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Best of Industry-Specific Software 2021

TrustRadius Team
January 6, 2021
Awards, Vertical-Specific

Best of Industry-Specific Software 2021

The Industry Software category for the Best Of Awards includes software products that fill vertical-specific business needs across a host of professional trades. These software often integrate a variety of business processes into a single product. Best of Feature Set Winners in these industry-specific categories streamline business operations and provide tailored features that address their unique breadth of challenges. The Best Customer Service Award honors products that provide above-and-beyond industry expertise.

Winners of the Best of Usability Award offer high ease of use for a wide range of users, from customer-facing retail staff and small business owners to non-profit executives, construction superintendents, and residential property managers. B

This year, the Best Of Industry winners are:

Best Feature Set – Club Management

  • MINDBODY, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Construction

  • CoConstruct, 1st Place
  • Procore, 2nd Place

Best Usability – Construction

  • Procore, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Construction

  • CoConstruct, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – eCommerce Personalization

  • Dynamic Yield, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – eCommerce Personalization

  • Dynamic Yield, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Hotel Management

  • Cvent Passkey, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Hotel Management

  • Cvent Passkey, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Non-Profit CRM

  • Kindful, 1st Place
  • DonorPerfect, 2nd Place

Best Feature Set – Non-Profit CRM

  • Kindful, 1st Place
  • DonorPerfect, 2nd Place
  • Raisers Edge, 3rd Place

Best Customer Support – Payment Gateway

  • Stripe, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Payment Gateway

  • Stripe, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Point of Sale

  • Square POS, 1st Place

Best Usability- Point of Sale

  • Square POS, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Point of Sale

  • Square POS, 1st Place

Best Usability – Procurement

  • SAP Ariba Procurement, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Procurement

  • SAP Ariba Procurement, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Real Estate Property Management

  • Condo Control, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Real Estate Property Management

  • Condo Control, 1st Place

Best Customer Support – Restaurant Management

  • Jolt, 1st Place

Best Usability – Restaurant Management

  • Jolt, 1st Place

Best Feature Set – Restaurant Management

  • Jolt, 1st Place

Best Club Management Feature Set

Best of Club Management software offers wide-ranging, unique combinations of features and functionality to automate tasks associated with operating a gym, club, yoga studio, instructional studio, salon or spa. The 2020 Best of Club Management Awards highlights products that provided an outstanding selection of features to address the multifaceted business needs of the health, wellness, and beauty community.

The Best Feature Set Award for Club Management software highlights products that offer the breadth and depth of capabilities required to keep users’ gyms, spas, clubs or fitness studios running smoothly. Features such as automated marketing, appointment scheduling, and online booking are key for health & wellness businesses to maintain club member engagement and enrollment. Top-rated software in this category offer diverse and flexible feature sets. Features should streamline operations to allow owners, managers, instructors, and staff to focus on reaching (and retaining) more clients. 

MINDBODY, 1st Place

Reviewers praise MINDBODY for it’s one-stop-shop selection of features and services. Users can find retail sales, booking, instructor scheduling, online membership sign-up and management, mobile app, and automated marketing services features, to name just a few, all in one place. Their online membership sign ups & client management get top marks from users.  MINDBODY’s diverse array of features and their depth of customization match the diversity seen in the health, wellness, and beauty industry use cases. Whether reviewers need an online sign-up manager for their yoga studio or a way to collaborate on client records, MINDBODY offers multitude of features in their single software solution.

“It has allowed us to centralize almost every process we have with client interaction (billing, attendance, marketing, scheduling, etc). Previously we were spread across platforms for these. MINDBODY has allowed us to save time and use these tools more effectively because they are all integrated.”

  • Verified User C-Level Executive | Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry

Best Construction Customer Support

Construction professionals juggle complex approval processes, ever-changing schematic and document updates, and a constant stream of invoices. Customer support is crucial to construction professional users so they can leverage the full functionality of their chosen software. In an industry working with a wide variety of users, skill levels, and technical know-how, having strong customer support & easy-to-understand documentation means less time wasted trying to get assistance with any number of problems or processes. The Best of Construction Customer Support products offer quick, thorough solutions from both clear self-help resources and responsive support staff.

