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Which Data Center Backup Solutions Have the Most Flexible Deployment?

Sam Huisache
October 2, 2019
IT & Development

Which Data Center Backup Solutions Have the Most Flexible Deployment?

In Data Center Backup, flexible deployment entails working with a vendor who supports both on-premise and offsite data protection across geographically dispersed regions if necessary. Additionally, flexible deployment allows for operational scalability and changes within your virtual and physical environments.

If flexible deployment is one of your top criteria, you may want to consider one of these products.

Here are the top 6 Data Center Backup solutions for flexible deployment (based on their ratings for this feature on TrustRadius):

  1. Rubrik – 9.5
  2. Veeam Availability Suite – 9.5
  3. Barracuda Backup – 9.4
  4. Commvault – 9.1
  5. Veeam Backup & Replication – 8.8
  6. Bacula Enterprise – 8.8

Coming in at a rating of 9.5 for flexible deployment are Rubrik and Veeam Availability Suite, the leaders of this pack. A quick, pain-free deployment is ideal for IT teams for the purpose of maintaining SLAs. While small environments can operate using simple deployments, IT teams with geographically dispersed virtual environments will require more complicated, distributed deployments with flexibility. Below, we share what TrustRadius reviewers have to say about carrying out their deployment scenarios with these two products. 


First up is Rubrik, a software platform that provides backup, instant recovery, archiving, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management all in one product. It can be deployed using hardware from Rubrik, to remote locations both virtualized and physical, or fully via cloud. 

Reviews on TrustRadius represent a range of organizations, of various sizes. Many reviewers recommend Rubrik for global deployments that require real-time protection details. They also enjoy the fact that within any organization, Rubrik allows for different implementation models, depending on different departmental needs. Better yet, many also tout Rubrik’s deployment and configuration time as being quite impressive—as quick as 2 hours once appliances are racked and connected. 

rubrik is ranked highest for data center backup with the most flexible deployment. the chart shows what size companies use it. |

 “We are a Managed Services Provider and we use Rubrik as the centerpiece of our Managed Backup product set. We currently use it in 3 of our 30 sites, with plans to roll it out to our other sites in the next couple years. We have approximately 2800 objects (VMs, databases, servers) currently being protected by Rubrik. It replaced our legacy homegrown backup platform which was fragmented, decentralized, and aging.”

Jon Heese, Str. Site Reliability Engineer, Flexential 

Check out the full product scoreboard for Rubrik on TrustRadius here

Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite delivers backup and replication of virtual, physical, and cloud workloads through a single management console, similar to Rubrik. However, Veaam Availability Suite is a packaging of two separate Veeam products into one platform, streamlining data protection and management process. It consists of Veeam Backup & Replication (also on this list of top 6) and Veeam ONE for monitoring and analytics.

According to Veeam Availability Suite users, it is great for backing up and recovering data for virtual environments in particular. Many tout its user-friendly interface as being integral to their experience with a pain-free deployment and day-to-day servicing. Reviewers also share that Veeam Availability Suite is a great fit for IT service providers who not only have to manage their own deployments, but those of clients as well. 

veeam availability suite is ranked highest for data center backup with the most flexible deployment. the chart shows what size companies use it. |

 “We utilize Veeam for both internal and hosted customer deployments to backup virtual infrastructure. Simple setup and configuration, plus additional features, like replication to alternate data centers and integration with 3rd party providers make Veeam a great choice.”

Verified User, Supervisor in Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals Company 

Check out the full product scoreboard for Veeam Availability Suite on TrustRadius here

If you’d like to check out how both Rubrik and Veeam Availability Suite match up against the rest of the top five and other data center backup solutions, check out our scorecard feature on products’ reviews page. Scorecards allow users to rate products on specific features. In this category, those features range from usability and retention options to deduplication and file compression.

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