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TOPO Sales Summit 2016 Overview

March 30th, 2016 2 min read

Sales Leaders from High Growth Companies Come Together to Discuss Organization, Process, Pipeline Development, and Technology at the TOPO Sales Summit.

On April 7-8 Sales Leaders will gather at Pier 27 in San Francisco for the first TOPO Sales Summit. TOPO is a research and consulting firm that helps Sales and Marketing teams develop a high-growth revenue stack consisting of processes, plays, people, technology and metrics.

The conference is organized around four topics: Sales leadership, Inside sales, Sales development, and Sales technology. It promises to give attendees insight into how the most effective sales leaders have been able to drive scalable revenue growth.

The Summit is indeed timely. TOPO’s research indicates that in 2016 successful Sales leadership is no longer tactical, but rather, strategic; companies who want to drive sustainable growth must design and run their Sales teams accordingly. Check out TOPO’s 8-point Sales Framework for driving revenue growth on their blog here. In summary, according to TOPO, Sales leaders should: determine their ideal customer profile and buyer personas; develop a sales strategy and framework; align their organization to the ideal customer; design a standardized sales process; use buyer-centric messaging; invest in sales enablement; design and build their sales technology stack; and track and optimize all of this with metrics.

2016 TOPO Sales Framework

Further, recent research done by ChiefMartech.com, TrustRadius, and others has highlighted the massive number of Sales software products flooding the market, aimed at helping with these different parts of the Sales process. Brinker’s 2016 MarTech Supergraphic showed Sales tools as being one of the most crowded areas in the Marketing Technology Landscape.

ChiefMartech Marketing Technology Landscape 2016
TrustRadius’s upcoming report, “How to Navigate the Sales Technology Landscape,” will provide buyers with more specific insights about why the space is so crowded, which vendors to talk to, and what questions to ask in order to cut through the noise. Sales tech will also be one of the main topics of conversation at the Summit.

All in all, we think the Summit will be an interesting look at the tools and best practices that are really helping Sales teams be successful in 2016. If you’re interested, you can register for the next summit here.

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