Digital Experience Pricing

Zara Hanif
April 29, 2022
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Digital Experience Pricing

Providing the best virtual customer service is its own art form. You need to achieve conversion, satisfaction, and usability wrapped into a digital experience. A consumer’s digital experience depends entirely on your ability to control and improve it. 

A digital experience platform’s goal is to provide you with the tools to improve customer journeys. You can streamline your team’s workflows with analytics, customer management, and automation. This is why so many companies have opted to use the many digital experience cloud services available. 

What is a DXP?

Digital experience (DX) software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be used to retain and even grow your customer base. This is done by gaining insight into their experience interacting with your brand. Insights are gathered through analytics including metrics from real-time sessions on your site. With that information, you can improve the overall usability of your eCommerce site and improve conversions. 

A digital experience platform (DXP) is used to optimize the satisfaction of your virtual consumers and your operations. There are three types of DXP: monolithic, composable, and hybrid. For a more in-depth view of DXP software, see our definition article here.

What Are The Benefits Of A DXP?

A DXP can offer your team valuable capabilities to improve your workflow and your customer experience. End-user experience management for customer support and analytics are important to measure satisfaction.

Many DXPs integrate with content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) apps. Several platforms have their own built-in CRM and CMS features for your benefit. 

With a DXP you can get advanced analytics on how consumers engage with your brand, and develop future marketing campaigns or products. Most platforms aim to offer a complete digital transformation of your outdated technology stack.

How Much Does A Digital Experience Platform Cost?

When it comes to DXP, transparent pricing can be harder to find than a tack in a shag carpet. You will find that most require you to fill out  information about your company and then do a consultation with a demo. 

These platforms can be heavily expensive. We can’t confirm any costs for DXP providers that do not have upfront pricing.

If you are a new business or startup still establishing your customer base, then a simple CRM platform is better for your current size and budget. Enterprises with a strong, virtual customer base will appreciate the ability to optimize end user virtual experiences with a DXP.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce is a software company that develops cloud-based applications for CRM, sales, and marketing. The Salesforce Experience Cloud is their DXP soulution for small businesses and larger enterprises. 

The Salesforce Experience Cloud offers a few separately priced services such as External Apps and Partner relationship management. We’re covering their self-service subscription which allows you to access the main features of a DXP. 

The login cost is for infrequent users and the member costs are for frequent users. There is no month to month billing option. 

Salesforce Experience Cloud Self-Service SubscriptionsCustomer CommunityCustomer Community Plus
Pricing Model$2/login or
$5/member /month (billed annually)
$6/login or
$15/member /month (billed annually)

Customer Community comes with digital experience management, case management, and business automation. You can easily build customer and community portals with ready to go templates as well. 

This is a great plan for a small business new to DXP solutions. It’s simple and has basic features, but its customer data and CRM capabilities will help you grow your online presence exponentially. 

Cusotmer Community Plus is an upgrade for those that want to have selective permissions and custom reports and dashboards. The plan does not come with more functionality for customer experience. It’s mainly for managed user access. This plan is great for companies that need to keep track of a lot of users. 

Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe is a creative computer software company that has developed graphic design software and marketing solutions. The Adobe Experience Platform is their DXP solution for enterprises. They do not offer upfront pricing and require a consultation. You can request a demo with their team here.

Adobe Experience Platform Main FeaturestrScore 8.2/10
Real-time customer profiles. Data and CRM integrations.
Powerful customer data analytics. Fast data delivery.

Adobe Experience Platform has an especially strong focus on customer experience. One of their best services is their customer profiles. With the customer profiles you can gain insight into important data that helps you personalize their experience. 

You can even make identity graphs with your customer data and improve their experience from any device, wherever they are. These strong customer service features are aided by powerful analytics. They have AI and machine learning to optimize customer profiles so you can adapt to their changing needs. 

With their integrations, teams use major applications to improve workflow and data organization. Their tech stack could have Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP, and apps from other major developers.

The platform also highlights fast delivery of data on their network and auditing across channels. Speed is important when building and managing your high-volume end-user data.

Crownpeak Digital Experience Management 

Crownpeak offers a hybrid headless content management system (CMS). This essentially means you have more choice in the built-in apps and functionality of your DXP. We go into detail on hybrid DXP in our definition article here. Crownpeak does not have upfront pricing. You can contact them to schedule a demo here.

Crownpeak Digital Experience Management Main FeaturestrScore 7.7/10
Web content management for multiple websites and web accessibility. Code development tools for developer teams.
Personalization spearheaded by their AI program. Seamless integrations

Crownpeak Digital Experience Management is rich with different tools and capabilities. Their CMS can be used to offer personal experience across all your websites or social media. You can use your customer data to personalize the customer experience with their AI program. 

