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Workamajig Product Guide

TrustRadius Insights
July 2, 2024
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Workamajig Product Guide

Interested in discovering how Workamajig really performs? This product guide was compiled from real user reviews and lays out how the product performs for them. Get an accurate picture of Workamajig from those who know it best.

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Time and Financial Tracking

Time Tracking

Reviewers consistently praise Workamajig’s time tracking capabilities. Users find that the system excels in helping them accurately track time spent on projects, facilitating efficient billing processes, and providing valuable insights into project timelines. The ease of tracking timesheets and monitoring project progress through Workamajig’s time tracking feature is highlighted as a significant benefit by users across different industries. While some users mention minor interface issues, the overall consensus is positive regarding the effectiveness and reliability of Workamajig’s time tracking functionality. (Source Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Financial Management

Users consistently praise Workamajig’s financial management capabilities, highlighting its ability to streamline billing, financial reporting, and time tracking processes. They appreciate the ease of running financial statements and the robustness of the tool for a reasonable price. Customizable chart of accounts and integration with Box for file storage are also lauded features. While some users find the setup cumbersome, the overall consensus is that Workamajig’s financial management functionality significantly improves efficiency and provides valuable insights into financial performance. (Source Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Client Billing

Users’ feedback on Workamajig’s client billing functionality is diverse. While some users appreciate the visibility it provides into financials and the ease it brings to billing and estimating processes, others find the interface clunky and not enjoyable to use. The system seems to effectively assist in tracking time sheets and managing client accountability, but there are concerns about its suitability for collaborative client interactions. Despite some positive outcomes like improved financial reporting and project profitability insights, there are mixed opinions on the overall effectiveness of Workamajig’s client billing capabilities. (Source Reviews: 1, 2, 3)

“It has saved us money by giving us visibility into our financials. It has saved us time in simplifying billing and estimating. It has made providing info to our CPA much easier.”C-Level Executive in Sales, Marketing & Advertising, 1-10 employees

“Once the clients went over we would use JIG to help charge the additional fees for going over. It helped keep clients accountable.”Professional in Marketing, Health, Wellness and Fitness, 501-1000 employees

“It is helping us make money instead of just costing us money. We know project profitability from the outset, have controls to keep us on budget, and have reports to help us more effectively communicate with clients.”Partner in Marketing, Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees

Project and Task Management

Project Management

Users generally praise Workamajig’s project management capabilities. Reviewers highlight the robustness of the project management features, noting that it provides a comprehensive solution for tracking project progress, managing tasks, and assigning resources efficiently. However, some users express concerns about the interface not being intuitive and the challenges in setting up the system. Despite these drawbacks, Workamajig seems to offer valuable project management functionalities that cater well to the needs of creative agencies and internal departments. (Source Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

“The project management functionality includes gannt charts, budgeting, reviews, and client access, but we’ve never been able to get those to work smoothly.”C-Level Executive in Sales, Marketing & Advertising, 1-10 employees

“Project managers will find it easy to understand project burn rate and be able to add tasks. Individual contributors will easily see where they are with their allocated hours for a task or project.”Contributor in Marketing, Marketing and Advertising, 51-200 employees

“Project management is robust and yields a tremendous amount of information.”Partner in Marketing, Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees

Scheduling and Deadlines

Opinions on Workamajig’s scheduling and deadlines features vary among users. Some users find the manual adjustment of dates cumbersome, suggesting that the system should automatically update related dates when changes are made. Additionally, there are requests for desktop notifications to enhance task visibility. On the other hand, users appreciate the platform’s ability to track project progress, allocate resources efficiently, and manage deadlines effectively. The system’s date tracking is particularly useful for keeping projects on schedule and ensuring timely delivery to clients. (Source Reviews: 1, 2)

“The most inconvenient thing about using JIG was that the dates wouldn’t auto-populate. Example: I move the review date but the rest of the dates stay the same. Depending on each project level, if one date is adjusted the rest should update as well. That way we aren’t spending a lot of time moving dates around manually.”Professional in Marketing, Health, Wellness and Fitness, 501-1000 employees

“It’s easy to keep track of who the task is currently on and the dates are great to provide to the client.”Professional in Marketing, Health, Wellness and Fitness, 501-1000 employees

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