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Women in Tech Statistics: The Experiences of Women in the Tech Industry

Leigh Kellner
June 17, 2019
Reviews & Research

Women in Tech Statistics: The Experiences of Women in the Tech Industry

This is old news. We’ve got new research for 2021.


Tech is still a male-dominated world. Recently, we published the 163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up report to shed light on the experiences of women working in the technology industry. We heard many stories of success, accomplishment, bias, and discrimination. But what are the numbers behind the stories? What are the women in tech statistics every tech employee should know?

Check out this infographic for the highlights of the state of women in tech:

women in tech statistics infographic | trustradius

Key Points About Women Working in Technology:

  • In 2019, women are outnumbered 3 to 1 in tech. (tweet this)
  • Why do women join tech? 37% get started in the industry because of its fast pace. The ability to solve interesting problems (35%) and opportunities for growth (27%) round out the top 3. (tweet this)
  • 43% of female tech professionals don’t think their company invests enough in building women’s careers. These perceptions vary by experience level, department, and job title. (tweet this)
  • Around 1 in 4 leadership roles at large tech companies are held by women. (tweet this)
  • Women in tech earn 94.6 cents for every dollar earned by a man with the same role and experience. (tweet this)
  • Men are 3x as likely to think that the wage gap between women and men in tech is because of a difference in job performance. Only 8% of women agree! (tweet this)
  • 74% of tech professionals – male and female –  think saying or using “sexy” as a business term (i.e. “sexy charts”) is inappropriate! (tweet this)

Why We Made This Infographic

In the words of Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius, “TrustRadius has always aimed to change the tech industry. Our mission is to bring transparency to the world of buying and selling business technology. For both buyers and sellers, we aim to let the truth speak for itself, in the words of the professionals who use the technology day in and day out.”

Read more about our motivations behind 163 Voices here, or download the full report free here.

About the Author

Leigh Kellner
Leigh Kellner is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at TrustRadius. She enjoys the storytelling process, combining information and stories from a range of sources into new formats that create that "aha!" moment. Beyond work, Leigh enjoys animals, arts & crafts, Antiques Roadshow, and alliteration.

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