The Top 7 Enterprise Project Management Software Tools

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
February 19, 2020

The Top 7 Enterprise Project Management Software Tools

TrustRadius has already done the work in compiling a list of the best project management software, according to end-users; but not all of them require the same scale of management or growth-optimization tools. The project management needs for newly started, smaller businesses are vastly different than those of enterprise-level businesses with 1000+ employees. 

For those looking to scale their large company, while also maximizing their project organization, management and communication tools, the project management software in this post may be the perfect solution for you. 

This article will give readers our list of the top 7 project management solutions for enterprises based on our 3 main criteria: 1) it must have the Project Management category as its primary category, 2) it must be on the Project Management enterprise TrustMap, and 3) it must have over 75 reviews on TrustRadius. Here are the products that will be included in this post:

  1. Workfront 
  2. Planview ProjectPlace
  3. Microsoft Project
  4. Smartsheet
  5. Trello 
  6. Wrike 
  7. Basecamp 

It is important to note that while some products are truly designed for enterprises (e.g. Planview ProjectPlace and Workfront), others are not. Products like Trello and Basecamp may have a large percentage of small or midsize business reviewers, but they can also be used in the enterprise context. These types of products are likely used in smaller teams within the enterprise setting or are used for specific types of project activities, like task management.

Best Project Management Software for Enterprises

#1 Workfront

Workfront is a web-based project management tool that works to manage the entire life cycle of a project- from planning to completion. It offers all of the standard project management features, plus document management, time-tracking, portfolio management, resource management, and issue tracking capabilities. Agile project management is supported with features like Gantt charts, an easily viewable and manipulable backlog, and storyboarding. 

53% of Workfront users on TrustRadius are from enterprise-level businesses. Users value the reporting capabilities of the software, its easily customizable interface, and its ability to schedule reports regularly or send them out on an ad hoc basis. 

“There’s a lot I love about Workfront… From a creative perspective, I can use agile project management and set tasks to happen concurrently, or waterfall project management and customize tasks so that one task cannot be started until the previous task is complete. Overall, Workfront offers a really clear process that creates accountability throughout my team’s creative process.”  

Pricillar N. | Medical Practitioner | Hospital and Healthcare Company

#2 Plainview Projectplace

Plainview Projectplace is a collaborative work management solution by Plainview. It provides users with features needed to set project direction/goal, assign tasks, collaborate on documents, communicate internally and externally, execute tasks and track progress using Kanban boards and Gantt charts. Projectplace allows teams to visualize their workflow and project progress all in one place. 

42% of Projectplace users on TrustRadius are from enterprises. Users value the document and task tracking capabilities, which make it easy to collaborate and manage workload across teams. 

“ProjectPlace has been totally integral to collaboration in that it eliminates the need to go hunting for files or conversations in Outlook… It makes collaboration between creatives and the stakeholders they serve super easy… It’s a centralized place for creative briefs, PDFs, documents and feedback. I can’t imagine trying to get work done without it.” 

Shadi M. | Senior Copywriter | Higher Education

#3 Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a project management tool designed to serve the needs of enterprise companies. It offers key project management features and dynamic planning functionality. These include an automated workflow, interactive dashboards, report templates, collaboration and communication features (ability to add comments, files and documents directly to tasks, automatic email alerts, ability to add team members to any project or task, real-time collaboration, and is compatible with any computer), Gantt chart view, and more. Microsoft Project also includes resource management capabilities and integrates with BI tools and other third-party software. 

39% of Microsoft Project users on TrustRadius are from enterprise-level businesses. Users value the ability to allocate resources for accurate project estimates. They also value the reporting functionality, as users are given access to a variety of templates and can customize to their liking. 

“[Microsoft] Project is a very versatile project management tool that can be used for all project sizes. I have used MS Project to manage multimillion-dollar projects and also for developing a simple test plan… it simplifies the process of building out your WBS, adding resources, determining budget, and identifying timelines. Its biggest advantage is its ease of use as the interface is very intuitive…”

Verified User | Project Manager in Information Technology | Utility Company

#4 Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a cloud-based collaboration and project management solution. The tool is designed with a spreadsheet-like interface that has a wide range of project management features. It has advanced collaboration features, such as the ability to share sheets, tasks, comments, reports, and dashboards with team members, the ability to track project and task discussions, comments and progress, access to live document collaboration and co-authoring, can manage contacts, etc. Additional project management features include: automated alerts and notifications, instant document/task sharing and updating across teams, resource management, budget facilitation, task allocation, email integrations, and Gantt charts. 

