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Announcing a new TrustRadius award: Buyer’s Choice

Grace Wells Headshot
Grace Wells
June 28, 2024
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Announcing a new TrustRadius award: Buyer’s Choice

TrustRadius is excited to share an update to our awards program that better serves both technology buyers evaluating solutions in the market and highlights vendors key attributes to help them differentiate.

What’s new?

Best of Awards are now Buyer’s Choice Awards

Prior to 2024, Best of Awards were formerly given to vendors that excelled in three categories of data: Best Value for the Price, Best Feature Set, and Best Relationship. With Best of Awards, products listed on TrustRadius that met the awards criteria could win one badge or all three. After taking into account both buyer and vendor feedback, TrustRadius has made the decision to update Best of Awards to Buyer’s Choice Awards. Now for a vendor to be truly buyer’s choice in their primary technology category, 75% of reviewers have to select you for best capabilities, best value for price, and best customer relationship.

Why are Best of Awards now Buyer’s Choice Awards?

Creating transparency and trust with buyers. 

Simplicity wins when it comes to serving today’s technology buyer. In oversaturated markets full of unreliable marketing claims, our goal was to make it totally clear which solutions are exceeding the expectations of their users.

“We made the decision to transition Best of Awards to Buyer’s Choice Awards to eliminate confusion for technology buyers. By awarding premier technology vendors with one badge that takes into account user feedback in key insights data across: best value,best customer relationship, and best capabilities, we are reducing friction between technology buyers and sellers,” said Allyson Havener, SVP of Marketing and Community. “One badge holds more weight than three, and we’re excited to bring Buyer’s Choice to the market.”

Comparing Best of Awards and Buyer’s Choice Awards

What’s changed?

Best of Awards Criteria Buyer’s Choice Criteria What’s changed?
Need 10 reviews between specified dates Need 10 reviews between specified dates No change
Need to be top in best feature set, best value, and customer relationship to win in category or all 3 75% of reviewers voted you best feature set,  best value, and best customer relationship Scoring has shifted from evaluating you against competitors to evaluating an aggregate sentiment across key insights areas
You could win one badge in a category and promote all three  One badge for all winners – no ranking system!  Prior to 2024, vendors could win one or all three badges: Best Value for the Price, Best Feature Set, and Best Relationship. 2025 on, Vendors win one Buyer’s Choice Awards badge that accounts for all three areas. 

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