the feature differences with each plan. In addition, we’ve outlined any available discounts so you can see if there is an opportunity for your business to save some money on the cloud storage tool.  If you want to compare this pricing information to other popular cloud storage tools, check out our Cloud storage pricing comparison.

Box Pricing

PlanCostCloud Storage Per User
Starter$7.00/user/month100 GB
Business Plus$33.00/user/monthUnlimited

Box is offered at four price points, all of which are paid for on a monthly basis based on the number of users a business needs to support. Notably, there are separate pricing plans for individual users, including a free plan.  Businesses that want to try the software before making a purchasing decision should take advantage of the free version of the software.

The Starter pricing tier costs $7.00 per user per month and comes with 100GB of storage space and support for 10 collaborators.  This is a good choice for businesses with limited storage needs. However, users can reach that 100 GB cap very quickly, especially if they store photos or videos.  This price point is ideal for smaller document storage.

The Business pricing tier costs $20.00 per user per month.  This is a sizeable jump from the starter tier, but it includes a considerable increase in storage per user, as it provides unlimited storage space. This tier also allows an unlimited number of collaborators and one enterprise integration, allowing easy storage from an application your business uses, in addition to Box’s prebuilt integrations with Office 365 and G Suite. This pricing option is a good choice for businesses with large storage needs that don’t want to commit to Microsoft or Google for all their software needs.

The Business Plus pricing tier costs $33.00 per user per month and provides 2 additional enterprise application integrations.  This choice makes sense if your organization needs two or three enterprise integrations with your cloud storage tool.

Lastly, the Enterprise pricing tier costs $47.00 per user per month and offers unlimited application integrations and support for HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance.  This is a strong choice for businesses that need a wide variety of integrations, or for those with more strict compliance requirements. 

Box Discounts and Add Ons

Box offers a 25% discount for any user that commits to a subscription annually.  Given that some of the standard Box subscriptions are on the pricier side, this discount brings the cloud storage option more in line with other popular choices. 

Box offers unique, affordable plans for educational organizations as well. Box offers large amounts of storage for as little as $0.39 per user to academic organizations, depending on the number of users the organization has.

Box also has several additional features that can be purchased a la carte.  These add-ons include: 

  • Box governance, which enhances compliance features 
  • Box Zones, which improves data encryption
  • Box Shield, which adds data privacy and security features
  • Box Platform, which includes a variety of tools for collaboration.  

Unlike the main product, pricing for these add ons is not transparent.Businesses must reach out directly to the vendor for a quote. 

Is Box Right for You?

Box is one of the more expensive cloud storage tools, but it has two standout features.  One is that it offers unlimited storage per user on most of its plans.  Second, it integrates with both Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft, while providing additional application integrations as needed. If you have a complex infrastructure and large storage needs, Box is a strong choice compared to other options that don’t provide unlimited storage, or can’t integrate with as many applications. 

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