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2023 B2B Buying Disconnect: The Self-Serve Economy Is Prove It or Lose It by Megan Headley
Top eCommerce Strategies for 2023 by Neil Chandavarkar

Our world is becoming increasingly data-driven. This is true if you work in the public or private sector. You will […]

GIS, or Geographical Information System, the software offers advanced mapping features in open-source or commercial programs. There are plenty of […]

For users looking to compare new and existing software options for their organization, reviews are your secret weapon. Real, unbiased […]

Zapier is an incredibly powerful tool, and you can get massive productivity benefits for a low price. In purchasing Zapier, […]

The Women in Tech Report includes 50+ new statistics and quotes on gender equality in the workplace. Topics include barriers to promotion and unconscious bias.

For different research questions, different types of data will be useful. Quantitative and qualitative data are the two broad categories […]

Video editing software can range from simple drag and drop to complex 3D environment and effect manipulation. As such, the […]

This is last year’s news. We’ve got new research for 2021. SEE THE NEW DATA This is the second annual […]

Searching for software in a relatively new category is not the same as buying software in a cemented one. For […]

A recent survey of business professionals conducted by TrustRadius revealed the most annoying workplace jargon of the decade–in the tech […]

As we enter the holiday season, it’s worth pausing to consider what we’re thankful for in our professional lives. If […]

This week, TrustRadius published The 2020 B2B Buying Disconnect Report. It provides an outlook for buying and selling business software and […]

Jargon is part of doing business anywhere–but it’s most rampant in the mid-market Research shows no matter where you work, […]

Women and men suffer equal exposure to business jargon According to a recent survey of business professionals, for 95% of […]

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all software products are created equal. That’s why, in honor of […]

This is old news. We’ve got new research for 2021. SEE THE NEW DATA Tech is still a male-dominated world. […]

This is old news. We’ve got new research for 2021. SEE THE NEW DATA Today—on International Women’s Day 2019—we are […]