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All too often, Human Resource digitization and development feels like an afterthought, with consequences for businesses and employees alike. HR […]

Buying new HR software can be challenging – how do you begin to go about finding the right product that […]

TrustRadius has 33 HR software categories. There are some people who love reading through them all. For everyone else, there’s […]

Human Resources is no longer confined in the back-office attending to piles after piles of paperwork. Thanks to the Internet […]

For small businesses, recruiting is already an expensive endeavor- anywhere from $1,000-5,000 per hire. Those preexisting expenses can price some […]

In 2015 – 2016, HR cloud technology vendors have continued to receive massive, increasing amounts of funding from venture capital […]

E-Signature tools allow companies to make the contract and negotiations process faster and more accessible. DocuSign has become a common […]

Free human resource software is out there but is often buried in paid advertisements and endorsements. Most no-cost HRM have […]

Buying new HR software, like many other large technologypurchases, can be a stress-inducing process. Some of the mostdifficult parts can […]

Recruiting software are tools that encompasses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Job Board Softwares. While the function of Job boards […]

A recent TrustRadius study of HR professionals found that the most common method for addressing diversity and inclusion in the […]

Differentiating between the different types of recruitment software can be extremely difficult A crucial step in overcoming this challenge is […]

Due to ever-increasing professional specialization and historically low unemployment, the competition for top talent is fierce. To meet these challenges […]

Greater emphasis is being put on the quality of learners’ experiences. This trend encourages greater focus on intelligent personalization, self-guided […]

Mobile accessibility to your learning platform is a must-have, not a luxury. Professional skills, like communication and conflict resolution, are […]

As the skills necessary for employees to excel in their roles change more rapidly, businesses are realizing the importance of […]

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is finally recognized by many as a necessary part of developing any company culture and achieving […]

As the holiday season approaches, there’s a topic that probably appears on most HR pro’s business wish lists—reporting and insights […]

As modern workforces become increasingly specialized and advanced, companies are recognizing the value behind investing in their personnel and talent. […]

Last year, Starbucks made headlines for closing over 8,000 stores to conduct anti-bias training in response to a racial bias […]