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UENI Product Guide

TrustRadius Insights
July 2, 2024
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UENI Product Guide

What do users really think about UENI? This product guide was created utilizing real, vetted user reviews and will help you get to the nitty-gritty details about where UENI performs well, and where it may have room for improvement.

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Website Fundamentals

Website Design and Development

User feedback on UENI’s website design and development capabilities varies. Some users praise the quick and easy website creation process, highlighting the user-friendly editor and instant support. However, others express concerns about missing standard features and suggest room for improvement in certain aspects of website design. Despite mixed opinions, UENI seems to cater well to those seeking basic and straightforward website solutions, particularly for small businesses and personal needs. (Source Reviews: 1, 2, , 4, 5, 6, )

“They helped create a website for our start-up company and are also helping to design our leaflets. They help with any issues we are having regarding adding information to the site and make any alterations we require to leaflets and other publications.”Professional in Professional Services, Facilities Services, 1-10 employees

“I decided to try using UENI for my new business’s website. So far, the process has been extremely easy. I filled in a questionnaire and wrote some things I wanted on my website, and within 3 days, my website was live with everything I wants and more! Can’t fault the company at all so far. Definitely a happy customer.”Executive in Professional Services, Veterinary, 1-10 employees

“At first, I didn’t expect much from UENI. I saw an advert for their website service pop up on my Instagram feed and thought my money may be going to waste. When I read that they’d refund me if I wasn’t satisfied, I was instantly happy to give them a go. They promised a website within 3 days and that’s exactly what they delivered.”Director in Other, E-Learning, 1-10 employees

Pricing and Recommendations

Pricing and Value for Money

Users consistently highlight UENI’s pricing as a major selling point, emphasizing the exceptional value they receive for the cost incurred. The affordability of UENI’s services, coupled with the quality of the websites produced, has garnered praise from customers seeking cost-effective solutions for their online presence. The company’s transparent pricing structure and commitment to delivering value for money have solidified its reputation as a budget-friendly option for individuals and small businesses looking to establish a professional online presence without breaking the bank. (Source Reviews: , 2, )

“Most importantly they kept me updated via my choice of communication. I highly recommend this company, as the price is very great, especially for the service they offer.”

“For the price you pay, it is a fantastic website (albeit basic – but that’s what I needed for my personal needs). The great thing is, you won’t ever have to pay a penny to host the site again. The fee included hosting forever which is a major plus.”Director in Other, E-Learning, 1-10 employees

“Value for money”

Testimonials and Recommendations

Users consistently highlight UENI’s testimonials and recommendations functionality as a key strength of the company. They appreciate the ease of use and the value for money that UENI provides in this aspect. While some users have mentioned minor limitations, overall, the testimonials and recommendations capabilities of UENI are well-regarded by those who have utilized their services. (Source Reviews: , 2, 3)

“Most importantly they kept me updated via my choice of communication. I highly recommend this company, as the price is very great, especially for the service they offer.”

“If your needing a site quickly, or if you have no need to have fancy things like other pages, and blog pages and such, this is the company for you. I will recommend to friends and colleagues if they require this kind of site.”Director in Other, Entertainment, 1-10 employees

“Highly recommend, a very nice company helping small businesses to get up and running without breaking the bank! Thanks, UENI!”Director in Other, E-Learning, 1-10 employees

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