Downstream Intent Data

Your buyers are on TrustRadius, waiting for you

Unlike any other intent data on the market, marketing and sales teams use TrustRadius downstream intent data to achieve higher response rates, increase pipeline generation and accelerate deal cycles.


“TrustRadius' intent data, while dependent on the category which you purchase it for, is a solid source of supplemental intent data for Enterprise ABM campaigns.”

Nathan Huet Associate Director of Growth Marketing EveryAction


“Understanding what we can accomplish with intent data and having the playbooks from TrustRadius to execute was critical in making sure we work on the right things.”

Dana Dobson Sr. Manager Marketing Campaigns ScienceLogic


“The intent data, which flows into Demandbase, our Account-based marketing platform, has contributed to the overall success of our ABM initiatives, which in turn has directly resulted in increased pipeline.”

Nolan Clemmons ABM Manager PrismHR

Intent data customer stories

All intent data is not created equal

With TrustRadius’ second-party, downstream intent data, you gain access to accounts that are actively researching your and your competitors’ products. These intent signals easily integrate into your CRM, ABM, and paid media channels. Find in-market buyers, close more deals, decrease churn, and raise your revenue per customer with less work.

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All intent data is  not created equal
Reach your buyers when closest to a purchase

Marketers make the mistake of interpreting third-party intent data as indicating that a buyer is in-market. However, by activating second-party, downstream intent data you will reach new, in-market accounts researching your solution, your competitors’ solutions, and your technology category on TrustRadius.

Our downstream intent signals aren’t muddied with other site and blog traffic or third-party sources, making our data more accurate and more useful.

  • Uncover new deals
  • Boost account based marketing (ABM) by
    targeting in-market buyers
  • Accelerate sales cycles with deal intelligence
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Replace churn with upsell

TrustRadius customers who integrate downstream intent data with our Salesforce Connector can easily set up alerts for when existing customers are exploring other software options in your category. Customer success teams can quickly identify and prevent churn. Similarly, you can also see when customers are exploring more products you offer on TrustRadius—capturing more upsell opportunities.

  • Nip churn in the bud with automated alerts
  • Be the first to know when current customers are in-market for upsell products
  • Tailor outreach to the features you know your customers are looking for
CASE STUDY: How Planful used TrustRadius intent data to boost reach and engagement
Fast track your deals

Get the deal intelligence you need to customize your direct outreach efforts. Acting on these granular intent signals like buyers looking at your pricing, comparing you to other technology, and watching your demo will accelerate the sales cycle and increase win rates.

  • Engage accounts at key points, like when they’re researching pricing & features
  • Run competitive takeout campaigns to win more deals
  • Increase sales effectiveness by following up on active deals researching your product on
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Buyers are researching your category on TrustRadius
You could be missing out on solution-aware, in-market buyers! Find, reach, and convert them
through the most actionable downstream intent data available.
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