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Top 10 Fastest Growing Marketing Automation Platforms – Q3 2014

December 7th, 2014 4 min read

Marketing automation remains a hot category with multiple rapidly growing vendors. Google searches for the term “marketing automation” have increased 50% over last year.

From Q2 to Q3, TrustRadius experienced a 25% increase in unique page views for marketing automation products – a measure for how many people are running product evaluations on our site.

This figure factors some improvement in our search rankings, so it’s not a precise representation of category growth, however, it indicates strong category growth.

In Q3, the most evaluated marketing automation products on TrustRadius were Hubspot and Marketo, followed by Pardot (from Salesforce), Act-OnEloqua (from Oracle) and ExactTarget (from Salesforce). We include ExactTarget as a Marketing Automation solution as they have continued to add relationship management oriented features to their offering.

The most evaluated products sell to broad populations of businesses. Hubspot’s stated target market is companies with 10 to 2,000 employees and they are particularly strong among SMBs (75% of the Hubspot reviews on TrustRadius are companies with less than 50 employees). Marketo has offerings for small business through large enterprises and is currently most penetrated among mid-market companies (55% of Marketo reviews on TrustRadius are from companies from 51-500 employees). By contrast, IBM Unica only sells to very large enterprises.

However, the most evaluated products also tend to have higher user satisfaction ratings than those that are less frequently evaluated. The average likelihood to recommend score on TrustRadius for the five most evaluated marketing automation products is 8.8/10 versus 7.6/10 for the next five.

The rankings are slightly different when looking at evaluation growth rates – the rate of growth in unique page views by product. The fastest evaluation growth rates on TrustRadius were experienced by Hubspot and Pardot, followed by ExactTarget, Marketo and Act-On. It seems that the Salesforce.com acquisition of ExactTarget and Pardot has helped increase the level of interest in those products.

While evaluation rates and their associated growth are strong indicators of company momentum and appear somewhat correlated to product satisfaction, it is important to remember that there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all right choice for every company. The feature sets of these offerings vary, and it’s important to understand which solutions are the best fit for your business objectives and context. One key factor that distinguishes these products is for what size of company they are optimized.

Learn more about the top-rated marketing automation products for small businesses, mid-size companies and enterprises, along with the pros and cons of each derived from 400+ authenticated user reviews on TrustRadius in our Buyers’ Guide to Marketing Automation.

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