Top 6 Mailchimp Comparisons

Sam Huisache
December 9, 2019

Top 6 Mailchimp Comparisons

While most email service providers support contact list management and group aliases, they still aren’t the best at meeting the needs of organizations that need to send out mass emails. Enter email marketing software. 

Email marketing is designed to help a company manage consumer interactions⁠—you guessed it, via email. The intention of effective email marketing will create loyalty, boost brand recognition, and drive sales. Key features of email marketing software are subscriber and list management, contact segmentation, email marketing templates, a WYSIWYG interface, and spam testing. 

Email marketing should not be confused with marketing automation software, which automates marketing capabilities across multiple channels such as social media, SMS, websites, and email. If your business is primarily focused on email marketing, you may not need to invest in a complex marketing automation platform. However, many marketing automation platforms can also function as email marketing solutions. 

If you are just getting started in your search for an email marketing platform that is right for your team, you’ve probably identified Mailchimp as one of the most talked-about solutions. On TrustRadius, Mailchimp is one of the most frequently searched for email marketing tools.

While Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing products, there are of course other providers to choose from. Below, we’ll take a look at why Mailchimp is most commonly used, and some Mailchimp comparisons you might consider.

How Mailchimp Helps Marketing Teams

Mailchimp is one of the most broadly adopted email marketing platforms designed for small businesses. It has been in operation since 2001 and has been the introduction to email marketing for most professionals. A free version of Mailchimp is available with support for up to 2,000 contacts. Mailchimp’s most extensive offering provides support and management to over 200,000 contacts. 

Mailchimp is well-known for its subscriber management tools, marketing customer relationship management, segmentation tools, and audience dashboard. With Mailchimp, users can create signup forms, landing pages, and posts or ads for social media. 

On TrustRadius, Mailchimp’s highest-rated features are its support and usability. Mailchimp’s average likelihood to recommend rating (on a scale of 1-10) is a solid 8.3. While Mailchimp is well-known as being used for small businesses, some enterprises utilize Mailchimp as well. 14% of MailChimp reviewers come from enterprise-sized organizations. 

“Mailchimp has allowed me to create marketing campaigns easily, and our website visitors can leave their data and subscribe automatically to be part of our campaigns. This software contains an autoresponder but not for the trial version, and it is quite important for us to have this feature since our team of professionals concluded that it is very useful when reading large databases of external programs. It is easy to use and does not take much time to know its total operation. Mailchimp is a great tool that all SMEs should use. Its online deployment is very wide. Mailchimp works in an excellent way on devices with Windows and Mac systems. It is highly recommended for these.”

Erin C. | Marketing Manager | Logistics and Supply Chain

But what other email marketing platforms are out there? Could another tool serve your company’s needs? Constant Contact is another popular email marketing tool, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Owing to this, buyers are branching out and finding tools that are better suited for their unique use cases. Here on TrustRadius, the top 6 most researched Mailchimp alternatives are:

  1. Twilio SendGrid Email Marketing
  2. Omnisend
  3. Mailjet
  4. ReachMail
  5. Vertical Response
  6. Sendpulse

Now that you’ve got the list of which email marketing tools are the most interesting to buyers, let’s dig into why current users are loving these tools.

#1 Twilio SendGrid Email Marketing

Twilio SendGrid Email Marketing is email marketing software featuring email APIs and marketing tools designed to increase customer engagement. Originally named just “SendGrid”, it was acquired by Twilio in 2018. Its latest features include targeting social media ads using imported email data and automated email validation.

Its average likelihood to recommend rating on Trustradius is 8.7. Users also highly rate Twilio SendGrid’s email deliverability, or the ability to ensure that emails you send to customers actually reach their inboxes. Other highly rated features for this product are its mobile optimization and A/B testing tools. 

Twilio reviewer company size breakdown. 71% SMB 17% Mid-Size 12% Enterprise

“SendGrid is great for building and sending transactional emails and creating beautiful email marketing campaigns. It’s appropriate for all levels of email knowledge from beginner to expert. SendGrid may not be the best bet if you’re looking for a system to support multi-branching trigger or condition-based email campaigns that you’d typically find in a marketing automation solution.”

Megan K. | Director of Lifecycle Marketing | Computer Software 

#2 Omnisend

Omnisend is an ecommerce marketing automation solution with a complete email marketing offering. The platform helps ecommerce businesses connect with potential and existing customers across multiple customer journey touchpoints. 