Procore, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.4

Procore reviewers find their chat support to be prompt and helpful, even for less-tech savvy construction professionals. Reviewers also appreciate that support always follows up on more complex problems if an immediate fix isn’t available. The variety of support channels helped reviewers get the most out of the complex offerings Procore provides.

“The chat function is pretty good and the reps are knowledgeable. If they are unable to answer my question they follow-up through email very quickly. I am very satisfied with Procore’s support. As a Procore customer you are also assigned to a Procore Customer Success team. I haven’t had to reach out to them very much, but if I need to escalate an issue they are always available.”

  • Richard B. Operations Coordinator | Construction, 51-200 employees

CoConstruct, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 9.8

Reviewers rave about the consistent, high-quality support CoConstruct provides users. They provide timely fixes and tailored walk-throughs to make sure users have relevant and easy-to-understand solutions to their unique problems. And, reviewers love that support readily addresses issues. CoConstruct’s customer support gets top marks for responsiveness for quick turn-around times.

“The customer support for CoConstruct is hands down the best I have ever experienced from a software company. Any time I send a support request through the help center, my questions are either acknowledged or answered and solved within 20-30 minutes. For more complicated items, they will keep in touch with me as the team works through the problem.”

  • Zach S. Owner/Production manager | Construction Industry

Best Construction Usability

Usability is particularly important to construction industry software because of varied levels of technical expertise. Software that is difficult for either field or office users to navigate can mean the difference between abandonment and adoption, especially when transitioning from long-standing pen-and-paper systems. The Best of Usability winners in the Construction Industry category address the need for products that are accessible for all user-levels at the job site, in the office, and across devices. 

Procore, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.4

Procore allows its users easy access to the most up-to-date information in a single location. Reviewers find this single-source of truth for accurate project information easy to access from wherever they work: on a job site, from home, or from the office. Reviewers consistently share positive feedback about how Procore makes it easy to keep documentation updated and accurate. 

“I have non “techie” guys in the field who are using Procore on a regular basis and look to Procore for the updated information they need. Instead of phone calls they are able to get what they need right off most of the time.”

Carrie B. Project Coordinator | Construction, 51-200 employees

Best Construction Feature Set

Having feature sets that fit the niche needs of the construction industry is critical to construction software. Some products in this category provide a one-stop-shop model, with feature sets that  cover a breadth of processes. Others hone in on particular business functions or niches within the industry and tailor their features to these specific needs. The Best Feature Set Award for Construction Industry highlights products that provide uniquely designed, trade specific tools aimed at making collaboration, organization, and project management easier.

CoConstruct, 1st Place

CoConstruct reviewers highly rate their schedule management, estimating, approvals, and submittal features. Reviewers also benefited from the high level of customer interaction management CoConstruct allows, and repeatedly indicated that this feature set makes it CoConstruct suitable for all types of construction trade professionals who focus on a high level of customer service for their clients.

“We started using the software for the time clock and general schedule management, and without using any of the other features, the cost of the software paid for itself with that alone. Now that we have integrated more of its features into our company, I am not sure how we would ever run the volume of business that we do without it.”

Tim M. Owner | Construction Industry (1-10 employees)

Best eCommerce Personalization Customer Support

Customer Support is essential to eCommerce Personalization software in order to provide differentiated customer experiences that result in the highest conversion rates. eCommerce Personalization products often involve multiple or complex integrations with other software and continuous tweaking to find optimized settings. To win over reviewers, customer support teams need to deliver effective, timely recommendations that demonstrate expertise across a variety of eCommerce use cases.

Dynamic Yield, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.6

Dynamic Yield reviewers praise both the Technical Support Team and Customer Success Team for their responsiveness. Customer Success Managers regularly check in throughout the process and provide reviewers with excellent resources, recommendations, and training.

“The level of knowledge by the employees at Dynamic Yield. It’s only natural we’ll have questions and queries but everyone is so keen to support the growth of the Club. Our Account Manager has also been brilliant in her communications and recommendations to further grow our use of the tool within our sites.”

