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Corporate Learning Management Systems for Enterprises

Katie Allison
July 11, 2022
Customer Success, Enterprise

Corporate Learning Management Systems for Enterprises

Corporate learning management systems allow companies to effectively train new hires, maintain compliance, and provide professional development opportunities. Given that SaaS products at the enterprise level come with an extremely hefty price tag, selecting the right one is vital. Enterprise companies need to ensure that the corporate LMS they select is equipped to handle their needs across departments and at scale from day one. 

We’ll break down the most important LMS features for enterprises, as well as evaluate some of the most popular LMS products. For more details about the features and benefits of a corporate learning management system, check out our previous blog post.

What do Enterprises Need From an LMS?

Enterprises generally have employees in several geographical locations, each with their own labor laws and compliance standards. These companies also have more complex professional development needs than their smaller counterparts. For example, many enterprises have a large number of entry-level employees. Enterprises can utilize an LMS to offer learning materials and online courses prepare these employees for more senior roles.

Standard Training for All Employees

A corporate LMS helps enterprises make sure that their new hires come in with the same knowledge baseline. This saves HR from having to coordinate training webinars across locations and time zones. It also allows new employees to learn the required material at their own pace.

Beyond webinars, elearning content can be built out in advance. New hires can hear from leaders within the company about the company’s history and vision without the hassle of coordinating schedules. This can help them see how their role contributes, boosting employee engagement from day one.

Employee Retention and Professional Development

Retaining and developing top talent is a priority for any sized business. An LMS can lead to higher employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention by giving employees the opportunity to learn new skills. 

 Enterprises generally have the time and budget to dedicate to specialized training programs. Selecting an LMS that makes custom course creation easy at scale is vital. This is even more important for companies looking to build out advanced coursework in complex topics.

When lower-level employees utilize an LMS to develop new skills, they increase the size of the company’s internal talent pool. As a result, these training initiatives can dramatically decrease recruiting costs for more senior positions. 

Compliance Tracking 

Every country has its own labor laws and compliance standards. Many organizations have industry-specific compliance and safety requirements as well. Multinational enterprises have the unique challenge of maintaining compliance with all of the applicable rules. A corporate learning management system built for enterprise customers can handle the bulk of the heavy lifting here.

Automated training allows compliance managers to take a “set it and forget it” approach to compliance training. They can set up automated reminders to ensure each employee receives the necessary training at the right time. Course completion certificates and other records provide the necessary documentation for compliance managers in the event of an audit.

Many LMS products tailored for enterprises will offer pre-built compliance courses. This is particularly relevant for industries with strict compliance and privacy regulations, such as healthcare.

Multilingual training options are common in enterprise LMS software. This ensures that employees can complete the necessary training in their native language.

Scalability vs. Flexibility

Scalability is far less relevant for enterprises than it is for smaller businesses. Enterprises are already selecting software that’s equipped to handle thousands of users. Any software built for an enterprise will already be equipped to handle any further growth.

Instead, enterprises should seek out an LMS that offers flexibility. One common example is the ability to transfer licenses to new hires as employees turn over. This is important for enterprises with a large number of entry-level employees in high-turnover positions, such as retail.

Access restrictions are another area where enterprises require more flexibility. A lower-level administrative employee doesn’t need access to a custom course for high-level engineers, especially if the materials contain trade secrets. Platform administrators need to be able to easily ensure that employees only have access to the training needed for their own jobs and professional development.

eCommerce Options

Companies that have built out specialized training programs, such as leadership courses, should consider an LMS with eCommerce capabilities so they can gain additional revenue from selling these courses. Enterprises are more likely to have built out robust training programs. Smaller businesses can benefit from the expertise of industry leaders, and enterprises can benefit from the additional income that comes from selling courses.

Top Corporate LMS for Enterprise

There are many corporate learning management systems out there, but not all are equipped to handle the needs of an enterprise with thousands of learners. Below is a selection of LMS options that are specifically designed for enterprise-grade customers. These products are all built to ease the burden of implementing at scale and are equipped to handle the high volume of users at enterprises.

