The Top 5 Enterprise Talent Management Solutions, According to Users

John Ferguson
December 3, 2019

The Top 5 Enterprise Talent Management Solutions, According to Users

Talent management” is a vague, messy set of HR processes that most enterprises can’t live without. Having the right software to manage the process can be the difference between making the most of the talent you have and leaving value untapped. 

Many enterprises would likely benefit from a more comprehensive suite of HR and talent management functions that comes as a unified suite. However, you may already have an HR system that just needs an add-on talent management package. With those users in mind, we compiled this list of the top enterprise talent management solutions according to users.

To be included on this list, the talent management suite must be in the talent management category on TrustRadius, its largest reviewer base must be enterprises, and it must have a trScore of 7.0 or greater and at least 10 reviews in the last year. The products that make the list are ordered by trScore, with the highest rated products first.


As a highly rated HCM, UltiPro‘s talent management features are also highly rated by reviewers. UltiPro reviewers come primarily from enterprises (403 ratings and reviews). However, it has nearly as many midsize reviewers as well (364), indicating it can be a good option for large businesses expecting to scale into an enterprise in the future.

Ultipro excels at the intersecting functions between talent management and broader HR processes. For instance, onboarding capabilities are standard in HR management and talent management products and receives the highest-rated talent management function from to users. Users who utilize the full range of the product also note that UltiPro’s applicant tracking abilities stand out as well.  

Some of the core talent management features receive slightly poorer marks from users. For instance, some of the performance and compensation planning functions feel limited or restricted to some users. Succession planning also receives lower marks than other capability areas. 

Saba Cloud

Saba Cloud is Saba’s enterprise-facing product, with nearly 70% of ratings and reviews (39) by enterprise users. While reviewers utilize many of its features, the LMS capabilities are a common theme across most reviews for Saba Cloud. 

Given Saba’s history as a learning management system before expanding into talent management, it’s unsurprising that its enterprise LMS capabilities are routinely praised by reviewers. Reviewers tend to draw greater issues with its succession planning and recruiting support, which are relatively recent additions to Saba’s repertoire. 

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a standalone talent management suite. With over 130 enterprise-user ratings and reviews, it caters primarily to enterprises, although there is a large minority of midsize business reviewers as well. 

Recent reviewers emphasize their use of the learning management capabilities in the suite. Cornerstone has been emphasizing its offerings as accessible to younger talent, including the oncoming Gen Z talent pool, to enable businesses to effectively manage tomorrow’s talent pool.

While its learning and performance management functions appear to be the most frequently used functions, its recruiting capabilities are the most highly rated

Since Cornerstone is scaled for enterprises, the interface and software is accordingly heavy. Some users complain about the usability and friendliness of the interface and manual processes within the package. However, if you have the staff and resources to effectively harness Cornerstone OnDemand, it can be well suited to many performance and learning management tasks that enhance enterprises’ talent pools. 

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud caters predominantly to enterprises, with 374 enterprise ratings and reviews. Oracle’s performance management capabilities are its highest-rated features. For instance, one user pointed to the usability of the interface and ability to digitize performance management processes as standout features of the suite. 

Enterprise-scale products can also bring enterprise-scale transition costs. Oracle is no exception, as some users’ experience indicate Implementation can be a beast of a process. If your business can make use of Oracle’s robust offerings, make sure you have the resources to implement it so that managing the suite over time doesn’t become a pain point down the road.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP is the second tech giant to make this list, with a similarly broad reach into enterprise software. The vast majority of SuccessFactors reviews (110) come from enterprise users. Like Oracle’s offering, SuccessFactors’ talent management is part of SAP’s larger HCM suite. 

SuccessFactor’s weakest area, according to reviewers, is it’s recruitment and ATS functions. Some of the lower ratings could be attributed to insufficient prior knowledge, as one user cautions that less prepared users could struggle with the software. However, some complaints should not necessarily negate high marks for core performance management functions, including high visibility into performance metrics and support for hierarchical performance management.  


HealthStream is the most niche player on this list. As its name implies, HealthStream is a talent management product for hospitals, medical facilities, and other healthcare businesses. It’s also geared towards larger organizations, with 70% of its ratings and reviews coming from enterprise users. 

Given its focus on medical fields, HealthStream emphasizes its continued learning and development, which it tailors towards its target audience. This strategic focus yield dividends for users, based on reviewers’ appreciation for HealthStream’s assistance in maintaining compliance for medical professionals. 

HealthStream’s excellent learning management trades off with other aspects of talent management. Performance management functions like performance reviews in particular are a weak point according to some reviewers. However, if youre in a medical field and primarily concerned with continued trainings and compliance, the other talent management functions may be of secondary importance in the first place. 

Go forth and manage talent

Talent management is a crucial aspect of getting the greatest value out of your personnel, especially at the enterprise scale. These products are an excellent place to start exploring which talent management software is the best fit for your enterprise. If your company isn’t quite enterprise scale yet, you can take a look at smaller-scaled suites in our “Best Talent Management Offerings for Midsized Businesses” summary.  Of course, you can always go deeper into reviews or wider across products through our full listing of talent management products.  

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