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TrustRadius, the company delivering the most trusted research and review platform for business technology, today announced new data from its HR Industry Trends Report. The report drew from polling 764 human resources professionals from the associate level to C-suite across industries in the U.S., found that 76% think change in the labor market accompanying the Great Resignation is permanent—with 43% considering the attrition movement itself a significant permanent change and 34% saying it will create some small but permanent changes.

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“Any third-party intent data source can get brands in earlier on some deals, but top-funnel data won’t help them close those deals. That’s why it’s crucial to gather intent signals throughout the buyer’s journey—especially later when they’re getting ready to make a purchase,” says Vinay Bhagat, Founder and CEO, TrustRadius, in an exclusive interview with TalkCMO.

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What Do Business Leaders Need to Do to Support Business Today?
Trust in Sales. Recent research from TrustRadius states
“When asked what their marketing pet peeves were, buyers’ number one and two responses were marketing emails and sales cold calls. While this isn’t exactly surprising (who loves cold calls?), it highlights the growing disconnect between tech marketers and their buyers.”

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Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen more digital transformation than ever before. As companies across sectors change their business models to remain productive and reach consumers, the “value of digital” is now undeniable.
A recent comprehensive TrustRadius study covering business buying patterns found that companies are planning to increase their investments in several categories of SaaS products.

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‘Flatten the curve’ found new meaning away from the boardroom as we waited each night for the projected model of people infected with the virus over a given period. Are you up to speed on what it means to shift a paradigm or join a tiger team?
According to a 2019 survey by business technology review site, TrustRadius, 40% of people hear business jargon, cliches, and buzzwords regularly in a workday, and 20% protest their over-use.

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Marketers are community-minded people. We collaborate across multiple departments in our own companies, while keeping track of competitive players and ensuring we’re deeply connected to the needs and goals of our customers. So, to better understand what to expect or pay close attention to in 2021, I’ve connected with 20 marketing experts for their perspectives.

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Today, your content must address all these points for it to stand a chance of becoming a “king” that can convert readers into trial users/customers.
It should attract, engage, and most importantly, compel ideal customers to sign up for your SaaS product or request a demo.
Because, according to a study by TrustRadius, these are what influences B2B Tech Buyers the most:

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The pandemic may be mostly behind us by Q4 of next year. But there’s no denying this experience has reshaped us all indefinitely.
When it comes to tech, 49% of B2B buyers have decreased their spending, according to data from TrustRadius. And when they did increase budgets, that money went to fulfill immediate needs like video conferencing and online collaboration tools.

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The tech industry has seen a lot of change in 2020—some might say too much. Between generational change, technological change, and COVID-19, one thing has become clear over the past 12 months: the world will never go back to the way it was before. When we published this year’s B2B Buying Disconnect report at TrustRadius, we learned a few key things about the future of Saas.

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We talk about their respected annual survey, The B2B Buying Disconnect. Over a thousand software buyers and vendors surveyed to get a sense of trends. It’s a deep research piece. But this year, because there are so many changes in 2020, really generations shifting in terms of buying, a huge number of changes. It’s the most dynamism seen in the market report ever, which makes it a really cool time to be in the business.

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All marketers know that most of the research that goes into a buying decision happens online, long before any interaction with a salesperson. As consumers, we do that research every day, but so do business professionals who make technology decisions for their company.
Prospects will check how your products are rated on peer review sites, such as G2, TrustRadius, and Gartner Peer Insights.

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Ledger Bennett’s continuously updated B2B Marketing & Revenue Intelligence Statistics tracking the evolving landscape across B2B marketing technology stats, customer experience (CX) stats, and more.
87% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey. 57% of buyers already make purchase decisions without ever talking with a vendor representative. (TrustRadius)

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There has been a lack of diversity in engineering for years. We found 5 tips to help guide your recruiting diversity in tech efforts.
Women and women of color in tech are also underrepresented in the tech industry. The TrustRadius 2020 Women in Tech Report shows that: “Women of color are less confident in their opportunities for growth in the field than white women…

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This week in our StatusGo | Race in Tech Series we go inside the numbers. We are joined by Vinay Bhagat, CEO of Trust Radius, a peer-based technology and business research firm. Trust Radius released the 2020 People of Color in Tech Report. Vinay takes us through the data, what it means to him, and what we can do to move the needle. Talking with Jeff Ton about unconscious bias.

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This week we got the opportunity to share a story of a man, Vinay Bhagat, who stands by his values and serves to only make the world a better place. He’s had a journey with many obstacles overcome. We have passed down 3 of many lessons learned below: Love the Process, It’s About Who You Know (Not what you think!), and You Don’t Know Everything!

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