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Enterprise-Grade VoIP Solutions and More for 2022

October 28th, 2022 10 min read

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an affordable online communication software that allows users to utilize an internet signal to manage multiple communication capabilities. VoIP offers several benefits for all business types while not breaking the bank. Capabilities include things like direct messaging, voicemail transcribing, and video conferencing. 

This is an area that is rapidly evolving. Trends in VoIP are moving as the industries involved demand innovation and external forces ensure it is needed. Enterprise organizations have hyper-specific needs to get the most out of this essential type of software.

VoIP For Enterprises

For small businesses, a business VoIP provider can offer a cost-effective, one-stop-shop system for managing all online communication, both internal and external. It allows business owners and managers to avoid paying traditional telephone service fees, while also supplying a unique phone number for the business. This means personal phone numbers do not have to be used. To learn more about these needs, or to explore software specifically targeted at small businesses, check out our piece below

For enterprises, VoIP offers a budget-friendly, global communication tool that offers advantages such as:

  • simplifying the conferencing capabilities
  • providing additional platform/tool integration
  • improving call/conferencing clarity and quality
  • allowing for multi-tasking across software features
  • offering communication reliability with customers 

VoIP providers must offer two main solutions for enterprises: (1) a Voice/VOIP solution embedded in Unified Communications-as-Service (UCaaS) platform, and (2) advanced security for internal information sharing that matches industry security standards. 

UCaaS services grant enterprises access to a range of online communication capabilities (e.g. video and audio conferencing, instant messaging, presence technology, and VoIP services) all within one platform. These are not simple phone calls or phone services.

UCaaS also makes sharing information from conversations that take place over instant messages, video calls, or voice calls easier. Basic features like call forwarding and auto attendants are simply not negotiables at this level, and should come standard.

Advanced security helps to ensure that all information is shared safely and appropriately internally. Security features include voice traffic encryption and self-hosted cloud deployment options for either internal or external communication that is highly sensitive.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive explanation to VoIP and what it can do for you, you’re in luck! We have a full article here that can help you out.

Inclusion Criteria

There are over 120 VoIP products listed on TrustRadius; however, not all of the solutions may be a good fit for the enterprise-level business. Some products may be more tailored for SMBs, not offering the large scale services that an enterprise business requires.  

Here are the three criteria that products must meet to qualify as a top VoIP solution for enterprises. 

  1. The product must be within the VoIP category on TrustRadius. 
  2. Products must have a minimum of 30 reviews on their TrustRadius product page.
  3. 40% of the product’s reviewers must be from enterprise-level businesses (1,001+ employees)

From here, we looked at reviews that take into consideration some of the more specific needs of an enterprise. These tend to go beyond the landline business phone some smaller companies can get away with. These large business VoIP solutions must offer conference calling at much higher volumes, and security levels, and include more advanced features than their smaller cousins.

With all of these crucial needs in mind, let’s take a look at 4 VoIP solutions that are especially well-suited for enterprise businesses. 

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is a unified enterprise call control platform. It allows users to integrate collaboration functions for voice calling, video conferencing, and messaging. 

CUCM is a comprehensive UCaaS solution. It includes features like VoIP, high-definition video, unified messaging, and presence technology. It integrates enhanced mobility features, giving support to both local and remote workers, maintains industry standards, a wide range of gateways (link in telecommunications software used to connect two networks), and a vast network of third-party solutions and partners.

CUCM also upholds the latest communication, authentication, and encryption protocols. It complies with key industry certifications and works to secure data and all communications for customers in multiple industries worldwide. 

As a VoIP service provider, A large portion (49%) of CUCM reviewers on TrustRadius are from enterprises. According to reviews, users value Cisco’s secure solution, connection to Jabber, easy setup and deployment, scalability and flexible configurations. 

“Cisco Unified Communications Manager is possibly the most widely used IT infrastructure solution across our company by far. We also started to deploy it in remote sites, across the globe. That was a game-changer and allowed us to promote more with fast communication between offices. You can deploy a distributed architecture that could support thousands of extensions in multiple sites and manage all of them in just one single pane of glass.”

Eduardo V.| IT Infrastructure Specialist | Automotive Company 


Cisco Jabber is a collaboration application that supplies users instant messaging, cloud messaging, voice and video calling as well as standard VoIP services. Jabber is available as a browser-based or mobile app solution. It offers various soft-phone, instant messaging and global collaboration features, as well as delivers access through Microsoft Office applications. It provides an easier and more efficient collaboration system on a single-vendor platform. 

Cisco Jabber preserves user security through the implementation of the latest Federal information processing standards, enhanced data encryption, secure LDAP communications and certificate validation upon establishing a secure connection. 

Over half (51%) of Cisco Jabber reviewers on TrustRadius are from enterprise-level businesses. Reviewers value Jabber’s ease of use, instant messaging features, Microsoft Office integration, mobile access, active chat logging, ease of integration with third-party software, and its presence status system. 

