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In this article, we provide a comprehensive exploration of leading project management software products, including advice on how to compare products based on key metrics like research frequency and user ratings. To help you evaluate project management software based on your particular use case, we’ve collected data on company sizes and industries of the end-users reviewing the products, as well as ratings of specific project management features such as Gantt charts and support for Agile methodology. Here’s what you’ll find in this article – A Comparison of the top ten most highly rated project management software A look into well-known vs. highly rated project management software products Top rated project management software by company size A head-to-head feature comparison of the top rated products A note on project management with collaboration features Top Ten Most Highly Rated Products As you start your search for a new project management software, keep in mind that not all Top Rated products are suitable for everyone. For example, some products focus on tasks, while others focus on coordinating long-term timelines; some are designed to support agile methodology while others are designed to support waterfall methodology; some work well for small and mid-size companies, while […]

  TrustRadius talked with Workfront’s Chief Marketing Officer Joe Staples about project management adoption among marketers, the benefits of integrating collaboration with workflow—especially at larger organizations—and the importance of optimizing work processes before automating them.   Give us an introduction to Workfront—who are you as a company, and what is your value proposition? The value proposition is: Workfront puts organization and structure to chaotic work processes. Where people are struggling to be efficient, Workfront provides a single software tool that allows them to get their arms around all of the requests and projects, manage them, track how quickly they get done, and provide visibility to stakeholders. Workfront was founded in 2001, so we’ll be 14 this year. The company is growing nicely. Last year we grew the top line by 49% year- over- year. In our most recent round of funding we raised $33 million, and a few weeks ago we acquired ProofHQ, adding 100 employees to our staff. We now have 670 employees and approximately 4,000 customers. We’re headquartered in Lehi, Utah. The company started developing and selling project management software, primarily to IT teams, and we’ve grown and branched out from there. Our fastest growing segment is selling […]

TrustRadius talked with Clarizen’s VP of Marketing about collaborative work management, a new software category that combines traditional project management with tools for collaboration and execution. What is your take on the current state of project management? As Gartner stated at a recent conference, gone are the days of a very linear planning process, where businesses could spend most of their time building a plan and 10% on execution. It should be 40% on the plan, 20% on the execution, and 40% on learning from what happened and adjusting all throughout your process. It’s less about the plan, and more about how your team can adapt and deliver amidst constant change. Teams change, projects change, corporate initiatives change, priorities change—and with collaboration around the world, it’s changing 24/7. This is a foundational issue that businesses need to be equipped to handle. We think the way most companies work today is broken. You have discussions in hallways, in thousands of emails, and in interminable meetings. And then you have discussions in social collaboration tools going on, which may or may not be connected to the work content, the things that need to get done, like tasks, tickets, documents and the like. […]