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Calendly Pricing

Harry Lees
April 9, 2021
Marketing, Productivity, Sales

Calendly Pricing

Calendly is an appointment scheduling software with a pricing model that fits nearly any use case. These include a feature-rich free tier, along with paid tiers for organizations with more expansive needs. Calendly is the #1 Top-Rated award winner in its software category on TrustRadius. Understandings its pricing and features will help you determine which plan is right for you. With this, you can take advantage of this fantastic software at the right price. 

The pricing levels covered in this piece are

Pricing TierBasicPremiumPro
Calendar Connections/User1 Calendar/ User2 Calendar/ User6 Calendar/ User
Event Types1 Event TypeUnlimited Event TypeUnlimited Event Type
Notifications EmailCustomizable EmailCustomizable Email, SMS
Group EventsNoYesYes
IntegrationsBasicBasic + ZapierIncludes Advanced Integrations
Best for:Small Teams who Repeatedly Schedule 1 Event Type,Individual UsersSmall-to-Mid-Sized Teams, Scheduling Multiple Meeting Types to Multiple People/GroupsTeams Who Need Advanced Integration and Payment Acceptance, Who Book a Large Volume of Meetings

What Is Calendly?

As mentioned, Calendly is an appointment scheduling software, used primarily by small-to-mid-sized organizations. For an overview of what this software does, check out the video below.

Calendly Pricing

The various plans of Calendly offer different features at different price points. If you are a non-profit organization, inquire about special pricing by sending them an email. 

Basic: Free!

The entry-level tier of Calendly starts at the best possible price point. This will give you access to a whole host of features that will be suitable for many individual users and small organizations. 

The Basic plan has a limitation of one calendar per user, preventing you from syncing multiple with the tool. This level does support common integrations. These include Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud. 

Calendly allows for unlimited event scheduling, even at the free level. Though you are limited to one event type. This will prevent you from having different event types by duration, location, and more based on who the event is being scheduled with.

Free Calendly users will have the software branding where they make use of this tool. Users can take advantage of a personalized link to their scheduling software. You will be able to host this directly on your organization’s website, but the branding will still be present. Free users can also add meeting times and links to emails.

Once signed up, event attendees will receive automated email notifications and reminders. These are not customizable at the free level. There is a Google Chrome extension included at all levels.

The major limitations of this tier are a lack of certain automation features and integrations. You will have integration with Microsoft Teams, to allow for communication between your employees. GoToMeeting and Zoom are supported. Crucially, the free basic plan does not support Zapier integrations. The more advanced automation features are also limited to paid versions

Who is Calendly Basic Right for?

This level is best suited for individuals or small organizations that repeatedly schedule the same type of event. It’s also ideal for users that schedule one-off meetings, even if they require different event types. Basic is right for you if you do not have a team that requires automated appointment scheduling. The free plan allows clients to schedule a time that works for both themselves and your organization. 

A sales demonstration, support call, or interview are common appointments that Calendly works well for. Freelancers who work with clients would make good use of this. Another example would be a service industry that repeatedly does similar work, perhaps for a free estimate or consultation. 

Premium: $8/ User/ Month

The first paid tier of Calendly offers a wealth of features, integrations, and automation to help users justify the price.

Crucially, you now have access to unlimited event types. This eliminates this core limitation of the free plan. Users can now sync up to two calendars per user. Paid plans also allows users to remove Calendly branding from the product. 

The scheduling options are greatly expanded at this level. Pool availability means you can assign meetings to various or multiple members of your team. This can be done round-robin, collectively, or with multiple members. Group events are now possible as well. 

The Premium plan allows you to personalize the email reminders, which are not customizable in  free plan. Once an attendee has confirmed, you can now include links on the confirmation page. You can track how your events are doing with reporting metrics. These allow you to see your response rate. This can be organized by event type, time, and many other ways.

The number of available integrations with Calendly increases on the paid tiers. Zapier integration allows users to connect Calendly with 700+ additional products. You can also now use webhooks to build custom integrations. 

This level also improves Calendly’s support network. You will have access to live chat, and email support will respond within 3 hours’ time. 

Who is Calendly Premium Right for?

The Premium plan is well-suited for organizations that want more flexibility and functionality from their appointment scheduling software. Pool scheduling allows the meetings to go to members of a team, rather than an individual. This is perfect for sales calls with larger organizations, or consultations where more employees may need to be present. The ability to remove Calendly branding adds a more professional appearance. Customized reminders allow your team to keep a personal touch with clients.

Pro: $12/ User/ Month

The Pro plan is ideal for those with more advanced integration and automation needs. 

You will have access to everything in the lower tiers. Integration with up to 6 calendars is now supported per user. This will allow for all your departments to better connect their scheduling and appointment needs.

Customized email notifications are still supported, and this plan allows for more. SMS reminders are now included. These can be organized with customizable workflows. You will be able to create reminder systems for one or multiple event types. These can be combined and split as needed.  

You have the option to redirect those who confirm appointments to a different website, rather than just displaying a confirmation page. On your website, you can now customize Calendly coloring to match your brand

The most significant benefit of this tier comes from the integrations. Native integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Mailchimp are some of the most important. These will provide an extra level of depth and automation to your scheduling process. 

Integrations with payment gateway software like Stripe and Paypal allow you to accept payments more easily for goods and services. Facebook Pixel will allow you to track those scheduled in Facebook chat. Finally, a Google Analytics integration allows you to more accurately track your scheduling history and measure progress. 

Who is Calendly Pro Right for?

If your organization is using tools like Salesforce and Hubspot, this plan will be right for you. This tier is suitable for those with a more substantial volume of meetings being scheduled. The payment acceptance is great for industries where the event itself is the service provided. Legal firms and marketing agencies that provide paid consultancy and educational programs are examples of this. Another reason to use this tier is if your scheduling requirements are relatively complex. The ability to sync 6 calendars is good for those booking meetings across platforms and types.

Overall, this plan is right for those who can take advantage of the additional integrations and workflow automation. If you do not have a larger number of meetings and do not use the integrations, the premium plan may be sufficient. 

How to Get the Most out of Calendly

Once you have made the decisions as to what level is right for you, you will want to get the most out of your new tool. Below are two video tutorials to help you get started.

If you are still unsure or want to read more, check out our Calendly product page. Here you can read reviews from real end-users of the software. For those still in the appointment scheduling software market, use our category page to explore alternatives. There, you can directly compare Calendly to other software.

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