New Survey of Marketers Uncovers Top 7 Marketing Automation Products

Leigh Kellner
June 19, 2019

New Survey of Marketers Uncovers Top 7 Marketing Automation Products

Marketing Automation tools are the bedrock of most marketing activity across a wide range of company sizes, types, and industries. In a recent TrustRadius survey, 70% of marketers said that Marketing Automation software was very essential to achieving their marketing goals.

But buying a Marketing Automation platform can be a stress-inducing process. As a buyer, some of the most difficult parts of the journey can be:

  • figuring out which products meet all your business needs,
  • getting the information you need from vendors,
  • making sure everyone is on the same page internally,
  • and scheduling time for multiple product evaluations.

To help buyers navigate the challenges of the Marketing Automation software buying process, we’ve created The Buyer’s Guide to Marketing Automation Software. The guide is designed to help buyers make more informed purchasing decisions, breaking down common questions and pain points these buyers will face along the way. It also includes a breakdown of how the industry’s top products address each need.

There’s a lot that Marketing Automation software vendors can learn from this research as well. It’s no secret that understanding what buyers want can improve everything from the sales process to marketing, messaging, and even the product itself! Here’s what vendors need to know about the realities of the Marketing Automation software buyer’s journey.

Today’s top Marketing Automation tools

Based on the state of the industry, buyer research, and reviews on TrustRadius, the guide also includes at-a-glance views of Marketing Automation products. These product spotlights, called TrustBriefs, highlight 7 of the most-reviewed Marketing Automation products on TrustRadius, including:

These TrustBriefs are designed to help buyers navigate their evaluations more effectively.

Pain points for Marketing Automation buyers

Our research revealed that buyers have a bit of a love-hate relationship with their Marketing Automation software. In fact, 76% of marketers called out at least one limitation of their tool!

Even though most marketers would cringe at the thought of executing a campaign strategy without the help of Marketing Automation software, experiences actually using these platforms can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Four themes emerged as common limitations marketers experience with their Marketing Automation tools:

  1. Rocky integrations with other software, particularly CRMs
  2. Lack of personalization and account-based marketing capabilities
  3. Limited reporting and analytics capabilities
  4. Difficult-to-use builders for emails, landing pages, and forms

For more context into where limitations have the greatest impact, here’s some comments from marketers:

“Better WYSIWYG editor for forms and landing pages.”

“I wish it were easier to integrate customer information across softwares. Because we have multiple departments with different deeds, the software each department uses for marketing varies.”

“I wish the interface was more user friendly and the reporting was easier to use.”

“Account Based Marketing. An easy and visual way to report on all interactions with all contacts within an account that has converted to a customer.”

How to use the Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide

Though it is called a Buyer’s guide, this report isn’t only for professionals currently in the market for a new Marketing Automation solution. As a vendor, this guide is a great way to visualize how your Marketing Automation tool measures up to others in the market. Download your free copy today to see what your customers are saying about you! (And if you’re not featured in the guide, don’t miss out on this easy-to-digest competitive intelligence on key players in your market.)

We know that today’s buyers use multiple resources when looking for new software solutions. In fact, the average buyer consults 5.2 different sources of information during their software purchase process. If you’re interested in leveraging this guide as a resource in your sales and marketing processes to incorporate customer voice and stand out as a leader in the Marketing Automation software marketplace, come talk with us.

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