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Top 10 Fastest Growing A/B Testing Software Products for Q3

December 7th, 2014 3 min read


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A/B Testing is an emerging but rapidly growing software category. Our August 2014 Conversion Rate Optimization Survey, indicated that 48 percent of companies plan to spend more on A/B testing tools this coming year. It has also attracted a fair amount of investment capital. Optimizely has raised $88 million including a $57 million round this May. Monetate has raised $46 million, and Maxymiser has raised $15m.

A/B Testing software is also a rapidly growing category on TrustRadius. Page views for A/B Testing software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 30 percent from Q2 to Q3. While page views are not an absolute representation of category growth for a variety of reasons (including our own improvement in search rankings), they are a good proxy.

The most evaluated AB Testing software product on TrustRadius in Q3 by a fair margin was Optimizely, followed by Adobe TargetMonetate, and Maxymiser. The next most evaluated products were Qubit, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), and SiteSpect.

These products sell to different market segments, which can account for differences in evaluation frequency. Using reviewer mix on TrustRadius as proxy for customer mix, and assuming prospective customers follow a similar distribution to existing customers, it is possible to make an educated guess as to evaluation frequency by segment. For example, in the enterprise segment, based upon review mix on TrustRadius, 21 percent of Optimizely’s customers are enterprises with more than 500 employees; for Adobe Target, the corresponding figure is 75 percent; Monetate, 60 percent; Maxymiser, 83 percent; Qubit, 50 percent; Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), 17 percent; Sitespect 57 percent; Unbounce 0 percent; HP Optimost 100 percent; and Webtrends Optimize, 75 percent. Multiplying these percentages by the total evaluation frequency allows us to estimate an “enterprise evaluation rate” for A/B testing software products.

Using this estimation methodology, the A/B Testing product most evaluated by enterprises is Adobe Target, followed by Maxymiser and MonetateOptimizely occupies the 4th position. While this imperfect methodology does not account for rapidly shifting customer mixes, it does give a directional indication for today’s picture.

Need Help Selecting the Right A/B Testing Software?

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