  • Darren L. eCommerce Trading Manager | Sports, 501-1000 employees

Best eCommerce Personalization Feature Set

Software that win Best of Feature Set for eCommerce Personalization are continuously updating their functionality. Some eCommerce Personalization products target specific elements of the buyer journey, like cart abandonment, while others include features for personalization across multiple areas. Reviewers in this category regularly highlight robust A/B testing, recommendation template, and reporting features that are both easy to roll-out and include options for more complex filtering & segmentation. 

Dynamic Yield, 1st Place

Reviewers give top marks to Dynamic Yield’s A/B Testing, ecommerce platform integrations, and reporting features. Reviewers enjoy the out-of-the-box and more heavily customized personalization and segmentation features, as well as real-time monitoring and customer analysis. This variety of features allowed reviewers to target their customers across many different touchpoints with data-informed content.

“It currently helps the eComm department with customer engagement, new customer captures, and A/B testing of different affinities groups in our customer base. Dynamic Yield has been amazing with the tools and features it offers and makes it easy to target selected audiences and helps us serve the right content to the right audience at the right time.”

Best Hotel Management Customer Support

To win Best of Support in this category, availability and promptness are key. Hotel Management software aims to help hotels operate as efficiently as possible, and users often need to troubleshoot problems in real-time at registration or check-in. A vendor’s ability to give quick-fixes in a crisis and be available through multiple channels sets them apart from competitors in the eyes of hotel managers.

Cvent Passkey, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.1

Reviewers love that Cvent Passkey is available to offer solutions via chat, email, and phone. When issues pop up during event registration or guest check-in, reviewers appreciated that Cvent provided quick-fixes to keep business operating smoothly. Most of all, reviewers appreciated that they experienced few issues overall with Cvent Passkey and could use community support forums to continuously improve their operations. 

“One thing Cvent does incredibly well over all of their platforms is the accessibility and response rate of their support staff to help with questions and issues if you need it. From a chat feature, 24/7 phone line, and your normal CSM for each product, you’re in good hands to be successful.”

Best Hotel Management Feature Set

Efficiency is the key to feature sets for hotel management products. Winning software in this category have features that streamline booking & hotel management processes, often reducing the number of staff or resources required to manage operations. Best of Feature Sets often wrap multiple operational functions into one package or integrate well into other products to maximize efficiency.

Cvent Passkey, 1st Place

Customized guest experience features, like personalized booking pages and room-block management, are some of Cvent Passkey’s top rated features. Reviewers appreciate that Passkey allows their guests or attendees to complete much of the information entry associated with booking, empowering their guests and removing more menial tasks associated with booking from staff members’ workloads.

“Passkey is used by our internal Meetings & Events group to manage housing for our events, across the whole organization. Prior to utilizing Passkey, our room blocks were managed manually, which was inefficient and a drain on resources. Now, our attendees have more control over their own reservation and our team has the time to focus on other priorities.”

Best Non-Profit CRM Customer Support

Support is crucial to non-profit professionals since constituent management is the backbone of non-profit organizations. Non-profit users may be juggling many different roles or have less expertise in cutting-edge business marketing practices. Best of Customer Support winners provide friendly, accessible product expertise to non-profit users so they can enhance and expand their constituent base.

Kindful, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.8

Kindful support received top marks from reviewers for the effort and thoughtfulness. Reviewers agreed that Kindful provides equally helpful quick fixes and well-researched solutions to more convoluted problems. Their prompt professionalism and friendliness make them a reviewer favorite.

“We find that the Kindful customer support team is professional, kind, and willing to take the time and put in the effort to solve problems. Even when they say they will research and call back, by the time they call you back you can tell they put a lot of effort into researching your answer. Really great customer support.”

  • Patrick P. Director of Development | Non-profit Organization Management, 11-50 employees

DonorPerfect, 2nd Place

Customer Support Score: 9.6

Reviewers describe DonorPerfect support as thorough, available, and always willing to answer even the smallest questions. Reviewers appreciate the quick replies over different channels, including chat, email, and phone. 

“Support in installing the system was great. The team also helped us through the difficult integration process over multiple days. They always answer our questions no matter how mundane or simple. They have a positive attitude and are glad to hear from us. They offer suggestions and solutions without trying to sell another product.”

