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Cloud Management Software Benefits 2022

Zara Hanif
January 28, 2022
Customer Success, IT & Development

Cloud Management Software Benefits 2022

Software organizations and IT staff are some of the most skilled and avid users of cloud technology. This doesn’t mean they don’t need an upgrade. Powerful automation and monitoring tools can revolutionize their workflow.

There are cloud management solutions for all kinds of cloud computing services: private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. There’s software that’s separate from your cloud services, but there are also many solutions within Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure that you can use to manage your cloud as well. 

We go over the different benefits of cloud management platforms. If you’re new to cloud management software we have a section that gives a brief overview. 

What is Cloud Management Software?

Cloud management software is designed to manage your resources on cloud computing platforms. The complicated part is the functionality of cloud management tools. The software used to be about cost and flexibility, but many new cloud services are offering more features to streamline the workflow of IT teams. Many groups use complex cloud applications, and need management for the costs, real-time metrics, the run time, and much more.

Cloud management covers diverse needs and the capabilities will be different for each software. Below we go over the different benefits of cloud management and make it easier for you to understand what’s out there and what to look for. If you need more information about cloud management software, and cloud platforms see this super informative article

The Benefits of Cloud Management Software

The features and capabilities of cloud management platforms can change depending on the cloud applications you use. Some management software is more suited to a private cloud or multi-cloud. VMware offers multi-cloud solutions as well as complete cloud migration including on-premise apps. The vast majority of features are common across all forms of cloud management systems.

Security and Protection

Software teams of any size can feel safer with the added protection on their projects and work. It’s one of the most important features cloud management services will offer.

Your cloud services likely already have security procedures in place, but a cloud management system allows for another level of protection infrastructure. This can be a huge advantage if you were using a private cloud service on your office computers. Extra security protection can be what stands between you and massive data loss from a violent lightning storm. 

Many cloud infrastructures also have backup and disaster recovery protections. This means it can recover what you were working on during a storm, and if that didn’t work, there would be recent versions backed up in different locations.

Another security measure is authorizing use and access to data with admin controls. This can protect your data from teammates that only really need viewing access. Restricting users can protect you from mistakes and data loss in the long run.

Cost-effective Monitoring 

If security is the most important, cost savings is a definite tie. Cloud computing pricing can run into the thousands easily. The more cloud applications you run, the more you need to monitor. Cloud management services will track your usage and spending in one data center. 

Using cloud cost features like tracking, you can report better and more accurately see how much and what you’re spending on. Some of it may not actually be worth the overall time and effort. Armed with that information, you can make decisions on optimizing your budget.

Small startups and established teams alike will appreciate the allocation of funds to more deserved areas. This kind of tool can be the hidden gem of any tech organization.


This feature accelerates day-to-day tasks. The automation of tasks and maintenance of your IT infrastructure can cut out tedious work and make more time in your day. One popular feature is auto-scaling.

Managing the scalability of your projects and operations on cloud applications is integral to any team’s performance. It’s important that cloud environments be able to scale up and down as needed. Imagine if that process was automated. Some cloud services will offer, but if they don’t you can certainly find cloud management solutions that will.

Self-Service Provisioning

There’s freedom in automating tasks, but there’s definitely power in being able to control your cloud resources. Many cloud management systems allow users to provision the resources they want to use, rather than blind use and find out the price in an unmanaged application. Cloud management systems can also offer templates for provisioning resources.

This will be especially helpful to those with strict budgets. It will also certainly be of use to bigger companies that need to scale down on their usage.


The ways a cloud management platform can simplify your needs are vast. There’s the great advantage of the orchestration and control of costs that will make any enterprise swoon. That’s not the best feature that can change your operations. 

Then there’s the productivity of workflows can be simplified, projects can become easier and faster to complete.A management system could indirectly help with work-life balance and burnout. 

Making your IT staff’s job easier can decrease frustration, work hours, and give them more time to take a break. The one thing your company won’t want to lose is your skilled tech team that knows how to run necessary cloud computing services inside and out. 

The end result could be a simpler, happier company body. 

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If you’ve used some of the software in the article, please consider leaving a review to help other buyers make informed decisions. 

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