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Web Conferencing Pricing Comparison

Brian Mackenzie
October 5, 2020

Web Conferencing Pricing Comparison

There are many options for businesses to choose from when it comes to web conferencing, but as you narrow down your choice to a few software options, it can become difficult to determine which one is best.   The most popular web conferencing tools range in price from free to $30.00 per month per user, with many options in between, so no matter what your budget is, there’s a good web conferencing tool for your business. To make your web conferencing decision easier, we’ve collected detailed pricing and features information for some of the most popular web conferencing options to provide you with a comparison of the most important factors of each software.

Subscription Tier Comparison

The most straightforward way to compare the most popular web conferencing tools is directly comparing monthly costs.  For businesses looking for a budget web conferencing tool, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex Meetings all offer a free version, though these free versions have some feature limitations such as limitations on meeting length or number of meeting participants.  It’s also worth noting that all the prices listed below are per license, and none of the top web conferencing tools support license sharing, so be sure to consider how many users you will need licenses for when comparing pricing. All of the products are sold as software as a service, and allow for payment on a monthly or annual basis. Not included in this comparison is hardware offerings by some of these companies, such as Zoom Rooms.  These are popular web conferencing tools, but their inclusion of hardware pushes them beyond the scope of this comparison. 

Product NameZoomGoToMeetingJoin.meWebex MeetingsMicrosoft Teams
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Annual CostFree-$190.90$144.00-$192.00$120-$360Free-$360.00Free-$240.00
Monthly CostFree-$19.99$14.00-$19.00$10.00-$30.00Free-$19.95Free – $20.00
Free TierYesNoNoYesYes
Tier 1$14.99/mo/license$14.00/mo or $144.00/year per license$10.00/mo/license$14.95/mo or $162/year per license$5.00/mo/license
Tier 2$19.99/mo/license$19.00/mo or $192.00/yr per license$20.00/mo/licensee$19.95/mo or $215.40/year per license$12.50/mo/license
Tier 3$19.99/mo/license for enterprises with at least 1,000 licensesCase by Case for Enterprises$30.00/mo/license$29.95/mo or $323.40/year per license3$20.00/mo/license

Discounts, Free Trials, and Extra Fees

Of the most popular web conferencing tools, 3 of them offer forever free options that may be perfect for businesses with small web conferencing needs, though each of these free versions comes with limitations. Zoom limits meetings to 40 minutes on the free version, Webex Meetings limits meetings to 50 minutes, and Microsoft Teams limits to under 300 people and doesn’t allow for meeting recording.  In contrast, GoToMeeting and  don’t offer forever free versions, but do provide 14 day trials that are feature complete.  Businesses can take advantage of these free options to try each web conferencing tool before committing to purchasing one. 

When purchasing a web conferencing tool, most of them have discounts available via time based promo codes that are distributed by the vendor from time to time.  Microsoft Teams also offers discounts to educational and non-profit organizations. 

Product NameZoomGoToMeetingJoin.meWebex MeetingsMicrosoft Teams
Free VersionForever Free14 day trial14 day trialForever FreeForever Free
DiscountsTime based promo codes stretch to 20% off annuallyTime based promo codes stretch to 20% off annuallyTime based promo codes with varying discountsTime based promo codes with varying discountsDiscounts available for educational organizations and non-profits

Which Web Conferencing Tool is Right for you?

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex Meetings are all good choices for small businesses looking for a free option.

For businesses on a budget that don’t want the constraints of free tools, Join.Me and Microsoft Teams are the most affordable choices.  Microsoft Teams is also a good choice for businesses using other Microsoft tools.

As businesses grow and need support for large numbers of participants GoToMeeting, and Webex Meetings are good choices, with each one supporting multiple hosts and over 1,000 participants. 

Want to Know More?

Pricing can help narrow down what the best web conferencing option, but once you’ve determined which options you are considering, you can see what verified users think of each option at TrustRadius.

About the Author

Brian Mackenzie
Brian is a Technical Research Specialist at TrustRadius, focusing on product development and data driven technologies. He aims to help buyers make excellent purchasing decisions that meet the needs of their business. Brian has a BS in information science from the University of South Carolina.

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