Social Media Analytics Pricing in 2022

Neil Chandavarkar
Neil Chandavarkar
September 8, 2022
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Social Media Analytics Pricing in 2022

Social media analytics is a series of digital marketing tools that allow you to see how users interact with your social media channels. You can use these tools to gather a wide variety of insights from your social pages. KPIs include engagement metrics, user demographics, follower growth, and much more. 

These tools show you how your target audience is interacting with your brands across all social media networks where you have a presence. Analysis of social media data can be vital info used to boost your social media presence and raise brand awareness. Businesses and influencers rely on this software to track the performance of their social media accounts. Social Media Analytics is also essential when it comes to developing an effective social media strategy.  

What TrustRadius Research Says:

Pricing for Social Media Analytics software will depend on the following factors:

  • Feature capabilities
  • Add-ons
  • Number of users
  • Monthly or yearly payment options
  • Number of brands or profiles you want to track

Users of basic plans can expect dashboard visualization for their reach and engagement. Competitive analysis and analytics reporting are usually available on a more limited scale for fewer users. 

If you’re using a social media management tool, scheduling and publishing will be available for social media posts. Cross-channel bulk publishing and content optimization will usually be premium features. Vendors like Talkwalker may even offer advanced features like social media monitoring in their free or basic plans.

Software that offers advanced features will have AI and machine learning functionality. These are designed to help improve forecasting as well as freshness and precision for analytics data. 

You can also expect more real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. This often includes access to more customizable reports and dashboards. Access to historical data is also increased and made more convenient. Premium plans will also make it easier for many users to collaborate on projects. Features like conversion attribution for social media campaigns or share of voice will also be available in some cases.

The table below provides examples of some of the features you might expect from standard and premium pricing plans. As one might expect, software offering advanced capabilities will tend to be on the pricier side.    

Basic Social Media Analytics FeaturesAdvanced Social Media Analytics Features
Audience profiling
Basic analytics report
Competitive analysis and benchmarking
Reach and engagement metrics
Sentiment analysis
Social media scheduling and publishing
Advanced analytics and reporting
AI and machine learning
Bulk publishing
Content optimization 
Customizable dashboards
Influencer marketing
Social listening
Social media monitoring
Consulting services and implementation support
Customer journey tracking
Share of voice
User segmentation

Many vendors provide detailed pricing information. Others only offer customized pricing upon request. There are still some free tools available on the market, though these have dwindled due to mergers and acquisitions over the last few years. Free software is particularly recommended for influencers and small businesses. For more on the latter, check out our piece on Free Social Media Analytics below.      

Even if the software does not offer a free version, free trials are often available. As with all other software, the chance to try out a social media analytics tool for a few days can help you decide if it’s right for you. 

There are also many options for small business buyers willing to pay for more features but who have a more limited budget for analytics. Software plans with more basic capabilities have monthly costs from $10 to around $400. To read more about the best software options for small businesses, click the link below.  

Vendors who only present custom pricing will usually not offer a free trial, and you will have to contact their sales team for a demo. Paid versions of more sophisticated software can cost hundreds or even thousands per month. These vendors may also offer more expensive customizable plans. Top-tier plans are usually designed for agencies, medium to large companies, and enterprises. You can see more on enterprise software for social media analytics below.

Some analytics tools are more focused on one social media platform. Others provide integrations across many social media platforms. For example, Audiense, Followerwonk, and FollowerAudit are best for Twitter users. Tools like RivalIQ and Khoros Marketing perform equally well for several social networks.    

You can see a full list of social media analytics tools listed on TrustRadius here.  

Top Rated Social Media Analytics Pricing in 2022 

Zoho Social9/10
Low Cost15-day free trial
Best value for price

Free version does not offer analytics
Sprout Social8.5/1030-day free trial
Accessible pricing
No free version
Undisclosed fee for extra profiles
Extra undisclosed cost for Listening and Premium Analytics
Parse.ly8.9/10Premium consulting and integration services
No free version
Customized pricing
No free trial

Khoros Marketing
8.0/10Customized plans tailored to individual use casesCustomized pricing
Expensive for SMBs
No free version
No free trial

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a Top Rated software on TrustRadius. It also won awards in Social Media Management for Best Feature Set, Value for Price, and Relationship in 2022. Due to its ease of use and accessible pricing, this software is a favorite for small businesses. Many users also find the ease of integration with other products in the Zoho suite to be very useful. 

The three business plans range from $10 to $55 per month. There are also two special plans designed for agencies, Agency and Agency Plus. These plans cost between $200 and $400. All Zoho pricing will depend on monthly or annual billing, with the latter providing cost savings for users. A 15-day free trial is available, as well as a very limited free edition with no analytics features.         

