The Top VoIP Solutions for SMBs

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
December 11, 2019

The Top VoIP Solutions for SMBs

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a cost-effective tool that delivers voice, and other forms of online communication, over an Internet Protocol or IP. VoIP allows users to manage all of their call-related communications (e.g. voice calling, instant messaging, online faxing, voicemail) within one platform via internet connection. 

Choosing the right VoIP system can be a confusing and stress-inducing task. From the abundance of available products to consider, to attempting to truly differentiate between products, to trying to figure out which products are better suited for micro businesses, small businesses, midsize businesses, and/or enterprises, choosing which VoIP solution is best for your company can be overwhelming.

VoIP technology is a powerful tool that small businesses should take advantage of due to its cost effective, easy to use, and customizable features. Here are TrustRadius’ top 5 VoIP products for SMBs, listed in order of the TRScore.

Jive Hosted VoIP

From LogMeIn, Jive Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system for business operations. It supplies web-based video conferencing, call recording and analytics, fax and voicemail to email capabilities, softphone, etc. Customers can customize their phone system through Jive’s suite of over 80 hosted VoIP features, including one-step scheduling, tailored time-based call routing, custom greetings, unlimited extensions and much more. The cloud-based, private branch exchange (PBX), call management, mobile app and VoIP system collaboration features allow users to integrate all the best VoIP components to ensure quality communication. 

A majority (69%) of Jive Hosted VoIP users on TrustRadius are from small businesses. Reviewers value Jive Hosted VoIP for its exceptional customer and technical support, reliability, reporting capabilities and accessibility across multiple platforms. 

“Cost is a huge factor for small businesses and the product and services received are not only affordable, but exceed our expectations. Using Jive gives us the ability to connect with our callers and clients at any time, day or night with the app. We have a third-party marketing team who tracks our calls, and records incoming calls based on the internet number the potential client is calling from…It’s fantastic that two separate companies can do what they need to do while still getting quality for an affordable price.” 

Sarah Pratt | Paralegal/Office Manager | Legal Services Company

Google Voice

Google Voice is a leading VoIP solution for small businesses. Google Voice’s technology is compatible with many devices, including both smartphones and computers. It provides users with call forwarding, voicemail services, audio and text messaging and international call termination in select countries. G-Suite users are able to customize the product in the G-suite admin console for a more efficient and applicable tool for their day-to-day business processes. Google utilizes their AI technology to filter spam calls and transcribe voicemails automatically. Google Voice offers a free version for personal use and a paid version for business users. 

A large portion (43%) of Google Voice users on TrustRadius are from small businesses. Reviewers value Google Voice for its cost effectiveness, ability to use either a mobile phone or computer, audio voicemail transcription, separation of personal and professional numbers, and the app’s reliability. 

“In my various businesses and especially nonprofits that I run, it is so much more cost effective to not buy phones but instead obtain a free Google Voice phone number. You can control so many features including sending all calls to voicemail which can be forwarded to any other phone, via text, and email. You can forward all calls to any phone number, and use the app on any mobile device. It provides versatility and cost savings.” 

Verified User | Law Professional | Law Practice Company


Grasshopper, from LogMeIn, is a VoIP system that allows businesses access to a toll-free or local phone number.  This IP telephony solution is accessible to users via both desktop and mobile applications. It allows businesses to customize their product features and services, such as voicemail transcription, custom greetings and call transferring, reporting and forwarding. Grasshopper users also have access to messaging/texting, instant response, incoming call control and simultaneous call handling features, allowing for a more cohesive and unified communication system for small businesses. 

A large majority (74%) of Grasshopper users on TrustRadius are from small businesses. Reviewers value Grasshopper for its low cost, adaptable extensions, voicemail system, ease of use, audio quality, adjustable call routing schedules, and call routing system. 

“Grasshopper is one of many such service providers who fill a vital niche in the small business market, whether it’s a one-person business or larger, where a professional telephone experience is desired. Many small businesses cannot afford to hire someone to just answer the phone and an answering service can sometimes be an obstacle, rather than an asset…It adds a professional voice and image to the handling of our business calls, along with allowing us to route them appropriately during our business hours, and provide a voicemail backup system when we are closed.”

Trisha Miller | President | Leisure, Travel & Tourism Company


RingCentral is a cloud-based online communication and collaboration system for businesses. It is especially beneficial to small businesses in that it provides a tailored, easy-to-use phone system for small businesses. It provides voice calling, online l meeting, fax support, and team messaging functions. Users are able to connect from any location, on any device as long as they have a strong internet connection

A large portion (46%) of RingCentral users on TrustRadius are from small businesses. Reviewers value RingCentral for its app, range of configuration, compatibility with many IP phones, customer service, reporting and tracking, voicemail and fax services. 

“Our entire company uses RingCentral. We even use it with our independent contractors, as they can be invited into specific teams. It’s great because you can share files, links, notes, tasks and about everything you’d get out of a project management tool, all inside this chat tool. RingCentral gets the team out of their inboxes and away from text messaging. Keeping this kind of messaging separate allows for it to be better searched at a later date and keeps teams better organized. Video chatting in RingCentral also allows for minimizing a team’s technology stack, as there’s no need for two different platforms for messaging and video chat.”

Kyle Moloo | Account Executive | Marketing and Advertising Company

8×8 X Series

8×8 X Series, formerly 8×8 Virtual Office, is a one cloud VoIP solution that includes team collaboration, voice, online meetings, and call center capabilities. Small businesses have access to a unified communications platform with a large variety of features, including: unlimited calling in over 47 countries, high definition audio and video, screen sharing and recording, meeting scheduling, collaborative messaging/chatting, call forwarding, call analytics and mobile and desktop apps. 8×8 X series allows users to make and receive calls and meetings on multiple devices and in any location that has a strong internet connection. 

A majority (61%) of 8×8 X Series users on TrustRadius are from small businesses. Reviewers value 8×8 X Series for its accessibility across platforms, audio quality, outstanding customer service, cost effectiveness, recording capabilities, faxing and voicemail features, configuration capabilities and its messaging/texting features.  

“Instead of having hardware on site for phone call handling, voicemail, call recording and call metrics, 8×8 reliably does everything that is needed. 8×8 also provides redundancy allowing for weather or other emergency conditions and telecommuting options for remote employees…8×8 virtual office works well for organizations that don’t want to spend money on telephony hardware that quickly becomes obsolete and is expensive to maintain.”

Verified User | Consultant in Information Technology | Health, Wellness and Fitness Company

If you are interested in learning more about VoIP software and what solution may best fit your company’s needs, head to the TrustRadius’ VoIP Providers page. Buyers can use the Trustmap to read additional product reviews and descriptions. It is also encouraged to do additional research on a vendor’s website and to take advantage of any free trials or versions of the product that they may be offering.

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