  • Hope M. Chief Executive Officer | Museums & Institutions, 1-10 employees

Best Non-Profit CRM Feature Set

Non-Proft CRMs require feature sets tailored to constituent and donor management that regular CRMs lack. Feature Sets in this category address the unique composition of non-profit constituents and the different relationships they have with the organization. Non-profit professionals need features that help manage grant funding, events, programs & services, marketing, and staff workflows. Best of Non-Profit CRM Feature Set  products provide features that allow non-profits to tightly integrate these diverse needs.

Kindful, 1st Place

Reviewers expressed satisfaction with Kindful’s powerful features available out-of-the-box. Reviewers praise the robust reporting capabilities, donor management, email campaigns, and integrations with apps like Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and more. 

“Campaign pages are easy to set up and donor information is captured for use in managing these donors long term.Kindful syncs with a number of useful and applicable apps such as Eventbrite which reduces the amount of time we need to spend on administration.”

  • Verified User Director in Finance & Accounting | Sports, 1-10 employees

DonorPerfect, 2nd Place

Reviewers praise DonorPerfect for reporting and succinct, well-organized donor information. According to reviewers, DonorPerfect allows high levels of customization to forms, contacts, and reporting. Customizing features in their CRM allowed reviewers to maximize donations and better manage their organizations. 

“Not only does it store our records and data succinctly, it is a one-stop shop for staying organized and on-task with the personal Dashboard feature, recording data (no matter how obscure), and generating reports.”

  • Amy S. Associate Director of Development | Fundraising 1-10 employees

Raiser’s Edge, 3rd Place

Raiser’s Edge is one of the “OG” non-profit CRMs on the market. Many non-profit professional’s first tool of this nature was Raisers Edge. Given this, its been able to respond to changes in the industry while relying on a tried-and-tested software model that continues to impress non-profit management teams. Users on TrustRadius consistently call out Raisers Edges expansive feature set, particularly giving kudos to its data visualization, reporting, and outreach (mailing) capabilities.

“I think that Raiser’s Edge would be suited to many organizations. While it has the capacity for you to configure it to your specific needs, the basic templates are very well thought out and easy to understand.”

Karen S. Database Manager | Education Management, 51-200 employees

Best Payment Gateway Customer Support

Performance and availability are everything in the eCommerce world. Bugs, downtime, or any sort of issues that interfere with customers accessing your website can immediately resort to revenue loss. Enter a world-class Customer Support team. Even the most high-performance software will have its hiccups, but a quality Customer Support team can help users quickly resolve issues as they arise. The Best Customer Support Award for Payment Gateway software recognizes a leader in the space that prioritizes value and service to make sure eCommerce sites can carry out their own business model.

Stripe, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.5

According to its users, having to even contact Customer Support at Stripe is rare, given the quality of the software. However, in cases where users do share their experience with the Stripe support team, they mention that their interactions have been positive, with quick resolution times. Users also mention that the support team has great attention to detail, which can really help with unique cases and businesses.

“We are delighted with Stripe. We don’t think of any other platform that offers the same features or support as Stripe. In the Fintech industry, it is crucial to have an excellent support team since it’s about finance, and there can’t be any delays anywhere.”

Venkat C. Co-Founder | Computer Games, 1-10 employees

Best Payment Gateway Feature Set

Key features of Payment Gateways are payment processing (a no-brainer), PCI compliance, customer data management, and integration with other third-party software. Advanced features include capabilities such as POS systems, fraud prevention, and invoicing. The winner of the Best Payment Gateway Feature Set award goes to a product that excels at meeting their customers payment servicing needs.

Stripe, 1st Place

Stripe users rave about the broad array of features they have at their disposal with this tool. Users share that Stripe provides users with a lot of customization and control or their iteration of the product. They also mention that Stripe has demonstrated a commitment to consistently invest in innovating its feature set and expanding as it grows as a software-based on user feedback and needs.

“Stripe handles essentially all of your payment infrastructure for you – with little additional logic needed by you, and over the past few years they’ve significantly built out their additional features for things like invoicing, emailed receipts, etc. Stripe’s initial selling point for us was their powerful and well-documented APIs, which, when coupled with their great technical support, has kept us happy over the years.”