Zoho SocialStandardProfessionalPremiumAgencyAgency Plus
Cost $10 – 15 $25 – 35$37.50 – 55$200 – 275$300 – 400

The Standard plan allows one user to track up to 7 social channels for one brand. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google My Business listings. It also offers 24-hour email support 5 days per week. From the home dashboard, users have access to features like activity logs, engagement metrics, and recent location. You can also visualize summary reports from the home dashboard. 

Professional users get everything available on Standard. They also get post insights, RSS feeds, messages and notifications, and dashboard monitoring. You also gain access to Pinterest. Add-ons are available for up to 5 brands, at $12.50 per brand per month. Log-ins for extra team members cost $8.33 per month. 

On the Premium plan, you get access to custom reports, report sharing, content targeting, and a social listening dashboard. Audio and video chat makes it easier for team members to collaborate. Integrations for Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk are also available to deal with relationship management and support. Extra users still cost $8.33 a month, though tracking for more brands is slightly higher at $16.66.  

The Agency and Agency Plus plans have the same features but differ in their scope. Agency provides access to 5 team members and covers up to 10 brands, with 9 channels for every brand. Plus users will have twice as many brands to start, covering a total of 180 channels.   

For a full list of features available on each plan, you can visit the Zoho Social pricing page. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social won a Top Rated award as well as a Most Loved award for Social Media Management in 2022. This software is popular among small and medium-sized businesses and is also used by many enterprises. Reviewers particularly like the product’s social media monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Plans run from $89 to $279 per month, varying based on yearly or monthly billing. Users have 30 days to try the product for free. The 3 plans include between 5 and 10 social profiles, though you can buy extra profiles for an undisclosed fee.                                              

Sprout SocialStandardProfessionalAdvanced
Cost $89 – 99 $149 – 169$249 – 279

The Standard plan starts at $89, offering monitoring and reporting tools for up to 5 profiles. The all-in-one social inbox offers monitoring for messages as well as keywords, profiles, and locations. You can visualize engagement metrics for your accounts on several social networks.  Reporting is also available for your groups, profiles, and posts.            

Aside from all standard features, Professional offers enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities. On the analytics side, you get time analysis for your social channels, which lets you see the time of day your users are engaged. This makes it easier to both schedule content publication at appropriate times and targets your ads to the right audience. Trend analysis is also available for Twitter hashtags and keywords. Reporting features include response rate reports, 

paid social reporting, and competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Advanced plan offers many powerful AI-based features. These include machine learning algorithms, automated link tracking, and messaging activity alerts. You also get suggested replies to FAQs. Other features include automated tools for chatbots and rule-based alerts. The digital asset library combines analytics tools to improve campaign performance.  

Regular plans do not include Listening and Premium Analytics. The social listening features offer insights on trends, brand mentions, and competitor activities. Enhanced analytics include over 150  reports,  custom report builders, and interactive dashboards. Buyers who are interested in adding these premium packages to their plans should contact the vendor directly for a customized quote.  

 Click here for full pricing and features breakdown for Sprout Social. won Top Rated awards for both Social Media Analytics and Web Analytics in 2022.  This software also competes with products like Google Analytics that track website and campaign performance.   

For those that produce a lot of social media content, combines content marketing with analytics tools. This helps you engage with your audience and generate demand. Security and data compliance are major differentiators for this software. Users also approve of the product’s flexibility and scalability. has custom pricing for all three of their plans. No free versions or trials are available at the moment.

Content Performance is designed for small businesses. 1 site can be tracked by up to 10 users. The plan offers audience engagement metrics, campaign tracking, and metadata extraction. This includes 13 months of historical data. 

The Content Value and Content Advocacy plans are meant for teams with bigger budgets and more demanding analytics needs. Value offers insights on content performance, conversions reporting, attribution analytics, and audience segmentation. 2 sites can be tracked by 15 team members. Content Advocacy also offers geographic segmentation, personalized insights, and enhanced video and channel tracking. This premium plan tracks 3 sites with up to 20 seats.    

See the table below for a full breakdown of features for      

Content PerformanceContent ValueContent Advocacy
Metadata extraction
Over 30 audience-centric metrics
13 months of historical data
Marketing campaign tracking 
1 site tracked
10 seats
Content Performance features
Conversions reporting
Attribution analytics
Audience segmentation
2 sites tracked
15 seats
Content Performance and Content Value features
Geographic segmentation
Video tracking
Additional channel tracking
Personalized insights
3 sites tracked
20 seats

Khoros Marketing

When it comes to analytics and social media marketing in general, Khoros Marketing offers one of the most complete packages on the market. Khoros won Top Rated awards in Social Media Management, Audience Intelligence, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Publishing. It also boasts a Most Loved award for 2022.  

This software is designed for enterprise customers. Pricing is fully customized according to each use case, and there are no fixed plans or packages. No trial or free version is offered.  

