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24 Most Essential Marketing Automation Statistics for 2022

Harry Lees
April 17, 2022
Marketing, Reviews & Research

24 Most Essential Marketing Automation Statistics for 2022

Marketing automation allows for a marketing team or individual to amplify their work to thousands of people. With the right people, these tools can give well-crafted campaigns a scale otherwise impossible. With such huge ROI and use-case potential, staying up-to-date is vital. First, we cover the hottest marketing statistics in the following categories:

And then we discuss some of the most important trends in marketing automation:

Top 24 Statistics for Marketing Automation

Market Scope

  1. The global marketing automation market is projected to reach $14.18 billion in 2030. (Research and Markets 2021)
  2. 56% of companies are currently using marketing automation. (mailmonday 2022)
  3. 40% of B2B companies plan to adopt marketing automation tools. (mailmonday 2022)
  4. Of all those who weren’t using marketing automation, 26% said they were looking to in the next year.

Marketing Automation Success

  1. 80% of marketing automation users saw an increase in the number of leads using marketing automation software. (Invesp 2021)
  2. 77% of marketing automation users saw an increase in conversions. (Invesp 2021)
  3. 77% of companies have seen more engagement with email marketing over the past 12 months. (Hubspot 2021)
  4. Marketing Automation is one of the technologies that show the most difference in adoption between most successful (63%) and least successful (39%) marketers. (Content Marketing Institute 2019)
  5. Marketing automation on average drives an up to 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. (Invesp 2021)

Why use Marketing Automation?

  1. Over 35% of marketing automation users cite streamlining marketing and sales efforts as a top reason for implementing marketing automation. (Ascend2 2021)
  2. 34% of marketing automation users cite improving customer experience and customer engagement as a top reason for implementing marketing automation. (Ascend2 2021
  3. 54% of marketers feel they are NOT using their marketing automation tool to their full potential. A further 26% are not sure. (Ascend2 2021)

Barriers to Marketing Automation

  1. The second most automated form of marketing is Social media marketing, with 47% of marketers reporting some form of automation. (Ascend2 2021)
  2. 39% of marketers cite lack of training, resources, and knowledgebase as a barrier to full marketing automation utilization. (Ascend2 2021)

What do Marketers Think about Marketing Automation Software?

  1. 65% of marketers feel their automation strategy is ‘extremely effective’ or ‘very effective’. (Hubspot 2021)
  2. Just 1% of marketers feel their automation strategy is “not at all effective”. (Hubspot 2021)
  3.  66% of marketers reported seeing an increase in their department’s efficiency since implementing a marketing automation platform. (Demand Spring 2021)
  4.  86% of marketers are fairly satisfied to satisfied with their MAP vendor. (Demand Spring 2021)
  5. Just 5% of marketers say their marketing automation platform has not benefited the organization. (Demand Spring 2021)
  6. 52% of marketers say integrations are key when selecting a marketing automation platform. (Demand Spring 2021)

How is Marketing Automation Being Used?

  1. Marketers are using automation 76% more than sales and 139% more than finance. (Hubspot 2021)
  2. Quality data will amplify the success of a marketing automation tool according to 52% of marketing professionals surveyed. (Ascend2 2021)
  3. 65% of marketers are using automation for email marketing campaigns. This is by far the most automated form of marketing. (Ascend2 2021)
  4. 51% of marketers said less than 9% of their team frequently uses their MAP. (Demand Spring 2021)

Trends in Marketing Automation

Marketing tends to move just a little slower than the latest trends. We’ve all seen the horrifically out-of-touch ads that make our teeth itch. We want to help you stay on top of the business side of this phenomenon. Here you will find some of the most relevant trends in marketing automation, to help you stay on top of things

Marketing Automation is Becoming More Targeted

At its worst, marketing automation can result in little more than cluttered inboxes full of spam. This is so common, we feel certain in saying you have experienced this. Many of us have old email addresses, so riddled with spam from poorly-executed auto mailers that we had to make new ones. There is a reason “curse of the internet” is hardly an exaggeration.

email spam google search examples

Mercifully, marketing automation is moving away from this. Artificial intelligence is touching just about every industry and marketing automation is no exception. Vendors are continuing to develop and improve tools to allow their services to learn. This includes getting better at gathering, using, and reporting information about clients. 

With this, marketing automation can sound more human. In the “click to send all” age, we have all got very good at determining what is a person we need to read and reply to and what is a bot. AI allows for messages to be frighteningly specific, bypassing some of the “oh, this is a mass email” reflexes we have developed. The battle between marketers efforts to reach us and our efforts to ignore them will continue, but marketing automation is becoming a far better tool. 

Marketing Automation is Becoming More Crowded

Very simply, this is a hugely profitable industry. As our stats above show, marketing automation has high satisfaction rates and fantastic ROI. With a ripe market, exploding technology, and some room for improvement (see above), many are entering the space.

As this happens, it can be harder for customers to cut through the marketing automation noise and get what they need. At TrustRadius, we try and help with clear-cut divisions. We have a list of all marketing automation software. We also have:

…and many more. Some products and vendors overlap or offer multiple of these services. Some are separated into various products, others use one umbrella. We suggest sorting reviews by company size and using our TrustMaps to help you find the right products for you. 

Data-Driven Age

Marketing automation is becoming less about sheer numbers and more about reaching the right audiences. Gone are the days of these tools being glorified  “send all” buttons. Marketing automation can now pull from the wealth of information we have about customers. 

This includes intent data, demographics, purchase history, location, interests, and much more. Using these, marketing automation has gone from being a tool of speed and convenience to being a way to cut through the data noise and make use of this info. In a summary, marketing automation has gone from throwing leaflets to targeted, hyper-accurate marketing missiles. 

More information

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