Verified User Engineer | Computer Software, 1-10 employees

Best Point of Sale Customer Support

Support is critical for Point of Sale systems because issues with payment collection & checkout directly impact revenue. Best of Customer Support for this category celebrates vendors who provide excellent customer support to ensure business users can maintain their own high levels of customer service & satisfaction. 

Square POS, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 9.1

Reviewers like that Square POS has an extensive community forum and knowledge base to use for troubleshooting. If reviewers do need more specific assistance, Square POS customer service representatives can quickly provide relevant information during implementation, deployment, and beyond. 

“Square POS support is easy to get a hold of and provides a great level of service. I haven’t had any trouble with square getting any issues addressed and resolved. This is very important with any sort of payment processing system has downtime can definitely cost you money if things can’t be resolved quickly.”

  • Ryan C. President | Design Industry 1-10 Employees

Best Point of Sale Usability

Point of Sales Systems often have different levels of user interacting with it on a daily basis. Best of Point of Sale Usability winners offer systems that staff can be easily trained on and don’t require complex set-up processes. In this category, reviewers value POS systems they can roll-out painlessly and that are simple for both their employees and customers to navigate.

Square POS, 1st Place

Usability Score: 9.5

Reviewers enjoy the clear, simple UX for Square POS, for customers and staff. Because of this software’s intuitive design, reviewers did not have to invest very much time or training into setting up Square POS. Transactions process smoothly and without complication.

“ It’s very easy to train up my team, which is frequently made up of volunteers or temporary staff, and the back end is very easy to understand and use as well. It’s clear they put a lot of time and thought into the UI, but not just on the customer side, but on the owner/manager/retailer side as well.”

  • Nathan S. Owner | Entertainment Industry 1-10 Employees 

Best Point of Sale Feature Set

Point of Sale platforms require feature sets that allow businesses to complete transactions smoothly. Features like mobile payment, integrated payment gateways, and Cloud POS systems accessible anywhere can make or break retail sales. The Best Point of Sale Feature Set Award celebrates products that offer these mission-critical features. 

Square POS, 1st Place

Reviewers gave top-marks for payment collection and sales reporting features. Reviewers emphasized how helpful mobile terminals are to maximizing sales. Reviewers were easily able to create promotions, coupons, gift cards, and other transaction items through Square POS.

“We liked the ease of setting up inventory alerts, tracking and sales reports. Its competitors had good functionality and even some things that Square does not, but in overall respect, Square was the go-to since they also have additional programs that we could link together such as e-commerce, appointment setting, and employee management.”

  • Ben C. Risk Manager and Insurance Agent | Insurance Industry 11-50 employees

Best Procurement Usability

Usability is important for professionals considering procurement software because the software ultimately aims to streamline complex and assorted inventory purchasing processes. Reviewers in this category value products that business users can easily navigate and that save time by simplifying or automating repeat processes. Best Procurement Usability winners streamline the customer-supplier pipeline while allowing power users or executives the ability to easily manage controls.

SAP Ariba Procurement, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.8

Reviewers find SAP Ariba Procurement to be flexible and intuitive for most of their business users. Users across the globe can work simultaneously in the software. Reviewers found SAP Ariba Procurement easier to use than their legacy, custom built solutions because of its native SAP integration.

“Relatively intuitive, resulting in a reduced need for intensive training for the supplier and company employees.”

Best Procurement Feature Set

Procurement software should provide a breadth of features that give users the ability to manage suppliers and invoicing, digitally manage documentation, and create some automations in the procurement process. Software celebrated by The Best Procurement Feature Set Award accomplish these functions seamlessly, offer a range of customization, and regular updates to remain abreast of best business practices.

SAP Ariba Procurement, 1st Place

Reviewers describe SAP Ariba Procurement as fully featured when it comes to product sourcing, vendor contracts, payment processing, and more. The Buying Module and guided buying tiles are highly rated by reviewers. Reviewers find that automation through SAP Ariba Procurement makes it easier to  have transparency and more detailed insight into company spending.

“[SAP Ariba] has facilitated the growth of our portfolio by improving other procurement related functions such as inventory management, invoicing among others simplifying how we implement our workflows.”

