GoToMeeting Pricing Breakdown

John Ferguson
October 20, 2020

GoToMeeting Pricing Breakdown

Web conferencing technologies have recently grown from “popular” to “a must have” for much of the professional world. While Zoom has emerged as a cultural phenom, GoToMeeting is a popular alternative for organizations experiencing acute Zoom fatigue. 

There are a range of pricing considerations when switching to GoToMeeting, or adopting it as a business’s first web conferencing tool. We’ve collected all the pricing information for GoToMeeting to help buyers evaluate and compare it to other tools. This information includes the standard pricing plans, as well as additional pricing info like discounts, free trials that are available, and a la carte add-ons that are not part of the standard pricing plans.

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans

GoToMeeting offers three different plans, with standard pricing for the two lower tiers, and quoted pricing for the third. Pricing is either for monthly or annual billing, and is scaled per “Organizer”, which is analogous to a standard user across most web conferencing tools in terms of capabilities. 

The Professional plan is the entry-level tier, starting at $14/organizer/month or $12/organizer/year. It has a 150 participant cap and offers all the standard features for a web conferencing tool, such as unlimited meetings, personal meeting rooms, screen sharing, integrations, and administrative capabilities. However, it lacks some of the more advanced features that are included in the other plans. 

The Business plan will offer many of those advanced features, starting at $19/organizer/month or $16/organizer/year. It brings the maximum participants up to 250 and adds on more collaboration features like mouse sharing and co-organizers, as well as unlimited cloud recording and transcriptions. 

The Enterprise plan is priced by quote from the vendor, with specialized pricing based on scale and required features. The main draws of the enterprise plan are the support for up to 3,000 meeting participants, a dedicated CSM, and onboarding & training assistance. The custom pricing also enables some volume discounting. 

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans

Pricing$14/organizer/month; $12/organizer/year$19/organizer/month; $16/organizer/yearPricing by Quote from LogMeIn
Max Participants150250Up to 3,000
Added FeaturesCollaboration features; Unlimited cloud recordings; Transcriptions Customer success manager; Onboarding & training assistance; Volume discounts

Free Trial, Discounts, and Add-Ons

There are some additional pricing factors that buyers should keep in mind when evaluating and budgeting for GoToMeeting. If buyers are still considering whether to adopt GoToMeeting at all, LogMeIn offers a 14 day free trial for the product. Buyers should use this to see whether the platform can meet their business’s functional needs. 

In addition to the discounts from annual billing, there are some discounts offered by third parties. Some common discounts include extended trials with promo codes and up to 20% off for some plans. 

Some features are also only offered a la carte as add-ons. Toll-free numbers and Call Me are offered as pay-as-you-go for the Professional plan and $5/organizer/month. GoToWebinar Lite, a stripped down version of the GoToWebinar product, is available for $20/month for up to 100-participant webinars. 

Which GoToMeeting Plan is Right for You?

The free trial can help businesses determine if GoToMeeting is a good fit for the company, but they’ll need to commit to a paid plan after the trial expires. The Professional plan is ideal for SMB users who don’t need the extended features of the Business plan. Any organizations larger than midsize businesses, or remote-first organizations, will likely want to upgrade to the Business plan. 

Buyers considering GoToMeeting should also look beyond the pricing. Check out in-depth user reviews of GoToMeeting for insights into the product’s usability, support, and many other aspects of the software. Also consider other web conferencing products to make sure that you’re investing in the best tool for your business. 

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