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Top Rated Online Survey Tools For Businesses in 2015

September 18th, 2015 2 min read


Top Rated Survey Tools 2015

The brand-new TrustMaps for Survey Tools are here, which means buyers can now use dynamic filters to find the best products for their company size. Dynamic TrustMaps rank products based on real-time user satisfaction ratings and evaluation frequency among SMBs and enterprises.

Users of survey tools have shared 107 ratings and 187 in-depth reviews, spanning a broad range of products, use cases, and opinions. Buyers can now quickly locate the survey tools most highly rated and widely adopted by companies of similar size, and therefore most closely aligned to their needs. To understand what users are saying about specific product features and other use case parameters, check out our review base here.

“Companies are increasingly looking to both customer and employee satisfaction as a key part of remaining competitive. Online survey platforms enable their research, but different feature sets are important depending on the use case,” said Vinay Bhagat, CEO of TrustRadius. “Users running customer satisfaction surveys might need CRM integration and in-depth customer profiling, whereas those gathering ‘360-degree’ employee feedback might need advanced branching logic with anonymity. Our Survey Tools TrustMaps™ and store of in-depth reviews help prospective buyers identify the best-fit solutions based on their specific needs.”

Each TrustMap™ depicts Survey Tools on two dimensions – “likelihood to recommend” ratings by end-users and research frequency by prospective buyers on TrustRadius, as measured by unique page views in the last thirty days. This ensures a product’s position on the TrustMap is accurate and up to date.

All ratings come from authenticated users of survey tools who reviewed and rated the product on TrustRadius.com

The results are in! According to users, these are the best overall survey tools as of September 2015:

TrustMap survey tools 2015

Best Survey Tools for Small Businesses (1 – 50 employees)

Based on average user ratings, the Top Rated products for Small Businesses are:

Best Survey Tools for Mid-Size Companies (51 – 1,000 employees)

Based on average user ratings, the Top Rated products for Mid-Size Companies are:

Best Survey Tools for Enterprise Companies (1,001+ employees)

Based on average user ratings, the Top Rated products for Enterprises are:

You can view the dynamic TrustMap and the latest on 67 survey tools here.

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