  • Francis C. IT Manager | Hospitality 5001-10,000 employees

Best Real Estate Property Management Customer Support

As with other categories that offer products to mediate interactions between business operators and clients, Real Estate Property Management software benefits from strong customer support. Legal issues, revenue, and property management company reputation can be impacted if users run into difficulties with their Real Estate Property Management software. Best of Customer Support for this category celebrates software that can provide help to a diverse array of property managers. Winners exhibit prompt service and custom solutions to help users get the most out of their system.

Condo Control, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.8

Best Real Estate Property Management Feature Set

Software that falls under the Real Estate Property Management category combine the various jobs of residential or commercial property managers into a single source of truth. Feature sets for these products focus on centralizing record-keeping while reducing physical paperwork for the multiple roles or users who interact with the software. They often cater to tenants, security staff, property managers, and/or maintenance staff, wrapping many functions into one streamlined interface.

Condo Control, 1st Place

Reviewers appreciate the prompt replies they receive when calling Condo Control support. Reviewers found their live agent support team to be knowledgeable and professional. If reviewers discover missing functionality, Condo Control was responsive and quick to update their offering.

“I have had to contact CCC on a number of occasions and each time I was pleasantly surprised by their quick response and helpful information. They are always willing to help and make sure their clients are happy with information provided to them.”

  • Verified User Manager | Management Consulting Company 201-500 employees

Best Restaurant Management Customer Support

The Best Customer Support Award for Restaurant Management software highlights products that offer excellent assistance to keep users’ restaurant or food service operations running smoothly and at peak efficiency. Top-rated support teams in this category offer restaurants assistance with customizations and technical adjustments specific to the client. Best of Customer Support winners demonstrate this level of tailored assistance and general in-depth knowledge of their product offering. 

Jolt, 1st Place

Customer Support Score: 8.9

Jolt reviewers rave about the helpful, yet concise, information provided by the support team. When reviewers looked to expand or tweak their Jolt set-up, the support team provided walk-throughs, helpful work-arounds, and any additional assistance reviewers needed. 

“Jolt support has answered every question I have had with great patience. I explored each feature with great detail to examine the possibilities of each and came up with many, many questions which they patiently and quickly answered. They want you to find their product useful and are willing to go the extra mile to get you there.”

  • Matt W. Owner | Restaurants 11-50 employees

Best Restaurant Management Usability

For restaurant management software, usability can be the difference between adoption and rejection. Between high turnover rates and safety certification requirements, restaurants need products that are easy to train on and provide easy to use, centralized requirement  management. Best of Usability Awards in this category are given to products that are easy for staff to learn and easy for management to update.

Jolt, 1st Place

Usability Score: 8.1

Reviewers love how user friendly Jolt’s interface is, and comment on how users of all ages and skill levels easily learn how to work in Jolt. Managers highlight how the configuring lists, tasks, workflows in the software save them, and their staff, hours of work each week.

“Once you go through the training, which is pretty extensive and very clear, it is intuitive and very clean, meaning no surprises! With users of different levels of tech skills, this has been the easiest application to adopt and use in record time. We can use it on both mobile and personal computers which makes it perfect for a diverse team across timezones and jobs.”

  • Maureen G. Manager | Entertainment 11-50 employees

Best Restaurant Management Feature Set

The Restaurant Management software category covers products that help restaurant owners and managers with the plethora of daily and ongoing tasks that keep restaurants running. While POS software and restaurant management software can overlap and are usually tightly integrated, software in this category deliver features specifically tailored to restaurant industry professionals, like features to manage food costs, food safety documentation, and restaurant equipment monitoring.

Jolt, 1st Place

Reviewers mainly comment on how helpful it is to have remote monitoring features, centralized compliance documents, and standardized checklists. Reviewers also rank Jolt’s customized daily task lists highly. Overall, the ability to manage daily tasks, employee scheduling & time clock, and equipment monitoring in one place makes Jolt’s feature set stand out to reviewers.

“It’s well-suited for taking temperature recordings in the food industries, especially when paired with Bluetooth probe and sensors. We log guest complaints through this. It’s great for accountability. Instead of just saying something is done, you can have pictures and checkmark, etc. to follow up on.”

  • Bruno K. First Assistant Manager | Food & Beverages, 51-200 employees

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