31% of Smartsheet users on TrustRadius are from enterprises. Users highlight Smarsheet’s helpful reporting capabilities, including the ease of customizing and understanding reports, and the ability to pull data from multiple sheets into one report. 

“Smartsheet is one of my most recommended professional tools for anyone… It is incredibly expansive and updates are regularly rolled out to improve and stabilize the platform. The platform offers a unique cloud-based tool that allows for cross-team collaboration, file sharing, and data analytics. Smartsheet has been a fantastic tool for tracking, communicating with customers, and making work more efficient.” 

Joshua M. | Customer Account Manager | Printing Company

#5 Trello

Trello TRScore

Trello is a Kanban-style, task management tool that allows users to visualize and maintain an active workflow and collaborate more efficiently. Trello’s enterprise option offers collaboration features (e.g. the ability to assign tasks, create discussion threads within cards, groups of boards for teams, etc.), advanced workflow and task automation (unlimited buttons, scheduled commands and command runs, notifications, etc.), advanced security, and admin features. 

20% of Trello’s users on TrustRadius are from enterprises. Users value the Kanban board framework, as it allows teams and managers to better understand the current status of tasks, limit in-progress tasks, manage blockages, and present completed work. 

“Trello allows me to stay up to date in real-time on where we stand with various tasks. It is extremely simple and user-friendly, and much more efficient than email and other chat tools. [It provides] full visibility and transparency. [It’s] perfect for team collaboration with external vendors who do not have access to company tools for server security reasons.” 

Eitan R. | Digital Marketing Strategist | Telecommunication Company

#6 Wrike

Wrike TRScore

Wrike is an enterprise-grade collaborative work management platform that works to scale output and boost progress visibility. The software can be tailored to various team types (marketing and creative, product, service delivery, etc). The tool offers simple and intuitive collaborative features (comments/discussions, document, image tracking in a single workspace, real-time activity updates, etc.) timeline and Gantt charts, task tracking and assignment, advanced reporting and analytics, and advanced security features. It also offers custom fields for budgeting, workflow, and project prioritization. 

20% of Wrike users on TrustRadius are from enterprise-level businesses. Users value the real-time project management features such as progress version histories, status updates, and task tracking.  Users also appreciate that Wrike can handle managing larger, complex projects that may be cross-functional. 

“[Wrike] allows us to plan projects, share files and collaborate in the same space for efficiency and accuracy of information while ensuring projects are delivered on-time. Wrike is best for complex cross-functional projects where customizable calendars, dashboards, and reports are needed to automatically roll-up projects and results in data. It’s applicable to anyone!” 

Meredith S. | Senior Marketing Project Manager | Hospitality Company 

#7 Basecamp

Basecamp TRScore

Basecamp is a web-based project management solution that aims to facilitate team collaboration and communication.  It offers two types of plans, Personal (free) and Business (paid). The paid plan is a flat monthly rate, regardless of the number of users or active projects. It gives users access to essential project management features, including unlimited users and projects, a messaging board, team projects, project templates, to-do lists, scheduling, file storage, and advanced client access. 

23% of Basecamp users on TrustRadius are from enterprise-grade businesses. Users appreciate the team message board, as it lets them share ideas, news, and progress with other teammates, while also helping to track conversation histories. 

“Basecamp is one of the superb project management tools that is being used widely all over the world. Automatic check-ins are also a blessing in disguise for every kind of organization. This is a simple and interactive application for those organizations where there is a need to do many tasks within a team.” 

Martha B. | IT Manager | Information Technology and Services Company

How To Find the Right Tool for Your Team 

Not all companies require the same tools for success. Smaller companies may need less functionality in their project management software to achieve their goals; while larger companies may need more advanced project management features like resource management and allocation, risk assessment, advanced project reporting and analytics, and project portfolio management capabilities. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how your PM tool can scale with your business and optimize your enterprise’s project management function. 

Enterprise companies should expect a lot from their project management software. Selecting the best solution for your company stems from understanding the primary use case(s) and benefits each tool offers. 

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We also encourage you to try out a variety of tools and to take advantage of free trials (all products listed above have free trials). Doing this can help you get a better feel for what will best suit your company’s project management needs. 

About the Author

Elizabeth Sullivan-Hasson
Elizabeth is a Research Analyst at TrustRadius where she focuses on tracing the evolution of business software and finding new ways to synthesize and visualize reviewer data. Elizabeth has a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MSc in International Development from the London School of Economics. When she’s not in the office, Elizabeth enjoys exploring new cities, hiking, trying out new recipes, and diving into sci-fi novels.

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