Key features include:

  • AI-based conversational marketing
  • Content tracking and optimization
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer journey tracking
  • Social listening
  • Product coaching
  • Professional and strategic services

This platform solution leverages customer data and experience insights to help increase engagement. It can also help you improve brand loyalty across your social channels as well as review sites. This tool also has a strong focus on content tracking and optimization.        

With Khoros, you’re not only buying SaaS software. You also get a team of analysts and consultants that seek out the best solutions for your business. 

Pricing for Other Social Media Analytics Favorites

The following tools have not reached the 10 reviews needed to qualify for Top Rated. Those who have had the chance to use them do have some great things to say.  These vendors also provide transparent pricing plans to help simplify the buying experience. 

RivalIQ9.6/1015% savings with annual payments14-day free trialFree social reporting and industry benchmarking featuresAdditional monthly charge for switching tracking for more than 10 companies
Emplify Social Marketing Cloud7.6/10Free trial for individuals and SMBsCustomized free trial for enterprisesNo free version

Rival IQ

RivalIQ tracks the social activities of companies in several industries and generates insights. The software is used by companies of all sizes due to its broad feature set and accessible pricing. 

RivalIQ offers detailed pricing for three different plans, as detailed in the table below. Pricing starts at $199 and can rise to $519 per month. Savings of 15% are offered for an annual subscription. Each plan allows you to track a set number of companies, and each of these can be switched up to one time. If you need more switching, there is a $50 charge for every 10 profiles.

Interesting free features include industry benchmarking and head-to-head social media reports. These free tools cover Facebook pages, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. The paid plans also include YouTube, along with improved monitoring, reporting, and metrics. You can try out the software free of charge for 14 days. Data freshness varies according to each plan, with metrics updated every 12, 6, or 3 hours.      

RivalIQDriveEngageEngage Pro
Cost $199 – 239 $279 – 329$439 – 519

The basic Drive plan gives one user the ability to track up to 10 companies, along with 6 months of historical data. Content analysis is available for topics and hashtags. Performance can be tracked by topic, time, etc. You also get scheduled reports and email alerts.

With Engage, historical data, user access, and companies tracked are all doubled. You get access to custom branding features and in-depth reporting for social media platforms. Single-handle data analysis is available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Reporting and alert integrations cover Facebook Ads, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Analytics. Users also get access to Google Data Studio Connector. 

Engage Pro offers up to 5 users access to historical data for up to 24 months. Up to 40 companies can be tracked. You also get data aggregation for multiple handles and greater access to the Customer Success team. An API add-on also allows your developers access to in-depth customization.       

Emplify Social Marketing Cloud

Emplify Social Marketing Cloud, formerly Socialbakers, remains popular among SMBs as well as some enterprises. While there is no free version, there are two different free trials, one for each of the two premium packages.      

The Essentials Package provides analytics for key metrics on your social channels as well as competitor pages. You can also publish and schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 5 users can manage as many as 20 social media profiles. Historical data is limited to 3 months. Customer support is available through the platform or via email, and account administration is on a self-service basis.

The Complete Social Marketing Cloud includes more advanced analytics and benchmarking. This plan stands out for its AI capabilities. This covers all of your channels for both organic social media search and paid media. Content intelligence, scheduling, and publishing are also AI-based. You also get features like social listening, influencer marketing, and an AI chatbot for your social pages. User and profile coverage are both customized, though access to historical data is unlimited. You also get a dedicated account manager and on-call support. 

Billing is based on the number of profiles you want to cover. For 10 profiles, you pay $200 per month with annual billing and $240 for month-to-month payments. Pricing scales proportionately, so 20 profiles will cost $400 or $480, respectively. This means that if you have to track and manage more than 20 profiles, you should go with the more advanced package.  

Emplify Social Marketing Cloud10 Profiles20 Profiles
Cost $200 – 240 $400 – 440

Finding the Best Social Media Analytics for Your Needs

Look for social media analytics tools that can help you meet your social media marketing strategy goals. 

As with any software, you need to make sure the feature set matches your needs. Usability and implementation should also be key concerns, especially for smaller businesses. If you’re short on staff, tools with a high learning curve could disrupt your workflows and reduce ROI. 

You should also consider the value you get for the cost. Make sure your monthly expenses on analytics match your budget and revenue streams. You should also make sure that the software is scalable enough to accommodate plans for future growth. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use and offers the features you need, you’ll end up having to pay more. Depending on your needs, mixing several tools with free or basic features in your tech stack could end up being more expensive in the long run.    

You can visit TrustRadius to find a full list of Social Media Analytics products. Here you can compare product features, reviews, and pricing models to see which option is best for your business. If you’ve used any of these tools, make your voice heard by writing a    

You can start a comparison of social media analytics tools by clicking the link below.

Social Media Analytics Tools Comparisons

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