I Heart ABM is one of the best educators for B2B marketers wanting to improve their ABM strategies on LinkedIn. In this I Heart ABM Winning Plays session, Grace Wells, TrustRadius’ Senior Manager of Customer and Product Marketing, and Dylan Yip-Chuck, Influitive’s Demand Generation Manager, delve into the “how” of Influitive’s $300,000 in additional (approximate) pipeline that was generated from leveraging downstream intent data.

Topics include:

  • Using downstream intent data to influence change and ABM strategy
  • How to get buy-in on your ABM budget and strategy
  • Getting intent-influenced leads into the hands of your sales team
  • What it took for Influitive to get $1.4 million in closed won pipeline influence
  • How to bolster your BDR team’s confidence on outbound marketing


Grace Wells

Sr. Manager, Product & Customer Marketing at TrustRadius

Grace Wells is a seasoned marketing strategist with over a decade of experience leading marketing efforts for diverse brands. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their marketing, branding, and ROI goals through thoughtful 360 degree approach to campaign execution. Grace is a tech nerd and loves nothing more than reading up on the latest marketing technology trends. She enjoys advising her clients and customers on which tools will help move the needle for their business.

Dylan Yip-Chuck

Demand Generation Manager at Influitive