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How we saved $30,000 a year using TrustRadius

January 8th, 2015 2 min read


Bjorn Billhardt

Bjorn Billhardt is the Founder and Chairman of Enspire, an Austin-based company that creates learning experiences for Fortune 500 companies.

Bjorn’s small marketing team was really satisfied with the marketing automation software it was using. Bjorn heard about TrustRadius through a friend and encouraged one of his marketers to get on the site and contribute a review.

After looking at TrustRadius, Bjorn decided Enspire should do an internal analysis of the marketing automation platform they were using. Upon closely reading what others were saying on TrustRadius, he realized Enspire wasn’t really using it in a way that justified its expense.

“It’s a fine piece of software,” he said. “But the people on TrustRadius who were giving it all the thumbs up were mostly from larger companies with big marketing departments, which is not our case.”

Bjorn also realized the platform’s workflow and customer-segmenting functions would better serve a company with thousands of prospects and customers, but Enspire’s client base is highly specific: the HR departments of Fortune 500 companies. Last spring, Bjorn discontinued his marketing automation software license for an annual saving of $30,000.

“I don’t think we would’ve had the confidence to pull the plug if we hadn’t read the reviews,” he said.

So far, the drawbacks to discontinuing have been negligible, and now Bjorn is using TrustRadius to research more affordable alternatives that might meet Enspire’s needs.

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