Project Management Software Pricing 2022

Harry Lees
January 28, 2022

Project Management Software Pricing 2022

The right project management tool can turn your work from a cruel reminder of a middle-school group project into an efficient, effective experience. While we all recognize the value of project management software, the follow-up question is simple: What is it going to cost?

By understanding the different pricing levels open to you, you can make the smartest decision for your organization. This includes pricing for tools for everyone from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations and everyone in between. 

What is Project Management Software?

Broadly speaking, project management tools are designed to support every step of the task process, from conception to evaluation. This is done by offering a series of tools, features, and organizational methods to help your teamwork perform at its best.

For those looking for a charming, animated explanation of project management software, check out the video below by Zoho.

How Do You Choose Project Management Software?

If you are still in the process of deciding which project management software is right for you, we have you covered. Check out the link below for a comprehensive guide on how to pick the right tool for you.

Pricing of The 5 Top Rated Project Management Software

Here you will find the TrustRadius Top Rated project management software, as chosen entirely by real users of those products. We have chosen the top 5 most reviewed software

Product NamePricing:Notable Features:Best For:
$0-$16/user/monthEasy to use, Cost-effectiveSmall-to-Mid sized companies
$0-$14.50/user/monthFlexibility and strong customizationAll Sizes
$0-$10/user/monthExtremely Simple, Drag and DropSmall-to-Mid- Sized organizations, those with smaller teams
$0-$24.99/user/monthPremium integrations, good customizationLarger teams
$99/monthFlat pricingMid-sized bargain hunters,
One-Time purchase for $349
Single-Purchase Option, High CustomizabilityAll sizes is a project management tool with a focus on ease-of-use and remaining affordable. It offers an extremely usable free tier, and is best suited for small-to-mid-sized companies.

The free plan is designed for individuals to manage their workloads. They have access to unlimited documents and boards, with over 200 templates, and up to two seats are allowed.

The paid plans are Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. These are priced per seat, per month. As a result, you can have as many users on each of these plans as you wish. All plans include everything from the lower tiers. 

The Basic plan offers unlimited items on your boards, and unlimited viewers of those boards. You will have access to 5GB of file storage, and 1 dashboard. This plan costs $8/seat/month.

The Standard plan adds calendar views, timelines, and Gantt chart views. It supports more integration functionality, and up to 250 automations per month. This allows for a dashboard to combine up to 5 boards. File storage is increased to 20GB. This plan will cost $10/seat/month.

The Pro plan raises storage to 100GB, and adds private documents and boards. Time tracking features allow for better team management, and automations are greatly increased to 25k per month. Finally, you can create a dashboard for up to 10 boards. This plan will cost $16/seat/month. 


Jira is another project management tool that offers a free version of its services. Its paid tiers are affordable, and designed to support more flexible workloads with multiple viewing methods. There are also a wealth of planning, visualization, and integration features. One TrustRadius reviewer called it the “swiss army knife of software.”

The free tier of Jira offers most of the core functionality of its paid tiers. Scrum and Kanban boards are supported for up to 10 users on one site. Agile reporting and customizable workflows are designed to make this tool work well for any work style. Automation is basic and limited but rare for free tools. They are also limited to a single project. Storage is limited to 2GB.

The first paid tier of Jira is the Standard plan, at $7.50/user/month. This will give you access to advanced permission settings and project roles often required for professional team management. Teams can create audit logs and storage spikes to 250GB. 

The Premium plan offers global, multi-project automation, and more advanced roadmaps. This plan costs slightly over double the lower tier, at $14.50/user/month. Capacity planning and archive settings are enabled at thai level. All of the more advanced administrative settings, such as admin insights, come in at this pricing level. Storage is unlimited, and 24/7 premium support is offered.


Trello is a project management tool designed to be simple, easy, and intuitive. It is built on the Kanban board system. Once again, they offer a free tier. Users simply drag and drop cards from one stage of the process to another. The system will likely either be extremely helpful or utterly unsuitable, with little middle ground.

The free level of this software allows for unlimited cards on up to 10 boards. There is unlimited storage, with a10MB single file cap. Trello allows for power-ups, which are its way of expanding the features of its tool while keeping the base version simple. In the free tier, these are unlimited. iOS and mobile apps are free as well. For simple project management without complicated workflows, this is probably the best free tier on the market. 

The first paid Trello plan, Standard,  starts at $5/user/month. This adds custom fields, single-board guests, and 1000 Workspace commands runs per month. These are a way to manage automation in Trello. Advanced fields expand the diversity of what types of cards you can have as well. 

The Premium plan will cost $10/user/month, and adds some of the new features Trello has been working on. This includes a dashboard, timeline, workspace tabel, and calendar view. This is clearly a step up by the software to expand its use-case beyond Kanban lovers. Workspace commands are now unlimited, and there are advanced administrative and security features available.


Another more flexible option, Asana is a blend of the other tools on this list. It offers a free plan and two paid tiers. Asana is great for those who want a reliable, tested, popular project management software with great customization.

The free tier of asana offers unlimited projects, tasks, messages, and an activity log. File storage is also unlimited, with the individual file cap higher than the competition at 100MB. You can collaborate with up to 15 teammates, and view your projects on board or calendar view. The apps are well made, and the tool is designed to integrate with time-tracking tools even at the free tier. 

The Premium plan will cost $10.99/user/month and adds a timeline view and unlimited dashboards. You can set reporting conditions across unlimited projects, and find things easier with advanced search features. The custom field will allow you to tailor the tool to your needs, and skillful users can use the rule setting to greatly increase customization. This plan offers a ton of organization tools for team leaders, including milestones and an admin console. Teams can be subdivided and set to private as well. 

The Business plan costs $24.99 and adds a whole host of organizational and management features. This includes workloads, portfolios, and goals. Forms can branch as needed and be customized to your individual and organizational needs. A major selling point is the integration with popular tools such as Salesforce, Tableau, and Power BI. 


Basecamp can be appealing through its flat pricing and strong features. There is a free plan available as well, much like other options on this. The paid plan is $99/month.

The paid plan offer unlimited users, projects, and no per user costs. 500Gb of storage can be a steal or problem, depending on the size of the ream using it. The team collaboration features are strong, and the unlimited clients option allows for contractors to benefit from your organizational skills. In effect, this is a slightly different pricing model that can be an utter steal or ineffective, depending on your size and use-case.

The free plan is capped at 3 projects and 20 users, with 1GB of storage. If you are looking forno cost options, others on this list are probably better suited for you. 

Project Management For a One-Time Purchase: MindManager

MindManager is a product that offers project management for those looking for extensive customization and a more unique option from others on this list.  The pricing levels include an essentials option, professional tier, enterprise-level, and one-time purchase. 

The base essentials package is well-suited to smaller teams looking for more basic task management features. The system is built around planning maps, which have a huge array of templates to choose from. This tier costs $99/year. 

The professional plan adds strong integration with Microsoft Teams. It also is designed to work on desktop and Chromebooks, as well as their mobile app. The professional tier offers more advanced task management and collaboration features. This will cost you $169/year.

There is also a one-time purchase option for $349. This offers most of the features of the Professional tier, but without some of the integrations and co-editing functionality. 

More Project Management Options

If you have seen these options and want more, click here for a list of all our project management software. 

Those looking for a guide on how to make a decision can explore our article on how to choose the right project management software.

Finally, for all users, below is a video to help you get the most out of your project management.

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