SAP Litmos8.4/10Multilingual training options
Easy progress tracking
Limited customization when authoring 
Complicated interface for reporting
Ceridian Dayforce HCM7.5/10Extensive compliance reporting
Easy onboarding for new hires as it includes HR management and learning management in one platform
Confusing UI
Difficult to configure reports for some usersComplex pricing model
Cornerstone OnDemand8.2/10Offers learning management and performance management through one platform
Detailed support documentation and training modules available
Complex pricing model
Certification feature is a common pain point
Customer service is hit and miss
Degreed9.2/10Easy-to-use platform
Tailored course recommendationsPrioritizes accessibility of training content
Reporting may be too basic for some users
Mobile apps lack functionality
Adobe Captivate Prime7.7/10Includes training on other Adobe products
Encourages social learning through collaboration features
Automation of training content
Limited functionality in mobile app
Outdated UIHigh cost

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos provides enterprise-scale software options for several business needs. As such, SAP Litmos is a great fit for companies that are already utilizing other SAP software. Integrating an LMS with an HR management software allows HR professionals to maintain accurate employee records from onboarding to offboarding. This integration can also cause a lot of headaches. These can be avoided by purchasing these products from the same vendor.

SAP Litmos provides support for training courses in 35 languages. This makes it a great fit for enterprises with offices in multiple countries. Reviewers on TrustRadius indicate that tracking learner progress and course completion are areas where SAP Litmos excels.

Some reviewers cite the platform’s limitation on customizing courses via the built-in authoring tools as a pain point. This product is likely not a great fit if you’re looking for super customizable learning content.

Ceridian Dayforce HCM

Ceridian Dayforce HCM offers a suite of HR management capabilities, including learning management. This allows for easy onboarding and professional development. Employees can access learning programs via the same platform as their time clock and paystubs.

Reporting is both an advantage and a disadvantage for Ceridian Dayforce HCM. Reviewers on TrustRadius indicate that the platform provides extremely detailed reporting. This data provided by the reports is essential for their compliance needs. However, several reviewers indicated that configuring these reports was difficult and time-consuming.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand offers a robust suite of HR-related products through one platform. It’s a great option for companies looking to improve employee experience. Employees can access their onboarding, ongoing training, performance evaluations, and other HR information in the same platform. Managers can easily assign courses to employees and track the resulting performance improvements.

Cornerstone OnDemand’s pricing model can get complex, as they price their product per module. This could lead to difficulty in figuring out how much the product will actually cost. Reviewers on TrustRadius also indicate a recent decline in the quality of customer support provided.

Beyond this, many customers state they’ve had difficulty with Cornerstone OnDemand’s certification features. If completion certificates are essential for your compliance needs, this product may not be a good fit.


Degreed utilizes AI to tailor course suggestions to offer each user a unique learning path. Degreed provides an LMS with pre-built content that allows employees to guide their own learning experience.

Degreed offers an extended enterprise architecture, making it a good choice for enterprises that want to utilize their LMS platform for more than just employee training. The architecture allows enterprises to grant access to specific content bundles for different groups of people.This means enterprises can offer customer training via their LMS. It’s also a good option for companies that depend on contractors who need access to project-specific training materials.

Reviewers on TrustRadius state that the reporting features are sometimes too basic to fulfill their needs. Depending on the complexity of your reporting needs, Degreed may not be the best fit. 

Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime’s most notable benefit is its integration with and training available for other Adobe products. If your team is creating course material in Photoshop, it will be easier to upload this content to Captivate Prime than any other corporate LMS. 

Adobe also offers extensive training on all of its other products with a subscription to Captivate Prime. This is a huge advantage to companies whose employees may need a refresher on some of these capabilities.

Captivate Prime’s reviewers highlight the advanced social learning features provided. Learners can collaborate through leaderboards and forums. That said, Captivate Prime can be a pricey option for those utilizing it independent of other Adobe products.

Reviewers on TrustRadius also indicate that the mobile apps leave something to be desired. This might not be a good option for companies with employees who want to access mobile learning.

Start Your Search

TrustRadius has a wealth of content that can help you in your search for an enterprise-grade corporate LMS. You can start a comparison of corporate LMS products here.

Have you used any of the products described in this article? Leave a review to help other buyers make informed decisions! 

Once you have made your decision, creating your content with clear design principles is essential. Below is a YouTube video to help you get started on LMS design, that transfers well to the corporate world.

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Katie Allison
Katie is a double alum of the George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs and an MA in Forensic Psychology. At TrustRadius, she leads the team of analysts responsible for maintaining and expanding our taxonomy, and works with other departments to ensure the team’s research expertise is utilized to support our customers. When she’s not at work, you will either find her on an adventure with her two rescue dogs, or on the couch with a new book.

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