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See How 9 Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Products Stack Up

Alan Cooke, Researcher at TrustRadius
Alan Cooke
May 1, 2019
IT & Development

See How 9 Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Products Stack Up

Integration is fast becoming a core requirement for companies large and small as they endeavor to share data no matter where it lives, either in the data center or in the cloud. Gone are the days when data integration was an afterthought. Access to the huge volumes of data locked up in many different on-premise and cloud systems is increasingly understood as a potential competitive advantage in just about any market. But not just access. It’s also crucial to be able to combine different kinds of data with a minimum amount of effort to reveal insights that might otherwise not be apparent.

The emerging iPaaS software category is a modern solution to integration that is lighter-weight and cloud native. iPaaS products are also significantly simpler to use than previous generations of integration technology and are frequently purchased not by the IT department, but by lines of business.

This is a fast-growing software category and is projected to continue rapid growth over the next few years. TrustRadius data confirms this growth with the number of buyers researching the category doubling from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019.

Selecting a product in this confusing new space can be even more difficult than other software acquisition decisions since the range of capabilities varies widely, and the specific problem to be solved is often not crisply defined. There are many factors to consider, including which capabilities are needed to meet your specific use case. Some important questions to answer before choosing an iPaaS platform include:

  • What problem am I trying to solve?
  • Which products have all the capabilities I need, and do not have capabilities I do not need?
  • Which products are the best fit for my company size?
  • Which products are the best match for my employees’ skill levels?

In order to help iPaaS platform buyers figure out which products are the best fit for them, and ultimately make more informed purchasing decisions, we’ve created a Buyer’s Guide to Integration Platform-as-a-Service.

What’s in the guide?

The guide highlights 9 of the most-reviewed iPaaS products on TrustRadius, and gives readers an at-a-glance view of each product, including:

  • A breakdown of users by company size and industry
  • Highest and lowest rated features
  • Direct feedback from reviewers

Curious about whether or not the products on your shortlist made the cut? Here’s the list of 9 iPaaS products included in the guide:

The guide also provides a comparison matrix, showing feature ratings, recommended comparisons, and how often other buyers are researching each of these products–in case you want to take a page out of their book.

Looking for tips on how to navigate your evaluations more effectively, and avoid unwanted surprises? Along with 9 individual product profiles, this guide includes candid feedback and comments from software end users about the things they struggled with and would do differently during their purchase process and product implementation phase.

Who should read this guide?

If you’re just starting your search for an iPaaS platform and wondering which products should be on your radar, this guide is for you.

If you’re midway through your product search & selection and want a comprehensive feature comparison matrix, the guide can help here too.

Even if you’re at the end of your product selection phase and are almost ready to sign on the dotted line with one vendor, you may want to check this guide first for the inside scoop on implementation and their post-sales support.

Where to find more resources

Looking for more resources to use in your product research? Our iPaaS software buyer’s guide is a great place to start to find more information about a specific product, compare products head-to-head, and see what your fellow integration professionals have to say. But it’s not the only resource out there. (And our research shows the average buyer consults 5.2 different sources of information during their software purchase process!)

Reading product reviews can help provide a fuller picture of customer experience with the product. Reviews can also help you find first-hand experiences and advice from buyers who have similar job functions, working in the same industry, or work at a similar company size. You can find more products and product reviews at

Engaging with the vendor through their website, product demos, trials using your own data, customer referrals, or sales reps can be another great source of product-specific information. And if you consult reviews first, you’ll be ready to read between the lines and ask the hard questions up front.

Got a tip for your peers based on your own iPaaS software buying experience, or want to write a review of an iPaaS product you helped purchase? We’d love to hear from you!

About the Author

Alan Cooke, Researcher at TrustRadius
Alan Cooke
Alan attended the University College Dublin where he received his BA and MA in English Literature and Philosophy and he received his MBA from HEC Paris. He has held many roles at various companies including Director of Product Management at HP, Dazel, Inquisite, and Convio. His research interests both at work and outside of work include complex, technical topics (ironically).

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