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Busting Myths Around “Free” Call Tracking Software

Harry Lees
May 18, 2021
Marketing, Sales

Busting Myths Around “Free” Call Tracking Software

Understanding the reality and misconceptions of the pricing of call tracking software is vital in helping your organization plan its use of the tool. Call tracking software offers organizations insight into the customer journey and provides valuable information to sales and marketing teams. This makes this a highly sought-after tool for many different types of organizations. Everyone can agree that getting software for free is better than paying, but is this possible in this software category? 

Does “Free” Call Tracking Exist?

The most important question: Can you actually get this type of tool for free? Short answer: Not really. TrustRadius has many pieces outlining free software options. Sometimes, it can be just as important to share where software can not be used for free. There are a few options out there, but they will have one of the following limitations:

  1. They are part of a larger software suite
  2. They are very limited in user limit/call numbers, and pay per minute 
  3. They are open-source, and very unpolished

Most call tracking software has payment models structured around how much one uses the product. Most also offer free trials, but these are often 14 days, and rarely go beyond 30. With these criteria established, you can find below the best “free” call tracking options.

HubSpot CRM – 100% Free Call Tracking in a Larger Tool

If you are set on getting call tracking features without paying a cent, this is the only realistic way to do so. The important thing to consider with Hubspot CRM is that their call tracking is not a standalone product. This is a part of the free tools offered in their no-cost CRM software.

This CRM would be a good paid product, and you can get it for free. Included in the CRM are a whole host of tools beyond call tracking. Marketing tools include email marketing and ad management. Lists can be segmented, and live chat set up for customers. Sales teams will appreciate the deal pipelines, quoting system, and collaborative email. 

Those who do customer service in your organization can make use of their ticketing system and conversations inbox. Hubspot CRM even offers operational tools like data sync. 

In terms of call tracking, the functionality is strong. You can use data collected to prioritize the most promising call prospects. Calls can be easily recorded and saved, right through your computer. Since this tool is part of the CRM suite, it integrates seamlessly. All your individual contacts are logged in Hubspot. If you use another CRM, like Salesforce, it will record there as well.

 If you  want free call tracking, this is probably going to be the best choice for you. The main reason not to would be if you were set on a standalone software. Hubspot is a little harder to use than a standalone, so less  tech-savvy users will need training and support. As a full CRM, getting this up and running will also take some base knowledge. 

ActiveDemand – Cheap Call Tracking for One

Very few departments where call tracking software is used have only one user. This is the major limit to ActiveDemand. If you are alone, this is one of the only 100% free, standalone call tracking software available. All of the base functionality of the software is available for free. The cost comes from the calls themselves. They will charge you $2.75 per month and four cents per minute for local numbers. 

For those who use this software, you will find surprisingly good functionality for a free tool. The 1 user account can create a contacts database for their software to work with. Autoresponders can automate some of the work for you, and work within the single-user limit. SMS campaigns are also included, along with custom lead scoring.

Campaigns can extend beyond the phone, with website visitor tracking and reporting. Social media posts can be scheduled through the software. Both of these features go beyond call tracking but are extremely useful. Detail reports and analytics capabilities allow you to track the success of your campaign. This will also allow for A/B testing and troubleshooting of different sales strategies.

In summary, ActiveDemand is a strong call tracking option with a huge caveat. It is “free” for one user to make their account, but the actual call tracking will cost. 

Other Call Tracking Options

If Hubspot or ActiveDemand do not work for you, the next step is to look at open-source software.

Bitrix24 is a CRM that contains call tracking software within its service. The tool is free, though you have the option to pay for more advanced functionality. There is little reason to use Bitrix24 over Hubspot.  You might consider this if you are a huge fan of open-source software, or do not like Hubspot. 

After these choices, it is time to consider paid options. Check out our category page for call tracking software. Here, you will find the best-reviewed choices and more information about what call tracking can do for you.

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Harry Lees
I am a proud University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, with a Comprehensive Honors degree in Political Science and Journalism. Go Badgers! A dual-citizen with the U.S and U.K, in my free time I support Liverpool Football Club, obsessively follow politics and do extremely nerdy things with my friends.

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