The Crownpeak Digital Experiences integration model allows you to build your own tech stack with the APIs, toolkits, and frameworks you need. The platform allows for connections with some of the best applications and social media platforms like HubSpot and Facebook.

Your developer teams can also customize the platform frameworks with Crownpeak code-first dev tools. You can use preferred languages, including Angular or React. With Crownpeak Digital Experience Management you can have a lot of control over what you use.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Liferay is an open-source software developer. They also have a variety of services for improving enterprise workflows. Liferay has an open-source community DXP that we cover in our free DXP article. Their paid DXP solution does not offer upfront pricing.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform Main FeaturestrScore 7.1/10
Personalized experience for your end users.Customer Self-service.
Customer portals and employee portals. Grow revenue by streamlining customer commerce experience. 

With Liferay you personalize the experience for your end users with self-service customer support options. You can track their needs and improve their experience so they can get what they want quickly and easily. 

You can offer them customer portals to improve their communication with your team as well. Their view and navigation menus will be tailored to their search needs. The data you can gather from the portals can improve customer journeys even more. 

Teams can increase revenue using Liferay Digital Experience Platform’s seamless commerce experience. You can make buying easier and streamline your frequent orders. The DXP has the option for adding a portal for partners and suppliers so that their experience is optimized as well. B2B companies can also benefit from these options and increase their sales.

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore is a software company that develops marketing automation and CRM applications. The Sitecore Experience Platform is their all-in-one experience solution. They do not offer upfront pricing or discuss whether or not they have different plan tiers. You can request a demo here

Sitecore Experience Platform Main FeaturestrScore 8.2/10
Streamlined content creation.Marketing automation.
Machine learning for real-time analytics and testing.Omnichannel delivery.

Sitecore Experience Platform allows you to create content easily with their drag and drop UI and WYSIWYG editor. The platform is designed to have simple functionality so you don’t need a development team to handle everything.

The DXP also has marketing automation features to make customer outreach easier and increase your conversions. With machine learning, the platform allows you to test and collect the data analytics in real-time and then use it to improve end-user experience.

Their omnichannel delivery allows you to influence user experiences throughout different sites, devices and touchpoints. This way the personalized experiences you provide are holistic and consistent for each user every time. 

More Resources: Your Digital Experience Starter Guide!

A lot of technical terms (especially acronyms being thrown at you) can be pretty overwhelming. 

Common acronyms you will see while looking for a DXP include:

DX means digital experience. 

DXM means digital experience management.

DXCM means digital experience customer management.

DXP means digital experience platform.

DAM means digital asset management.

DMS means data management system.

WCM means web content management system. These can be DXPs.

CRM means customer relationship management.

CMS means content management system.

UI means user interface.

CX means customer experience.

If you’re ready for further research into DXP software, we have a list filled with customer reviews and insight. There you will find a variety of platforms.

If you would rather look at a CRM or CMS instead of getting a DXP, we have software reviews for those as well. Even if you do want a DXP to handle a good chunk of marketing and customer support, a separate CRM or CMS can still be worth it. 

You may also be interested in a contact management system to keep track of clients so you can apply customer retention practices like email marketing. Digital asset management systems can also be helpful if you need to organize your data. 

If you have used any of the platforms discussed here and would like to share your thoughts, let us know with a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.

Index of Terms and Concepts

Below we have a list of terms used in the article that not everyone will be familiar with. 

Artificial Intelligence AI 

Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of computer systems to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. This can allow for the automation of many manual chores users dread and streamline those workloads. AIs with machine learning can incorporate lessons from prior tasks and improve performance without new code being added. 

Technology Stack

This is the collection of software that teams will use to accomplish tasks and projects. It can refer to cloud applications, system databases, developer tools, etc. Technology stacks can become complicated so it’s important to organize and maintain them.

Data Silos

Silos refers to data that is stored separately from the rest of your tech stack because they don’t integrate easily. This makes it harder to share with different departments, and access your full tech stack. It’s generally recommended to eliminate data silos so you can search through and find data in your systems faster. For more in-depth information see TechTarget’s article on Silos.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface is an interface connecting programs or computer programs. They’re used as an interface to perform services such as coding and development work for other systems. API’s instruct the system on what to do, so it can function properly for you. APIs you may know of include Google Maps, Twitter, and Instant Message systems. Programming languages that can use APIs include Javascript, Java, Ruby, PHP, and many more.


This is a common acronym in the computer software industry. It means What You See Is What You Get. It essentially refers to an editor where you get to see the end product as your editing or have the chance to preview it.  

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