“Jabber is part of our official enterprise communication suite, so there really is no other choice for us. With that said, it is a very good tool and better than our previous system. The integration with the Cisco suite is fantastic and really makes it a seamless tool that requires very little thought or training. It’s a solid solution for anyone looking for intra-company communication via IM.” 

Jamie D.| Learning Management System Administrator, Training Specialist | Machinery Company

Genesys PureCloud Reviews

Genesys PureCloud is a cloud-based contact center solution that allows businesses to connect with customers across multiple channels. Users have access to a contact center, predictive analytics, omnichannel support, and workforce optimization features through PureCloud. 

PureCloud works to ensure user security by following industry standards and guidelines. It also offers firewall services, intrusion detection systems, data encryption and protection, data logging and monitoring and strict user access controls.  

A large portion, 42% of Genesys Purecloud reviewers on TrustRadius are from enterprise-level businesses. According to reviews, users value the ease of integration with other products, API development, and the constant feature additions and updates. Customers also value Genesys’ Training, Resource Center, Developer, and Community boards. 

“Genesys PureCloud is extremely well suited for global deployments and large scale business users. We are using Genesys PureCloud for IVR/ACD connectivity for all of our global phone (VoIP), email and chat inbound communications between our members and consultants. I would recommend this tool to anyone who is looking to use it for a large global team.”

Aarde C. | Senior Director of GMS Technology, Product & Analytics | Apparel and Fashion Company


Fuze is a global cloud communication and collaboration software that is specifically designed for enterprise businesses. It allows for a smooth transition between calling, meeting, chatting, content sharing, and collaboration on a range of devices. The software is compatible with Windows, OS X, various web browsers, and mobile. Fuze also gives users access to data reporting on calls, messages, and meetings. 

Fuze maintains a dedicated Security Officer and a team of Security Analysts to provide oversight, auditing, and facilitate compliance activities. They rely on Tier III, audited, and certified data center providers to ensure strong physical security of all Fuze data center assets. 

41% of Fuze users on TrustRadius are from enterprise businesses. Reviewers value Fuze’s ease of use and setup, customer support, global reach, reliability, and conferencing quality. 

“We were tasked with creating a UC infrastructure that would scale with our company’s acquisitions. We had very old hardware… We needed something that would deploy fast and unite all our users on a common platform. After evaluating a number of vendors, we chose Fuze for its scalability, price, and common UC Features that we needed across our growing enterprise (we started with 5,000 licenses and are scaling up to 15,000).” 

Sky H. | IT Technician | Computer Software Company 

Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a top-rated VoIP product tailored specifically to enterprise needs. This cloud-based phone system is highly-rated for its reliability on the go, clear picture, and strong security for a VoIP phone system. The product enables video-sharing and solid integrations with other communications and work efficiency tools.

Where some tools can find quality dropping with clogged phone lines, many users report a noteworthy level of reliability with this product, even at higher volumes. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. In business communications, people will often be hopping on and off calls, including less tech-savvy members of your team. The on-the-go focus and simplistic design make this straightforward for all employees. 

This is not a tool with all the bells, whistles, and more advanced features that your specific use case may need. Overall, this is probably more focused towards the companies on the smaller end of the enterprise scale, but could work for larger groups as well.

Webex Calling has provided me with a quality service, that adapts to my needs, the video and audio work very well without delays or interruptions, and the wireless connection is excellent, adapting to our needs and with unique features. It is an intuitive and powerful program that offers everything that we require to be successful in our meetings this program is wonderful and what you really need.

Marta Diaz | Recursos Humanos | Forbes MéxicoBroadcast Media, 201-500 employees

8×8 X Series

While the title is a mouthful, with a lot of X’s and 8’s, the service that this software provides is a strong competitor in the UCaaS and VoIP phone service space. The product boasts a strong, cloud-based service with many of the features you would expect to see in a product of this popularity level. Presence status indicators, instant messaging services, mobile and desktop apps, and call recording are among the plethora of quality-of-life features in this utilitarian product.

The actual calling features are as strong as you’d expect given its popularity. Supervisor analytics allow managers and team leads some more eagle-eyed attentiveness one what their staff are doing with the tool. Reviewers routinely mention its ease of use, particularly among those who are less tech-savvy. In summary, this is a good tool for those who are going to be on the phone all day, every day, and want to be able to quickly and easily get the best out of a simple VoIP system. With that said, it offers a level of customizability to allow users to tailor it to their own needs, even within an organization.

I believe that 8×8 X Series is well suited to scenarios in which users benefit from designing their own approach to phone communications. Some folks enjoy using it exactly like a traditional phone, while others get a lot more mileage out of mobile deviceintegration and other similar features. It’s well suited to a workplace with a wide variety of different staff members and roles.

Verified User | Professional in Legal | Law Practice Company, 51-200 employees

More Resources

Check out the TrustRadius’ VoIP Providers category page to learn more about VoIP software and what solution may best fit your enterprise company’s needs. You can use the TrustMap to view which products are highest rated among other enterprise reviewers.

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