Since Omnisend is a complete marketing automation solution, this is a good option for users who want to do more than strictly email marketing. Its ecommerce focus is also especially appealing for those in online retail, and less so for others who are not, so be mindful of this as well. Omnisend’s users on TrustRadius give it an overall rating of 9.4 for their likelihood to recommend. 

Omnisend reviewer company size breakdown. 60% SMB 20% Mid-Size 20% Enterprise

“For email and form automation for Shopify, it is a must-have product. If you are selling products online, Omnisend will make your life easier, but more importantly, you WILL get more return customers and repeat business by using this product.”

Verified User | Partner in IT | Automotive Company

#3 Mailjet

Mailjet is a transactional email and email marketing platform designed for both marketers and developers. Mailjet is meant to enable marketing teams to create, send, and track marketing and transactional emails via a user interface or APIs.

Their pricing starts with a free tier at 6,000 emails per month. Mailjet also has an Enterprise offering that is customizable to a company’s specific need if their Premium tier at $18.86 per month for 30,000 emails per month is not sufficient. OnTrustRadius, Mailjet’s likelihood to recommend rating is 7.5. They also score highly regarding email deliverability and contact list management. 

Mailjet reviewer company size breakdown. 70% SMB 20% Mid-Size 10% Enterprise

“This application is very much useful for generating quality leads in less time. Its accuracy ensures lead generation in less time. I recently used it for a campaign in a European region and I created a beautiful template with the help of its template editor and I attached one inquiry form for lead collection. It was a successful campaign.”

Verified User | Manager in Sales 

#4 ReachMail

ReachMail is an email marketing platform with offerings focusing on small businesses, large companies, marketing firms, high-volume campaigns, and transactional communications. ReachMail’s pricing varies depending on your needs. General email marketing services start at $5 a month for 10,000 emails, and transactional email marketing operating on an email credits system starting at $5. ReachMail also offers contact list cleaning services separate from their email marketing tools. 

ReachMail’s highest-rated features on TrustRadius are its email and online marketing capabilities pertaining to its dynamic content creation tools and ability to test said dynamic content. Users also highly rate ReachMail’s mobile optimization features. However, ReachMail’s overall rating for likelihood to recommend is 5.6.

ReachMail reviewer company size breakdown. 70% SMB 30% Enterprise

“ I will say these folks are so knowledgeable about mass mailing marketing and so committed to serving their customers that I suspect their service would meet the needs of anything from large corporations to solopreneurs.”

Francesca D. | Entrepreneur | Health, Wellness, and Fitness 

#5 Vertical Response

VerticalResponse is an email campaign management software and services platform from small business financial services company, Deluxe. In addition to providing email marketing tools, VerticalResponse offers fully managed email marketing services from campaign launch and management to reporting and analysis.

OnTrustRadius, Vertical Response has a likelihood to renew rating of 8.6, with a likelihood to recommend rating of 8.1. Its highest-rated email marketing features are for its reporting and analytics capabilities such as dashboards and standard reports. 

Vertical Response reviewer company size breakdown. 60% SMB 31% Mid-Size 9% Enterprise

“Vertical Response is well suited for small to medium-sized companies that are just getting their feet wet with email marketing. If you have a small budget or are trying to get the word out about your product or service I would recommend giving this a try due to its ease of use and reporting functions that can easily guide the novice user.”

Nichole F. | Marketing Manager | Health, Wellness, and Fitness 

#6 Sendpulse

SendPulse is an email marketing tool that facilitates communication with customers across emails, SMS, Web Push, SMTP, and more. Its free version supports up to 500 subscribers, with its most expensive paid offering support for up to 5 million users at $5,600 a month. It also has a pay-as-you-go tier which starts at $32 for up to 10,000 emails. 

Sendpulse’s highest rated features are its email and online marketing capabilities such as mobile optimization, email deliverability, and list management. It also scores well in terms of its user dashboards and reporting features. Its likelihood to recommend rating on Trustradius is 7.9. 

Graph of reviewer company size breakdown for SendPulse. 81% SMB 6% Mid-Size 13% Enterprise

“This application is very well suited for email promotions and transactional emails. The quality of its emails are very good. It creates a good impression on the customers which helps to get more responses. Simultaneously we use SMS features also when we find that our customers are not reachable to our emails. It helps us to connect with the clients instantly.”

Verified User | Manager in Sales 

Want to find out more?

If these solutions weren’t quite what you were looking for, we’ve got you covered. These are just the top 6 of many. Check out reviews of these products and other email marketing software to get a sense of their pros, cons, and whether they will work for your use case.

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